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September Newsletter

It has been a while since our last Newsletter, busy times.

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show was busy and fun.  So good to catch up with visiting Tasmanians and familiar faces from previous visit and put faces to online and phone customers who made themselves known. 

It was a treat to share this time with my daughter Bri, the wonderful Ashford team of Libby, Kate, James and David and the very talented Kurt Payne who spent time with us throughout the Show.

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of new products from Ashford including


This "handi" tool is designed for weavers with impaired physical strength or limited hand mobility to assist when turning the handles to advance the warp on Ashford looms. The handi handle is simply placed over the existing nylon handle of your loom and turned gently.
The Second Heddle Option

All standard rigid heddle looms (RH400, RH600, RH800 and RH1200) will come with the second heddle sideposts included.

Having a second heddle allows you the flexibility to weave double width, double layer, double density fabrics as well as allowing you to do exciting patterns and techniques.
Indirect Warping Option

All standard rigid heddle looms will have holes drilled in the bottom of the rails so you can use your loom as a warping frame for the indirect warping method.

You can purchase a set of RHWP - Rigid Heddle Warping Pegs if you wish to use your loom in this way.  There are 14 pegs included in the set, this will allow you to choose a variety of warp lengths. ($14.50 per set of 14)



We are happy to advise that our new beautiful wavy shuttles are currently in production and will be available soon.

Create interesting and decorative patterns by beating the weft into place with our wavy shuttles. You can use these shuttles with any Ashford looms.

These will be in-store early-mid October but can be pre-ordered now.  Price to be advised.


Summer cottons are on order so watch for updates on our Fb page. All I can say is, the colours, especially in the Erica Knight Linen are just mouthwatering, stunning, gorgeous – can’t think of the most appropriate word!  Pattern support is also fresh and enticing.

Casting off      
Handi Handles

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e-Spinner 3
Electronic Spinner
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SL40 SampleIt Loom 40cm (16ins)
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