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Friday, 2021-03-19
Updates, Features, & Events
Hello AmeriCeltic Reader,
• Co-founders Tony & Celia bid farewell to Paddy's Periodic Production Presentiments. (See Below)
• Saturday, March 20th at 2:37 AM PDT (0937 GMT) will be the Vernal Equinox, and thus the date for the ancient festival of Ostara, the earliest arrival in 125 years. The modern equivalent, Easter, will be on Sunday, April 4th. Learn why. (See Below)
• Multi-genre violin teacher (especially Irish Traditional Music) and performer Darcy Noonan is available for gigs and lessons. (See Below)
Online Events & Outdoor Events with Social Distancing:
• On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, at 7:00 PM, The Black Donnellys, Dave Rooney and Dave Browne, will stream their high-energy show to you from the RiRa @ Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV as you stay safely sequestered in your homes. (See Below)
• On Saturday, March 20th, at 12:00 PM, it's SF Virtual Chantey Sing! After years singing from the wooden decks of the historic 1886 sailing ship Balclutha at the Maritime National Historical Park, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco, CA, this 39 year old maritime cultural tradition rises like the Phoenix from your computer or device. (See Below)
• On Saturday, March 20th at 2:00 PM PST John Whelan conducts the 19th in his series of Online Master Sessions, featuring Joey Abarta and Nathan Gourley! (See Below)
• Continuing through Saturday, March 21st, Tune Supply offers TWO concurrent St. Pat's Subscriber Series, delivered via email, and a Sunday, March 22nd @ 2 PM PST (5 pm EST) Finale Concert. (See Details)
• On Saturday, March 20th, 12:00 PM, Michael Dillon and his Irish Youth Theatre company Bosca Beagaí will stream an present an encore performance of their international dance and music spectacular, Paint the Bridge Green benefiting the UICC. (See Below)
• Sunday, March 21st at 11:00 AM, it's the Piper Sundays, Zoom meeting for an hour and one half with host Patrick D'Arcy and his guest Tom Clarke joining us from Belfast, Northern Ireland. (See Below)
• On Sunday, March 21st, from 4 PM to 7 PM, Sláinte Pub in Oakland offers a brand new Irish trad band, along with a full menu of great food and drink with outdoor dining service from their location at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA. (See Below)
• On Monday, March 22nd at 7:25 PM, the Legendary Stevie Coyle, teams up with Noctambule play Online via YouTube Live and possibly Facebook Live. (See Below)
• On Thursday, March 25th, from 5:00 - 7:00 PM, Michael Eskin offers a free, Irish Whistle Master Class Workshop live on Zoom! (See Below)
• From Thursday March 25th – Sunday March 28th, at 7:30 PM, its the 5th Annual San Francisco Irish Film Docfest online. (See Below)
• On April 1st, from 12:30 PM, Marla Fibish is beginning a news series of mandolin classes, all non-contact via Zoom. (See Below)
• From Wednesday, April 7th, through Friday, April 9th, at 10:00 AM PDT each morning, Clifton House, Belfast is offering a reprise of why that storied venue was once Hotbed of Irish Radical Activity, and it is available to anyone, anywhere Online via Zoom. (See Below)
• From Friday evening, April 9th through Sunday evening, April 11th, the Spring Harmony 2021 will happen online on Zoom, sponsored by the San Francisco Folk Music Club. (See Below)
Indoor Events:
NOTICE! Due to public health officials orders for social distancing to limit the spread of the COVID-19 infections, all in person events and festivals, especially those involving singing, wind instruments, etc. have been postponed or cancelled, and many will continued to be cancelled at least through the Winter. If you have plans to attend ANY such event, large or small, we recommend that you call and confirm that they are NOT cancelled.
Please support our sustaining Sponsors with your Celtic business!
• Co-Founder Cecilia Fábos-Becker's e-book Ancestry & DNA: Beyond the basics, is available for download now! (See Below)
• The United Irish Cultural Center, hosts outdoor dining under their 1800 sq.ft. 'Big Top', and many Irish and other events in their large facility in San Francisco, CA. (See Below)
Cedar Dobson offers one-on-one whistle lessons live on Zoom! (See Below)
Michael Eskin offers one-on-one Irish whistle and flute, Uilleann pipes, and Anglo concertina lessons live on Zoom! (See Below)
• Sport your Celtic heritage! AmeriCeltic offers a colorful array of items, each emblazoned with the AmeriCeltic logo. (See Below)
The Celtic Tea Shoppe, in San Jose is your source for Celtic and Celtic inspired carry-out fresh baked foods, confections and rare teas! (See Below)
• While Lark In The Morning in Berkeley, CA and Exploring Music in the outer sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, CA are closed for walk-ins, both stores are open for online sales and lessons. (See Below)
• Publican Stan Gamble has just recently re-opened The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant, offering outdoor service 7 days a week from 4pm to late. (See Below)
The Plough and Stars, a SF Legacy Business, and THE place for Live Traditional Music in the inner Richmond district of San Francisco. (See Below)
The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant, local Irish Pub bringing the culture of Ireland to downtown at 5th and Howard in San Francisco. (See Below)
• The Celtic Society of Monterey Bay, has a 32 year record of producing Celtic Concerts in various venues in and around Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA. (See Below)
Catherine Barry's Irish Culture Bay Area , offers a succinct listing of Irish events around Bay Area. (See Below)

Scan our feature articles below, or as always, you can click here to check the full listings on our website.

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Green Beer
A Green Beer & A Plastic Shamrock
(Tullamore Dew is made in Ireland, but their tee-shirt is not)

Green Beer is Irish-American
So is procrastination

AmeriCeltic to Retire from Organizing St. Patrick's Day Events

by Tony Becker & Cecilia Fábos-Becker

After 50 years of organizing major and minor events of many types (some with thousands of people from multiple states), unions, political parties, building businesses and such, we are cutting back, and we are retiring completely from producing at least one genre of events, St. Patrick's Day Celebrations, Festivals, Concerts or Whatever. We will continue to publicize others' future efforts, all equally. For us, as publishers of a newsletter, the more competing events, the better we do financially, with a lot less effort.

On Saturday, March 13, 2021 we had a financially successful, beautifully done, well presented success with what will be our last, this time on Zoom, because of the pandemic. We had a beautifully done all day festival that was not a financial success on March 17, 2019. Word of advice to future March 17 event producers. Americans love alcohol, really, really love alcohol, and they have small, often split families and no longer care if their children get to enjoy Irish music, dance, etc. as much as they, as adults, have the opportunity to drink alcohol. NEVER plan any future St. Patrick's Day event with live audiences where you expect to make money, that does not serve alcohol. Ideally, you also make sure some of it is dyed green, and likewise any nearby fountains and rivers and light up all the nearby buildings, the larger the better, in green.

In 2019, the Saint's Day fell on a Sunday, and that was the last lovely, in person, non-alcohol, family Saint Patrick's Day event we produced. It marked over ten years of such concerts that were always successes, but likewise financial nail biters, as the costs of production kept rising. The cost of theater rent, sound and lighting personnel, and the bands themselves rose every year.

This year, 2021, even with the reduced costs of an online festival, we found ourselves selling tickets more slowly than ever before and the 'last minute rush' starting later than it ever has. 28.0% ticket sales and nearly 40% if our revenue came in the last two days, and we were continuing to sell tickets until the last hour of the event!

This is no way for anyone to minimize their health risks!



Ostara / Eostre with her familier, a Hare

Ostara and Easter festivals

Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

Why are they three weeks apart?

Twice each year, as the sun marches across the sky, its center crosses Earth's Equator. This celestial alignment results in the equinox. This year marks the earliest arrival of the spring equinox in 124 years. It came on Thursday, March 19th for much of the Americas, and the rest of the world will see its arrival in the early hours of Friday, March 20th, including California.

The ancient festival of Ostara, a great goddess of the moon throughout ancient northern Europe, and continues in modern English as Easter. Both words derive from Proto-Germanic Austro, itself a descendant of the Proto-Indo-European root *h2ews-, meaning 'to shine'.

For recent millenia, the date of Easter has been set as the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Spring Equinox. This year, 2020, the following full moon is on Tuesday, April 7th, and so Easter will be celebrated on the following Sunday, April 12th.

But why the association with rabbits and eggs? Both the moon and the nocturnal hare were believed to die every morning and be resurrected every evening - thus they are symbols of rebirth, representing the rebirth of nature in Spring. The hare is also a major symbol for fertility and abundance as the hare can conceive while pregnant.

As moon goddess, the hare was also Ostara's symbol or familiar and the egg is also a symbol of rebirth, and so the exchange of eggs was another ancient custom, celebrated by many cultures, including for Ostara's festival. Over the centuries the symbol of the Hare at Ostara has become the Easter Bunny who brings eggs to children on Easter morning, the Christian day of rebirth and resurrection.


Darcy Noonan
Darcy Noonan

Darcy Noonan

Available for Performances or Lessons

Darcy Noonan is an accomplished violinist based in the Bay Area. Following her heart, she has studied and performed a variety of musical genres including classical, ragtime, mariachi, Greek, and (closest to her heart) Irish traditional music. In fact practically the second after graduating from High School she was off to Ireland to study with her idols for a few years.

Darcy has played with numberous bands and orchestras, including Jammy Dodgers, Violins of Hope, Noonan, Howard, and Straw, The Get Happy String Band, Disciples of Markos, Tipsy House and Mariachi Femenil Orgullo Mexicano.

Darcy is now back in the Bay Area, and Darcy is accepting students as an expert fiddler and Suzuki certified teacher with years of experience performing and teaching.

If you are interested in booking Darcy for a gig or for violin lessons, send her an email at or visit her website at


Black Donnellys
The Black Donnellys

The Black Donnellys LIVE

Dave Rooney and Dave Browne
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, 7:00 PM

Facebook LIVE, from the RiRa @ Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV

Each Saturday, The Black Donnellys, (Dave Rooney and Dave Browne), stream their high-energy show to you from Las Vegas, NV as you stay safe at home.

Watch the Black Donnellys streaming show via Facebook LIVE by pointing your browser to the Black Donnellys Facebook Page, where you will find the little red LIVE button.

The Daves say:
Tune into our Residency Gig at Rira at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay!! Join us and our audience for a live performance and a few Requests!!

Last year, the two Daves from Dublin had the crazy idea to attempt a new World Record: 60 shows. 50 states. 40 days. What could go wrong? Find out what happened along the road as their beloved Irish band, The Black Donnellys set out to break this ambitious world record when Vision Films and Frequency Pictures present An Irish Story: This Is My Home.

The film was released, on March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, 2020 and is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vimeo. Here is a link to the WATCH IT NOW!

For more, check Dave Browne's Facebook Profile.



SF Virtual Chantey Sing Series

Saturday, March 20th, Noon to 2:15 PM PDT

Online via Zoom from SF Maritime Association

A folk music 'landmark' on the historic ships at Hyde Street Pier, this 39-year San Francisco singing tradition continues in the virtual realm, hosting singers from across the Bay Area – and the country - and now all around planet Earth!

Peter Kasin says,
Ahoy -
Amidst all the chaos going on around us, we still have the monthly virtual chantey sing to help bring joy, calm the nerves, and help us get through these trying times. The next one is on Saturday, March 20th, Noon to 2:15 PM Pacific time, USA, around 8pm in London and 9pm in Paris.

Lead singers will receive a separate link in another email. Since the sings have gone virtual, they have gone international. We have singers from across the country, the UK, and the Czech Republic lined up to lead us in song. All but the lead singer will be muted. Enjoy singing along on the choruses to chanteys from home.
Link for signing up to lead a song: Please use this link ONLY if you are signing up to lead a song. You will be sent a link a few days prior to log on.

For general information,. and for non-song leaders to log in on the day and time:

Visit for details, including links to a signup sheet, info for lead singers, and some suggested virtual backgrounds. You should have a good internet connection and be ready to have fun!

Fair winds,
- Peter Kasin

• Sign up to Lead a Song Here:
• Virtual Backgrounds required for lead singers available here:
• Song Leader On-boarding Instruction Here: Chantey Sing Song Leader Guide

Donations to the Association will be accepted during the event, which will be used to buy virtual technologies to broadcast more events from the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

For more details, check this Facebook Page


Joey Abarta and Nathan Gourley
Joey Abarta and Nathan Gourley

John Whelan Master Sessions #19

Saturday, March 20th, 2:00 PM
Joey Abarta and Nathan Gourley

Online via Zoom

Seven-time All-Ireland Button Accordion Champion John Whelan is one of the world's best living Irish button accordion players. John was raised in the vibrant London Irish music scene of the 1970s, and learned his craft from such legends as Lucy Farr, Roger Sherlock, Paddy Taylor, Mick O Connor and his teacher Brendan Mulkaire. Along with his All-Ireland Championships, he was twice awarded musician of the year from the Irish Music Association. He has over 15 CDs and has performed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. John's music has been featured on such TV shows as 'Sex in the City,' 'History's Mysteries' and 'History Detective.' John performs with the John Whelan Band and has also teamed up with his old pal Brian Conway forming the group Gailfean, which also features Máirtin De Cógáin and Don Penzien have released their first new CD. For over a decade, John has performed 'Monday's with John' every Monday evening on his Facebook Profile.

Since last March, John has stepped up his online activities, and his latest project is Master Sessions with John Whelan.

John says:
My next Whelan Master Session is happening next Saturday, March 20th, 2:00 PM, with my friends Joey Abarta and Nathan Gourley.

A former member of Chulrua, the Doon Ceili Band, the Two Tap Trio, and the Máirtín de Cógáin Project, fiddler and guitarist Nathan Gourley started playing music at age five. While living in Minnesota he collaborated with such renowned players as Paddy O’Brien of Chulrua, Daithi Sproule of Altan, Brian Miller of Bua, and Norah Rendell of The Outside Track.

Since moving to Boston in 2013, Nathan has also released 'Life Is All Checkered' with Laura Feddersen, and 'The Truckley Howl' with Mairead Hurley and John Blake. He has taught and performed at festivals in Ireland, New Zealand, and throughout the United States on both fiddle and guitar.

Joey Abarta has spent the last sixteen years touring North America, Europe, and Asia, teaching and performing music on the uilleann pipes. A Los Angeles native, he first received instruction on the pipes from Dubliner Pat D'Arcy, a founding member of the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club.

In 2009, Joey's accomplished playing won him an All-Ireland championship, placing second worldwide at the Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann. In 2014 Joey won first prize at the An tOireachtas, the the first American uilleann piper to do so since 1969. In 2015, Joey received a traditional arts apprenticeship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, meaning he was awarded a grant to teach his art to the next generation.

In addition to performing solo, Joey performs with Nathan Gourley of 'Life is all Checkered' fame and had toured with Mick Moloney and the group The Green Fields of America. While at home he organizes the meetings of the Boston Pipers Club, teaches for Comhaltas' Boston Music School, and organizes various traditional music concerts and events.

The Saturday master session is open to players and listeners of all levels, from anywhere in the world. It'll start at 2pm Pacific time, 5pm Eastern time, 10pm GMT, and run for two hours. The master sessions do have a requested $20 donation for attending and we need at least 30 attendees to ensure the musicians are adequately compensated, so please share this with anyone you know who might be interested. Just email John at for more details.

All attendees need to do is make their donation via or by Venmo to John-Whelan-37, and make sure to note that it is for Whelan Master Session #9. We'll send out the Zoom link and tune list for the master session on Friday, and any last-minute sign-ups will get the link and tune list about an hour before the session starts on Saturday.

Easily sharable information on all John's master sessions lives here.

P.S. John's Wednesday 'Taking Time' slow session is still continuing as well - Check it out here: It remains free and open to all, and we'll send out a tune list and Zoom link for tomorrow's 'Taking Time' Wednesday sessions. Email John at to get on the list or for more details.

Get more details on Johns website:


Paint the Bridge Green

Paint the Bridge Green

Saturday, March 20th, 12:00 PM

Presented by and benefiting UICC Cultural Events
Online via Zoom

On Saturday, March 20th, 12:00 PM, The United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco and Bosca Beagaí Productions present an encore performance of Paint the Bridge Green, a star-studded virtual event that gathers musicians and dancers from around the world to perform in your own living room.

Co. Clare native, Michael Dillon, is the Artistic Director at Irish Youth Theatre company Bosca Beagaí, and has rounded up another spectacular line-up for this pair of St. Patrick's concerts, marshalling a high caliber group of entertainers for this virtual show, all to support Cultural Events at the UICC.

Michael Dillon says:
We have Irish pianist and composer Phil Coulter, Mundy (Galway Girl), and Out the Gap (Clare musicians) confirmed. In addition, Ten local Irish Dance schools will participate in the show performing steps choreographed by Amymae Dolan from Riverdance, and a host of local and national US talent from Chicago, and New York will also perform.

All in all a great lineup for the two-hour concert, and not to be missed!

Get Paint the Bridge Green Tickets NOW!


Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke

Piper Sundays

Sundays at 11:00 AM
Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club

Online via Zoom
Join the Zoom Event:

Event Website:

Host Patrick D'Arcy says:
'It's every Sunday from 11:00 AM (PDT) for about 90 minutes. I try to get high profile Uilleann piper guests from Ireland and elsewhere. It's not so much a concert as it is a talk show with the guest playing a handful of tunes throughout. Drop by this Sunday to check it out. Our guest will be Tom Clarke joining us from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • March 14th Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn — Details
  • March 21st Tom Clarke — Details

From 1:30 PM on this will become our monthly So Cal Pipers Club social call

Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club Facebook Events:


Buncrana at Sláinte

"Buncrana" @ Sláinte Pub, Oakland

Sunday, March 21st 4 PM to 7 PM
Sláinte is open outside Tuesday through Sunday, 12-8 PM

Sláinte Pub, 131 Broadway, Oakland, CA

Sunday, March 21st 4 PM to 7 PM

Since opening in April 2017, Sláinte has also featured some of the finest local and regional singers and musicians, in live, acoustic performance and quickly become the hot new place for Irish music in the East Bay.

Host Jackie says:
Welcome back to Sláinte Oakland! We’re here Tuesday through Sunday, 12-8pm with over 75 whiskeys, the perfect pints and a delicious new menu. Come on by. Cead Mile Failte!!!

We are overwhelmed by the support you all gave us on St Patrick's Day! After only being open for a few days before, it was super crazy and we apologize for the long wait times and thank you for your patience and advice. Hopefully we entertained you all while you were waiting. Here's a photo of just one of the wonderful things you might have missed due to the insane crowd - our brand new Irish house band Buncrana! - and they will be back this Sunday, March 21st 4 PM to 7 PM!

Thanks again-and if you missed out on St Patrick's Day, we’re back in the kitchen today for delicious Irish food, rain or shine because of our new table coverings!

The menu at Sláinte features Irish cuisine from Irish-born Executive Chef, Jackie Gallanagh, with dishes that include both imported & local ingredients and a bar menu of classic cocktails, a well-stocked selection of whisky, premium spirits, and local & imported beers.

More Details on the Sláinte Facebook Page.

Contact them at (510) 823-2644 @slainteoakland or check the website


Coyle & Noctambule
Stevie Coyle & Noctambule

Stevie Coyle & Noctambule

Monday, March 22nd at 7:25 PM

Online via YouTube and perhaps Facebook Live

Stevie Coyle, of the whiz-bang string band The Waybacks, has been booking a few live shows lately, and so you are all in luck! If you can't make one of his shows, you should probably check out his new solo CD, Ten-In-One, or perhaps his high end guitar shop, Mighty Fine Guitars.

Says Stevie: "Noctambule = 4 & 8 - string wiz Marla Fibish and 6, 10 & 12 string wiz Bruce Victor."

Says Bruce: "Both Marla and Bruce go waaay back (get it? - ed.) with Stevie Coyle and are grateful to him for his friendship and that he 'got us' when we emerged as Noctambule....

We would very much welcome your presence at what will be a special event for us."

Facebook Event:

Contacts / Info:
Stevie Coyle:

Noctambule: or call 510-205-1617


Michael Eskin
Michael Eskin

Irish Whistle Master Class with Michael Eskin

Thursday, March 25th, from 5:00 - 7:00 PM PST

Live via Zoom

Free workshop best suited for intermediate level tin whistle players with some experience on the instrument.

The next workshop will be a open one. It would be ideal if you already can play some tunes on the instrument and have at least some basic understanding of ornamentation on the whistle. This is not a new beginner's class, but certainly newer players may benefit from the workshop.

Here’s the Zoom meeting link:
or if you prefer:
Meeting ID: 6193681854
Password: session

Bookmark my Website here:

Check the Facebook Event:

This workshop is free, but if you find the event useful, I would very much appreciate it if you would consider donating a few dollars to my PayPal tip jar:
Venmo: @MichaelEskin

Michael Eskin
Michael's Facebook Profile



SF Irish Film Brings the Annual DocFest

Thursday, March 25 Sunday, March 28th, 2021

Online via Vimeo

San Francisco Irish Film announced the line-up for the 5th Annual DocFest, scheduled to be screened from March 25-28th 2021 and showcasing a diverse program from award-winning Irish filmmakers.  The specially curated program is going virtual this year for the first time. Ticket holders can stream five award-winning films online over the course of the four-day festival through a partnership with the Irish Film Institute and Culture Ireland.

This year's film selection centers on the theme of 'Resilience' as each of the stories explores the ability of human beings to overcome adversity and break down barriers €' and something the Irish are known for!

The festival kicks off on Thursday, March 25th at 7:30 PM with When Women Won from award-winning director Anna Rogers. The film tells the emotional inside story of the Together for Yes campaign to repeal the 8th amendment.  In the aftermath of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, three Irish feminists, Grainne Griffin, Orla O'Connor, and Ailbhe Smyth, joined forces and set about establishing a grassroots women-led social movement leading to a landslide victory, changing Irish society forever.

In addition, a special interview with Anna Rodgers and festival Executive Director, Kate Gunning, will be available online as they discuss the making of the film which was released in May 2020.

The program also includes the following documentaries:
The Hunger: The Story of the Irish Faminefrom award-winning filmmaker Ruán Magan tells the definitive story of the Irish famine, one of the worst humanitarian disasters in Ireland and one of the most important events in European history. The film is narrated by Liam Neeson.

Feargal Ward's film, The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid tells the story of an eccentric north Kildare cattle farmer who campaigns for his rights against the planning decisions of the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) in a beautifully nuanced documentary.

Let Your Colours Run Free tells the story of TransGreystones, a group created to support the trans community in Wicklow and delineates their emotional journey to create their first art exhibition.

Renowned Irish documentarian, Alan Gilsenan explores The Great Book of Ireland, a lavish vellum manuscript dubbed a 'modern-day Book of Kells'. This extraordinary tome contains the original work of 9 composers, 121 artists, and 144 poets including Eavan Boland, Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney, and Michael D. Higgins, current President of Ireland.

Presale of tickets are now available from the website or directly from the IFI International page:

The opening night film will be available from 7:30 PM on March 25th, and all other films are available from 8:30 PM up until midnight on March 28th. Once added to their library, users have 72 hours to view the film.

Ticket prices: $12 each and $45 for a festival pass/bundle for all access.

About IFI
The IFI International streaming service is a new initiative from the Irish Film Institute (IFI), supported by Culture Ireland. As Ireland's national cultural institution for film, the IFI provides audiences with access to the finest independent cinema, preserves and promotes Ireland's moving image heritage through the IFI Irish Film Archive and provides opportunities for audiences of all ages to learn and critically engage with film. This new service is a welcome addition to the IFI's long-running IFI International initiative, a program which works closely with cultural festivals to bring the best of new and classic Irish cinema to venues around the world.

About SF Irish Film:
San Francisco Irish Film, founded in 2003, presents the very best in contemporary Irish cinema, celebrating everything from features to documentaries and short films. SFIF Docfest, which began in 2017, is a celebration of award-winning Irish documentary film and is a highlight of the year, taking place during March.  It is a unique opportunity to share Irish-made documentary films and celebrates the Irish storyteller.

Our audience spans both the Irish and wider Bay Area communities. Our reach creates a wider appreciation of the Irish film form, our talent in the industry, and showcases award-winning films highlighting Ireland's role in the world, socially, politically, and culturally. As a voluntary organization, we rely on grants and sponsorship to provide these annual programs and regularly partner with other Bay Area organizations to promote and screen Irish film.

For more information on films and to purchase tickets see , or the Festival Facebook page - .
More information:


Marla Fibish Mandolin
Marla Fibish Mandolin Classes

Irish Mandolin Classes from Marla Fibish

Spring Classes begin in April

Online via Zoom - $130 per class series

Class Details
Class CASABA - Wednesdays 10:00 - 11:15AM Pacific Time
Class Dates: April 14 & 28, May 12 & 26, June 9
Class AMETHYST - Saturdays 2:30-3:45 Pacific Time
Class Dates: April 3 & 17, May 1, 15 & 29
Class TOPAZ - Thursdays 4:15 - 5:45 Pacific Time Class Dates: April 8 & 22, May 6 & 20,  June 3
Class PERIDOT will meet Mondays 5:00-6:15PM Pacific Time
Class Dates: April 5, 19 & May 3, 17 & 31
Class LAPIS will meet Thursdays 12:30-1:45PM Pacific Time 
Class Dates: April 1, 15 & 29, May 13 & 27
Class LARKSPUR will meet Wednesdays 4:00-5:15PM Pacific Time
Class Dates: April 7 & 21, May 5 & 19,  June 2

Marla Fibish,, 510-205-1617,,

Learn how to put the pulse of Irish dance music into your playing!

San Francisco native, Marla Fibish is one of the prominent mandolinists in Irish music.  She brings a deep and distinctive sensibility to the tradition on one of its lesser-heard instruments. She is a dynamic performer and a sought after teacher. Since March, Marla has offered non-contact mandolin classes.

Marla Fibish has performed and taught nationally and in Ireland, and was a featured performer at the 2018 Masters of Tradition festival in Bantry, Co. Cork. Her playing is featured on her 2020 album, The Bright Hollow Fog, the 2017 Noctambule release A Sweetish Tune, and The Morning Star, a duo CD with legendary Irish singer and bouzouki player Jimmy Crowley, as well as on the eponymous Three Mile Stone recording.

An experienced and sought-after teacher, Marla teaches private students and classes, online at Peghead Nation, and has been on the faculty of many music camps including The Swannanoa Gathering, The Mandolin Symposium, O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, Portal Irish Music Week, Lark Camp and others. Her instructional DVD has been a popular self-learning tool, focused on acquiring the foundational technique for playing Irish music on the mandolin. A multi-instrumentalist, Marla is known for her musical settings of works from a variety of poets, as well as original tunes written in traditional forms. This work is featured in the duo Noctambule, her longtime collaboration with guitarist and husband Bruce Victor. Their earlier releases include Travel in the Shadows in 2013 and The Waking in 2015.

'Some of the best mandolin playing in Irish music.' - Dennis Cahill, Guitarist

'Marla is a wonder on the mandolin; rhythmic beyond imagination, clear as a bell tone, great invention, lovely ornaments at just the right times and places, and a sureness and ease that allows the listener to relax and be carried away.' - Kevin Carr, Folkworks

'Though I have taught 1:1 over the web for years, it is only since the pandemic that I've held online classes. To my surprise I've learned that, though it's different and has it drawbacks, it also has a few distinct advantages -- participants really enjoy having the privacy to work on phrases or techniques during class without anyone hearing them, and you never have trouble hearing yourself because the person next to you is too loud! You also get plenty of practice time while others are playing for me, and the chance to hear your classmates individually has proved helpful and enlightening in surprising ways. And you can get a close up view of my hands in a way that would hardly be socially acceptable even if we weren't in a pandemic!' - Marla Fibish

Clifton House
Clifton House, Belfast

Easter Irish History Talks live from Belfast
Online via Zoom

Wednesday, April 7th, through Friday, April 9th 10:00 AM PDT

Clifton House, Belfast Hotbed of Radical Activity

This Easter, Clifton House, the home of the Belfast Charitable Society and the original Poor House in Belfast, is running a special series of online talks at a time that would suit our American neighbors across the pond. 

Plots and Plotters, the history of the 1798 Rebellion will take place at 6pm, UK time (10am in California / 11am in Texas / 12noon in Chicago & New Orleans / 1pm in Ohio / 1pm in New York) on the 7th, 8th and 9th April 2021 live from Belfast, Northern Ireland, via Zoom. 

The one hour talk will explore the history of the reformers and rebels who made the Belfast Charitable Society a 'hotbed of radical activity' in the 1790s. Hear about the Joys, McCrackens, McCabe & Cunningham who were on opposing sides of the 1798 United Irishmen Rebellion & how the Charitable Society, and its members, emerged from it, including Dr James Campbell White who went into exile in the United States.

Tickets are around $7 per device (not per person). To find out more, or to book, please visit

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me:
Caroline McCoubrey
Freelance Marketing Consultant on behalf of Clifton House, Belfast

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Important! Watch this video first!
To be able to find the events, you will need to use the latest version of Zoom and know how to move from the 'lobby' to a 'breakout' room to and back. Bruce Reid has prepared this training video to show you how:

How to attend Camp Harmony on Zoom and navigate Breakout Rooms.

Spring Harmony 2021

Friday evening, April 9th through Sunday evening, April 11th
Pacific Daylight Time

Online via Zoom
Sponsored by the San Francisco Folk Music Club

Join with friends new and old to celebrate our global music community with participatory workshops, concerts, and open sessions for singing, playing, and dancing to traditional music. Spring Harmony 2021 is a benefit in support of Camp Harmony, our annual New Year's gathering, and other San Francisco Folk Music Club programs.

Spring Harmony 2021 is open to musical friends everywhere. Donation $0 - $100 or more! (suggested donation $10 per day) No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

  • You must register to gain entry to the event.
  • Registration will open on March 1st and close on April 6th.
  • Workshop proposals will be accepted through March 15th. (See registration form for details.)

Register at:

If you would like to volunteer for this event, prior or during, in any capacity, please contact us

Please share this with folks near and far who may not yet be members of the SFFMC, as attendance will be open to all.

As with in-person camp and our online New Year's Camp, there will be Workshops, Jam Spaces, Dances, Games, Jokes, Stories, Friends, late-night singing

Leading workshops and other events is reserved for Folk Club members so be sure to confirm that you are a paid member and invite friends who would enjoy going to this online event, maybe to become members and lead something! Please visit the main website to become a member through the 'join us' tab.

And if you'd like to lead a workshop, dance, other activity, or perform in a concert this year, let us know within the registration form questions at the end of the form. Likewise, are you a wiz at Zoom? Let us know and help us fill a chore slot!

Check regularly for updates on zoom tutorials, what to plan for, and on workshop session spaces as they fill up early. For Questions, you can contact the registrars at


Book GIF
Break Through your Ancestry Brick Walls!
A printable e-book
by Cecilia Fábos-Becker
Ancestry & DNA
Family History Research: Beyond the Basics

There are many good basic manuals, both in print and online, that can help you get started researching your ancestors and finding lost cousins, but in over fifty years of research into our own Scots-Irish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry, I've learned what works well and what doesn't, as well as many useful sources and links.

Now, I have written a book, Ancestry & DNA - Beyond the Basics , to help you, and all Americans find their origins. My book will be especially useful to especially Celtic Americans doing family history research, and it is available for immediate download!

Celia 2016
Author Celia Fábos-Becker
My Book includes:
• Introduction to Family History Documents
• What are REAL Primary Sources?
• America's Dark Age (1783 to 1850)
• Finding Family Records with online services
• Introduction to Family History DNA
• Using DNA Tests to help Find Family History
• How autosomal, MtDNA, or Y-DNA tests can help
• DNA Testing Company Reviews
• Loads of Examples
Download Ancestry & DNA - Beyond the Basics here:


United Irish Cultural Center

Wawona Gates Outdoor Dining

2700 45th Avenue, San Francisco, CA

We are Open!

Wawona Gates Outdoor Dining with Full Bar is back!

The United Irish Cultural Center operates a large event facility near the Zoo in San Francisco, serving the Irish and other Cultural communities, at 2700 45th Ave in the Sunset District of San Francisco near the Zoo.

President Liam Reidy says
On Saturday, March 20th, join us 'under the big top' for our SF Gaelic Athletic Association day from 1PM - 7PM, as well as for our very own 'Paint the Bridge Green' produced event in association with Bosca Beagaí. This virtual event that gather musicians and dancers from around the world to perform in your own living room.

Since January 2021, we have a 1,800 square foot open-sided canopy to cover the outdoor dining space.

UICC website
UICC Facebook Page
'Irish Shoppe' Facebook Event


Michael Eskin
Michael Eskin

Tin Whistle, Irish Flute, Uilleann Pipes
and Anglo Concertina Lessons with Michael Eskin

Live via Zoom

I am now offering beginner and intermediate level on-line lessons using Zoom for Tin Whistle, Irish Flute, Uilleann pipes, and Anglo Concertina.

I don't have a fixed teaching curriculum. My focus is entirely on learning your goals, understanding your challenges, identifying areas to work on, and then giving you the feedback and specific tools you can use to take your playing to the next level.

I started out playing classical flute when I was 6 years old. I've now been playing Uilleann pipes, flute, and whistle in sessions for over 20 years and Anglo Concertina for 15 years. My concertina playing is based on the style and technique I learned from Noel Hill at his workshops.

Before COVID-19, I was the co-host of the weekly session for over 20 years at The Ould Sod Pub in San Diego, CA as well in the paid hosting rotation for the session at The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach, CA. Since COVID-19 restrictions went into place, I've been hosting a weekly session on Tuesday nights on Zoom that has turned into a lovely and consistently popular event.

My rate is $45.00 for a 45-minute lesson.

If you have any questions, please email me at: or call me at 619-368-1854.

Cheers and thanks,
Michael Eskin Michael on Facebook.


AmeriCeltic Products
AmeriCeltic Logo Items

→ AmeriCeltic Logo Gifts! ←

Shirt, Hat, Mug, Apron or Patch


Celebrate your rich AmeriCeltic history and heritage in style and class and support AmeriCeltic by sporting a shirt, hat, mug, apron or patch, all except the mug, embroidered in full color with the AmeriCeltic logo! And don't forget to give one to yourself!

Click Here for the full line-up of AmeriCeltic Logo items.

The AmeriCeltic logo, styled like a coat of arms, commemorates your MIXED, Scots, Irish, Welsh Celtic American heritage! Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the thirteen colonies of mostly Scots, Scots-Irish, Irish and Welsh who joined with many others from many other countries, and together fought tyranny to assert our Independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Click for more information about the AmeriCeltic Logo design


AC logo 2017

The Celtic Tea Shoppe

Home of Artisan Candies

4432 Pearl Avenue, San Jose CA | 408-267-7090

The Celtic Tea Shoppe offers a great selection of Celtic and Celtic inspired foods, including:
• Meat Pies
• Sausage Rolls
• Liquor Cakes
• Irish Soda Bread
• Salted Caramels
• Gift Boxes
• Premium Loose-leaf Teas

Everything is handmade at our shoppe in San José, CA and curbside pickup service and shipping are available.

To check The Celtic Tea Shoppe Facebook Page, Click Here!

Call us directly at 408-267-7090 or check our website for all our other baked goods and confections. To order, contact Kristen Scott with a call to 408-267-7090, or an email to sales@artisancandies


Lark In The Morning SF Store
New Store in San Francisco

Lark In The Morning Stores in Berkeley and San Francisco

Tuesday - Saturday, noon - 6 PM
Sundays, noon - 5:00 PM

Lark In The Morning, 830 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA
and Exploring Music, 814 Clement Street, Inner Richmond of San Francisco

Eric says:
"Our Berkeley location, 830 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA, is open for online lessons and instrument sales and Exploring Music, 814 Clement Street in San Francisco, CA, is open and actively seeking new online students. Lark Berkeley is offering free lessons with the purchase of a ukulele or guitar!"

Thorn Land and Eric Azumi

Lark in the Morning has been a folk musician's favorite since 1974 and has musical instruments and instructional material from all over the world.

Shop online at, call us at 707-964-5569, or check out our Facebook Page


Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant
Across from Apple Park

Breaking News at The Duke

The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant

10801 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino, CA, 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM every day of the year


Publican Stan Gamble and his partners have an update! Many of you have heard the rumors about the The Duke of Edinburgh Pub & Restaurant.

When this pandemic is over, 'The Duke'! will be moving to new quarters just across the parking lot from our current location!
For details, Watch the official Video!

The Duke is, and will remain, THE only Authentic, (and we do mean AUTHENTIC!), British Pub in the Bay Area, located across the street from Apple Headquarters on Wolfe Road in Cupertino.

The atmosphere at the 'The Duke', is the same as you would find in any pub in the British Isles, full of friendly patrons who come in to socialize, play darts, have a pint or two, and eat a meal. If you are looking for a comfortable elegance, pints of beer and authentic food, in an authentic English Pub, there is no a better choice in the Bay Area. The Duke offers a large number of beers on draft and by the bottle. Almost anything English, Scottish or Irish is available. Murphy's Irish Stout brewed in Cork, Ireland and Scotch Eggs is always a good choice.

The servers are excellent and very knowledgeable about the beer and food menu. The menu is expansive and worth exploring. The dark pubsy feel with old regulars in their respective, but not crowded corners around lunch hour in Cupertino, is a great boon.

You can't find more 'authentic' atmosphere, because the entire building was built in jolly old England, then disassembled, shipped and reassembled on site in Cupertino. With the red velvet seating and wall paper and ornate, dim lighting, you are transported to London as soon as you enter the etched glass door.

More info. on The Duke Facebook Page, website or call 408-446-3853.



Plough and Stars Fundraiser

Please DONATE!

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub, 116 Clement Street at 2nd Avenue, San Francisco

The Plough, like many bars and restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, is struggling to survive. It is extremely difficult to support our family and employees with no ability to earn an income.

We have long prided ourselves on being ago to place for Irish traditional experiences. Over the years we have been privileged to host many well-known musicians from Ireland and around the globe. The Plough hosts weekly traditional Irish seisuns and dance. At our Irish Seisuns customers listen as musicians share tunes or even learn to play themselves. The Plough is also a vital venue for bluegrass jams and gigs, as well as a place where local musicians can be heard. We want to make sure that the Plough can continue in those efforts. We have been so touched by the support of friends, musicians, dancers, and patrons. They are what make the Plough the institution that it is and we can't thank them enough for their support at this difficult time. Please consider a donation to help us continue at Thank You!
- Sean Heaney

The Plough and Stars Irish Pub, is known around the world for hosting incredible Irish music and pulling beautiful pints of Guinness since 1975. Since then, it has evolved to host live music every night of the week, except Monday, including all genres of music; Bluegrass, Country, Rock, Zydeco, acoustic Americana, and of course, Irish Traditional.

The first Saturday is always Americana Jukebox and every third Friday is Bluegrass Bonanza! We welcome you to stop in for a drink and try our famous, award winning pints of Guinness, or indulge in any of our other specials. We host Happy Hour all day every Monday with free pool, and the first Monday of the month has a Pub Quiz at 8:30 PM. Check out our website for a full calendar of events!

For a video of a Plough session from 2014, Click Here.

For more about the Plough, check, call 415-751-1122, or email Sean Heaney at



The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant

198 5th St, San Francisco


The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant, is a bustling SoMa spot with Irish pub grub & beers on tap plus sports on the satellite TV.

This local Irish Pub brings the culture of Ireland to San Francisco, offering a full bar, Happy Hour specials, and a full Irish restaurant menu, including favorites like fish and chips which goes with any style of sport, music or fun.

'I am in the city every 2-3 months and The Chieftain is an absolutely integral part of every trip. Mark runs an amazing, authentic Irish pub. Major plus, the only place I know of in northern California to get Kilkenny!!'

'Walked in, Saturday night about 7pm and there was a table right inside the door. We had a shepherds pie and an Irish stew. The shepherds pie was actually made with lamb! The live music was great entertainment too!'

For a video of some the Chieftain's food menu, Click Here.

The Chieftain hosts live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Click Here for the current schedule! The live Irish traditional music and song session every Sunday evening is always great Craic! Here is a sample Irish Session from 2009: Live Irish Session at the Chieftain.

For the latest happenings, check the Chieftain facebook Page, or call 415-625-0436, or email Mark Nagle at or check



Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay

The venerable Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay has a 32 year record of bringing world class Celtic musicians to the Monterey Bay Area and is a key sponsor of AmeriCeltic.


Click here for full details of All Celtic Society of Monterey Bay Concerts on the CSoMB website! (Click on 'Video' button for videos.)



Irish Culture Bay Area

Catherine Barry maintains a separate Irish Culture Bay Area website, with a calendar focused on Bay Area Irish events, supported by the Consulate of Ireland in San Francisco.


Click here for details of these events and more on the Irish Culture Bay Area website!


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