Q3 2022, Quarterly Investor Report, Collogh Cares Inc.
Preventing kidney failure, one family at a time.
Message From The CEO
“The reality is, if we want to provide high quality care to all people – because all people deserve high quality care – then we have to bring care to people; we cannot expect people to come to healthcare, to facilities, and to the system. That means we have to move care into the home. That’s absolutely essential if we are going to get to under-represented and under-resourced populations. It is also our way of trying to reduce healthcare costs, instead of everything coming out of the healthcare facilities”.

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Dr. Collins Oghor
CEO - Collogh Cares Inc.
New Talent
We made a significant addition to the team in Q3 – bringing on-board a Head of Business Development, with the help of a federal grant from Mitacs. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Egor Luhauskikh. Egor is a 2nd-year MBA student at McGill University, Desautels Faculty of Management, specializing in Global Strategy and Leadership. He received his Medical Degree from Belarusian State Medical University and a Master’s degree in Health Policy and Management from the University of Southern Maine (USA). After extensive studies, Egor started a career in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia and assumed various managerial positions with increased responsibility striving to accelerate patients' access to innovative medicines. Through his work, Egor gained vast experience in healthcare organizations, leading cross-functional teams, and working on complex projects.
Egor joins us as we make the critical step to commercializing our product. He is working hand-in-hand with the CEO to refine our go-to-market strategy, develop strategic partnerships, and prospect for potential clients.
Dr. Egor Luhauskikh
Head of Business Development
News - Main Updates
As we come to the end of Q3, we would like to highlight some of the partnerships & accomplishments we have achieved since the last quarter:
Letter Of Intent
For Use Of Product In RCT
We recently received a signed letter of intent from a renowned group of CKD researchers based in Minnesota. They intend to use our digital health ecosystem in an NIH-funded randomized controlled trial. Below is an excerpt from the letter: 

“Like you, we seek to improve the care of patients with kidney disease. We are preparing a grant application for a clinical trial that will test the effect of a physical activity intervention plus a cognitive behavioral therapy intervention to reduce fatigue in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease who are progressing towards dialysis. Fatigue is a major issue experienced by half of all patients with chronic kidney disease. There has been immense interest in recent years in the study of patient symptoms (known in the field as "patient-reported outcomes"), especially because the medical community has traditionally underappreciated the importance of improving patient quality of life. In addition to improving quality of life, an intervention that decreases fatigue might well allow patients to remain off dialysis longer than they otherwise would have... ..We have assembled a highly qualified team of nephrologists, clinical trialists, psychologists, and statisticians for our grant proposal, which we plan to submit to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) in February 2023. Although funding is not assured, use of your product will improve our proposal substantially. If awarded funding in 2023, we anticipate that our trial would run until 2028.” 

We are excited about this opportunity and have begun working closely with the researchers to prepare our platform for the NIH grant proposal and the subsequent trial study.
C2 Montréal
Collogh Cares Inc. was selected as one of 25 winners of C2 Montréal Emerging Entrepreneurs. Created and established by Claudine and Stephen Bronfman more than 10 years ago, the Emerging Entrepreneurs competition allows some of the brightest actors and actresses of the local start-up scene to take advantage of everything that C2 Montreal has to offer, while benefiting from personalized programming designed exclusively for the 25 winners.Yet another validation of the mission-focused company we are building.
Harvard Innovation Labs
We were accepted into the Fall cohort of the Harvard Innovation Lab, courtesy of the support of our investor and advisor, Dr. David Wu. i-Lab is a Harvard University based community dedicated to providing comprehensive support, access to strategic collaborators, connection with experts, and resources that will help us in commercialization. We have been fortunate to be assigned Liz Asai as a mentor in this program. Liz was the co-founder and CEO of 3Derm, which received breakthrough device designation for its use of AI in dermatology, and was acquired by Digital Diagnostics in 2020. Her support and expertise in digital health and software-as-a-medical-device is already proving to be a great asset for us.
Investissement Quebec & Medical Alley – USA Market Access Program
We were selected as one of 10 health technology companies to participate in Investissement Quebec’s annual USA Market Access Program, in partnership with Minnesota-based Medical Alley. The 3-month program kicked off in September and will culminate in a trade show in Minneapolis in December, which will be attended by our Head of Business Development and CEO. Acceptance into this highly coveted program serves as further validation of our mission and has already aided us in making crucial connections with potential partners in Minnesota and Ohio.
Next AI
In Q3, the Next AI program came to an end with the final Venture Day! Next AI is a world-class programme for artificial intelligence-based ventures and technology commercialization. This HEC & MILA collaboration program provided us with access to top AI scientists, corporate mentors and potential investors who we are currently having talks with. In addition to being selected as one of 8 graduating startups who presented on-stage at the Venture Day event, we were the recipients of the Ministère de l’Economie et de l’Innovation du Quebec $2,500 award for economic and social impact.
Product Development - Updates
Happy to say, we are still on track to launch our MVP by Q4, 2022.
MVP Launch
As of Q3, we have finished the first release of our digital health coach and began testing. This release covers the following: Authentication on the backend server, a database for testing, log-in from within the app with the code to start onboarding, log-in to the app with email and password, complete onboarding, daily screen, 80% of health main screen complete (excluding adherence diagram), 80% of Treatment main screen completed. We aim to have the final release by November 2022.
Our Digital Health Coach & Ecosystem
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Understanding The Ecosystem
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Brand New Website!
In addition to making progress on product development, we have made major changes to our website. Our messaging is clearer, shared screen from our app, and provided helpful information to potential partners and investors.

Please take a look at our website link below and share your thoughts:
Thank you for your support so far! Your investments have been the key to our goal of preventing kidney failure, one family at a time. Below are the investment updates.
$1m USD
Seed Round Target
$41,000 USD
Q2 Funds Received
$247,000 USD
Total Received Funds
While we aimed to close our funding round in Q3, we have not reached our round goal of $1m.
With respect to this, we continue to speak to venture capitalists and seek introductions to private and public fund coordinators to meet this goal. We closed just over $41k USD in Q3 bringing our total closed up to date to $247k USD. 
Founder - Vardo Studio
Our ask for you in Q4 is to make introductions to folks in your network who have strong interest in investing in digital health companies, particularly those passionate about addressing healthcare disparities.

Thank you for your continued support.
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Preventing kidney failure,
one family at a time.
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