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Dear Friends,

We hope you are staying safe and sane during these difficult times.

There is no doubt we have faced our fair share of challenges in Hong Kong over the last year, with political unrest and now the COVID-19 crisis - but we hope you will join us in taking inspiration from our beneficiaries who show us daily that through adversity comes strength!

We would like to take this moment to breathe and say a huge THANK YOU! The reality for the PathFinders team is that every day is a crisis, that every day we must go to extraordinary lengths to meet the needs of the babies, children and women we serve.

We simply could not do this without your support; it is thanks to your kind and generous friendship that since 2008 we have been able to protect almost 7,000 babies, children and women, and prevent countless others from falling into crisis through our outreach and education with over 62,000 Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) and members of the public.
Despite the current challenges we are all facing, there is so much to celebrate when we come together to safeguard the needs of others, especially the most vulnerable and those at risk.

Last year, thanks to your support and generosity, PathFinders protected 925 babies, children and women, and significantly increased our outreach to empower and educate over 37,000 FDWs and employers.
It is these remarkable achievements that give us a reason to celebrate every day. 
See 2019 Impact - Highlights
Our ambition by 2030 is that PathFinders is no longer needed. In addition to doing our best to maintain 'business as normal' in 2019, we took time to reflect on what more we needed to do to achieve our ambition by 'fixing' the root problems that drive our beneficiaries into a crisis.

At no other time in recent history has the concept of trying to stop a crisis unfolding, rather than repairing the damage after, been better portrayed. The current environment reinforces the role each one of us can play in protecting and keeping each other safe.

With this belief that prevention is better than cure, and everyone can be part of the solution, we are excited to share our new 3 year strategy (2020-2022), which focuses on community engagement and influencing systemic change as key drivers towards ensuring the most vulnerable children in HK receive a fair start in life.

We invite you to read our full 2019 Impact Report for more details about our achievements in 2019 and our goals for the future.

Read 2019 Impact - Full Report
As we enter our new strategic period and in the face of a 'new normal' that requires even greater resilience, adaptability and prioritisation, we will do even more to hold ourselves accountable; to use finite resources from our donors, supporters and friends efficiently and effectively to achieve the greatest impact for our beneficiaries.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who makes our work possible - we couldn't do what we do without you! Now, more than ever, we enormously appreciate for your continued support and generosity. We look forward to working together over the coming months and years, and finding a path to a brighter future for all.
Thank you from all of us at PathFinders!
Thank you for helping ensure every child in Hong Kong has a fair start in life!
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