Take time to show some appreciation—to yourself and to others.  Love on yourself, and love on those around you. 
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Showing Appreciation to Yourself and Your Support System

Friday and Saturday were highly anticipated days for my family regarding Thomasville Counseling, Consulting, & Coaching, also known as TC3.  On Friday, we celebrated our grand opening with a ‘Tea with TC3’ event!  Not only did I want the space to be completely set up, but I wanted to have tea, cookies, favors, brochures, etc.  Lots of errand running, phone calls, and social media posts had to be ‘checked off,’ too.  Not only did we have the grand opening on Friday, but we had our first community conversation on Saturday!  We discussed mental health in the Black church, and I had to secure panelists, spark interest in the event, have snacks prepared and a small token of appreciation for attendees, prepare for the discussion, and get set up for the event.  I kept multiple to-do lists each day, slept much less than I should have, and missed my son’s bedtime each night.  You get the idea, right?  That week was a busy and task-filled, yet exciting and meaningful time for us!

At the end of the event on Saturday, my husband and I drove home, grabbed hibachi, and rested on the couch.  Thankfully, one of my best friends had my son with her.  Although he had never been with her and her family without me, he acted as if it were the norm for him.  He laughed, danced, and played.  This provided some much need time for rest and reflection.  While on the couch, my husband told me, “You know, you are inspiring people, and you do not even realize it yet.  People are watching you.”  I heard him but I did not give it much thought.  Within several hours, two women reached out to me and said just that.  His comments, the messages I received, and the quiet space sparked some reflection.  I thought about all of the people who expressed similar sentiments that I had not yet considered—telling me they were proud of us, telling me the magnitude of starting a counseling business in Thomasville, telling me to keep pushing, telling me we inspire them, etc. 

You see, I never thought about it this way.  To me, TC3 is completely wrapped up in my calling.  I was destined for this!  I was purposed for this!  I was designed for this!  This is what I am required to do, regardless of if others are proud of me, regardless of if others support me, regardless of if others are on board, regardless of if others see my vision, and regardless of if I have self-defeating thoughts.  I have to do this because I am here to serve!  However, it is relatively easy to get caught up in doing something because it is your responsibility and your job, without giving yourself some credit.  You know, you go to work.  You raise your children.  You do your laundry.  You cook.  You clean.  You put gas in your car.  You feed your dog.  You check and send countless emails.  You make numerous phone calls.  You run errands.  Yes, you do all of this because it needs to get done.  But you are still making a choice.  You are making a choice to do good, to take care of business, to serve, to care for others.  And just like those people thought I deserved praise, you, too, deserve praise.  Not only are you making an intentional decision to handle business, but you are probably doing it without an expectation of praise or appreciation.  It has become your norm.  You do it when you are tired.  You do it when you do not want to do it.  You do it when you are sick.  You probably even do it when you feel unappreciated.


You are an inspiration!
My Destiny & Purpose
I imagine that while the expectation is not for others to express their appreciation of you often, occasional flowers, pictures from your kid, verbal expressions of appreciation, hugs, employee appreciation events, gifts, smiles, and notes are sure to put a smile on your face.  When is the last time you have taken the time to think about all of these expressions of gratitude, admiration, and appreciation?  If it has been awhile, take some time to reflect and toot your own horn.  Give yourself some credit.  Tell yourself you are a force to be reckoned with!  Tell yourself you are powerful beyond measure. 
Then, I want you to think about your support system.  I want you to think about all of the people who support you, from near and far, and any support that perhaps you take for granted.  You see it is easy to think we have to do it all and we have to do it all alone.  Sometimes, others are thrilled to help.  They may extend the offer or they may wait for you to ask.  However, they are happy to step in.  As for me, I could not have pulled off the grand opening event and community conversation without my support system.  They spread the word on social media and at their workplaces, they helped set up the office, they help get the food and favors prepared, they came to the events, they ran errands for me, they served on the panel, and I am sure they prayed for me.  I am eternally grateful to them.  I trust they will be there as TC3 grows and expands.  I know I will continue to need their support, and I hope they know I appreciate them.  Not only do I hope they know, but I tried to be intentional about verbally expressing my appreciation to them.
That’s what I want you to do.  Reach out to your support system, and tell them thank you.  It may be the secretary at work who calmly and carefully tells you everything is okay with your child but you have a phone call from their school.  It may be your neighbor who occasionally pulls your trash bin up from the road.  It may be your supervisor who brought in breakfast for the staff or your co-worker who organized a birthday celebration or baby shower for you.  It may be your partner who came home from a rough day and immediately jumped in with the evening tasks.  It may your kid who gets their homework done each day, and said thank you for the candy you bought them from the store last week.  It may be the store clerk who asks about your day whenever you come in.  It may be your child’s grandmother who happily babysits or your parents who are only a phone call away.  I imagine if you just sit for a few moments, you can think of a handful of people to thank.

In short, take time to show some appreciation—to yourself and to others.  Love on yourself, and love on those around you.  You see, you may think you are simply doing the ordinary or what is expected.  However, you may need to take some time to recognize your impact on others.  I imagine your impact is more like extraordinary.  Go ahead, toot your own horn!  Give yourself some credit. Pump yourself up.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Tell yourself you are a force.  You got this.  You are mighty!  Then, recognize those who empower you to be mighty.  Whose shoulders do you sit on?  Who blazed the trail before you?  Who encourages you just by believing in you?  Tell them.  Acknowledge them.  Thank them.  Write them a note.  Send them a text.  Shoot them an email.  Make a phone call.
                                                                                          Yours candidly,

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Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone who may benefit from showing themselves and others appreciation!  Personally, I think everyone could benefit every now and then! Take care!
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