Do you believe the human spirit is unconquerable, indomitable, and invincible?  How about bulletproof and unbeatable?  I firmly believe it is stronger than anything it is up against.  Keep winning!
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The Human Spirit 

Due to some recent events, I reflected back to one of the greatest years, if not the greatest, of my life.  In 2008, I hit all kinds of milestones; I was a new graduate with my bachelor’s from North Carolina State University, a newlywed married to my high school sweetheart, a new homeowner, a new mother (pregnant with my now seven-year-old son), and I had formed some new relationships with women who are still dear to me.  And, no matter what your political views are, it seems easy to understand the joy and pride I felt to see America elect its very first Black president.  As I thought about it recently while driving to work, I thought “Oh my!  2008 was a great year for my husband and I!  Will there ever be another year like that?”  After the initial elation tied to the memories of these accomplishments, the pain of that year hit me like a ton of bricks.  In 2008, three days before graduation, I decided I did not have the resolve to complete my last final exam and project of the year so I would simply graduate later, and I dealt with a miscarriage.
I vividly remember lying on my sofa in my apartment.  My then boyfriend and now husband, J.D., was trying to wake me up.  He was being patient, yet persistent.  He knew I had an exam and a project due the next day for my Biochemistry class, and I was hardly prepared for either.  I had never felt more incompetent and more underprepared for anything school-related.  I had always been a stellar student.  However, I was afraid of completing these last tasks for a class I struggled in.  Not only was I afraid, but my body was exhausted.  I had never felt this type of exhaustion before.  It was the type of exhaustion that made me want to quit the college marathon while only being two steps away from the finish line.  No, this exhaustion did not just come from being physically tired.  It had come from an intense emotional struggle.  Finally, I told J.D. to stop trying to awaken me, I would finish my class over the summer, and we would simply move forward with our wedding plans as scheduled.  He knew it was the exhaustion speaking and not me.  After some initial shock, he kept trying.
Finally, during the middle of the night, I pulled every ounce of strength I could find in my body that I did not know remained, sat up, pulled out my laptop, cranked out a subpar, at best, project and reviewed notes although I was clueless about most of the content.  I went to take the exam, which was in an altered format (20 essays!) because I missed the first exam.  I submitted my project.  I walked out of the building, and I sat on the curb in front of the dining hall I had had so many pleasant memories in.  I felt like a failure but strangely enough, it felt good to have those two assignments behind me no matter the outcome.  It was a wait-and-see dilemma from that point forward.  I did not know if I had done well enough to pass.  JD drove up to pick me up and I rejoiced as if I was a 3-year old kid whose parent was picking them up from daycare well after closing.
The miscarriage did something to me that I still cannot adequately describe with words most of the time.  It changed me forever.  It changed my identity because I identified as a mother of a deceased child.  It altered my perspective on life, birth, death, motherhood, parenthood, love, relationships, and the human spirit.  It created a hole in me that only J.D. could somewhat fill at the time and it took a very long time for the wound to begin to heal.  It drove J.D. and I even closer, although I did not know that was possible.  It tested and later strengthened my faith.
Because of both situations - pulling myself up on the couch to attempt something I was sure I was going to fail at and facing the reality of a miscarriage - I recognized the resilience of my spirit.  You see, the human spirit cannot be broken.  Although J.D. and I felt broken, we were not.  It is true that the human spirit is unconquerable, indomitable, and invincibleI firmly believe it is stronger than anything it is up against.  
And so that brings me to what I witnessed this weekend.  I witnessed this same resiliency common amongst humans, this same resolve, this same determination, this same human spirit as millions marched in solidarity over the weekend in support of one another.  You may not understand the connection for me, but I dare you to try to think of times when your human spirit has been tested and how you have overcome.  If it is being tested today, you are overcoming.  You know how I know?  You are alive.  Our very existence is proof that our human spirit is bulletproof and unbeatable.  There is no doubt about it.  When examining your record, you are undefeatedYou have survived everything you have been through.  Your success rate is 100% with regards to what matters most…you being here.  Yes, many Americans feel like they are up against systemic issues that they cannot attempt to overcome.  Many of us in the fight for social justice feel broken, hurt, incompetent, exhausted - physically and emotionally - and empty. 
However, collectively, we are unconquerable.  We will not be beaten.  We will not be forgotten.  Our human spirit will not allow it.  Let’s work together so you can continue your winning streak.                                          
                                                                                   Yours candidly, Candice 

Candice's mission with TC3 is to facilitate holistic well-being, healing, hope, and healthy living through her work with individuals, families, groups, and community partners.  Check us out at  

Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone who may benefit from recognizing their winning streak in life!  Personally, I think everyone could benefit every now and then! Take care!
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