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Dear friend,

I'm sure you've already received emails, saw posts and heard news that didn't leave you with the best of feelings.  In our current media landscape, it's impossible to avoid. And yes, it's important to keep up with what's going on in the world but we all need a break sometimes.

That's why, at Kinder, we've also been focusing and some good news and making sure we share it with people. There's a lot of bad things happening, yes (to say the least, but we as the humankind are still improving and taking others with us, too. 

As the world was burning down in 2020, innovative producers of animal-free animal protein kept working. Last month, Singapore approved the sale of lab-grown chicken, first in history. Another thing to make this year one for the books, but this time, for the good of humanity.

Following the footsteps of lab-grown meat. Producers of lab-grown milk, are rushing to get dairy without cows to the consumers. It won't be too long and they'll join lab-grown meat in markets.

Read more about lab-grown chicken here and clean dairy here.

Why should you care? (and what you can do)

Restructuring our food systems and habits is a crucial part of combatting the ever-present climate crisis and making sure we are able to feed everyone in the world sustainably. Our food systems’ number one concern should be feeding people, protecting the environment and not causing unnecessary harm to other living beings. Lab-grown meat and dairy is a huge step in achieving that. 

As we wait for them to get to supermarkets, if you'd like to further support people who are working hard. to make sure our food habits don't destroy the planet and humanity, you can donate to Proveg and The Humane League UK. Both are top-performing organisations vetted by our research team. Click on their names for more information and to donate.

Hope your weekend was lovely and your social feeds not too full of doom.

Ps: If you liked getting some good news and are hungry for more, be on the lookout tomorrow. We have some great news we can't wait to share with you.

With Kindest regards,
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