Two cats in two hot air balloons!

Dear <<First Name>>


It's so exciting!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I did not expect so many fantastic responses to my first mailing in December! I was bouncing around in my seat with joy. In the era of "don't read the comments" you have absolutely convinced me that finding other ways to bring and share awesome is 100% the way to go.

It was so hard to pick which animal/object, but Julia Rios suggestion had a charm that could not be refused, CATS and HOT AIRBAlLOONS. 

Making space for feelings

click through for full size and transcript
In the eyes of another, click through for full transcript


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I'm not tired, things webcomic, click through for full transcript
Things respond to fiction over at Uncanny Magazine
The Things respond to fiction over at Uncanny Magazine. This is in response to Amal El-Mohtar‘s reprinted story “Seasons of Glass and Iron.” 

You can see the full size version, and previous responses to fiction and non fiction in one tidy webcomics spot!
Do you like space? or science? or Bruno Mars? Uptown funk you up re-imagined as PLUTO MARS: Outbound Probe is a lot of fun.
Mystery Button

2003 - my first published comic!

Long before I considered myself to be a "real" comics artist (even though I wrote comics). A friend asked me to do some cartoons for the ANU post graduates survival guide. 11 cartoons spread out throughout the book. Zombie supervisors, carnivorous ducks, brain eating theses. It was a lot of fun and I wonder what would have happened if I had continued drawing them.
This is comic 1 of 11 and even over that short course of time my SKILLZ became better (there's even one character who is made of VECTORS, she took FOREVER!)
I drew that ^ comic especially for this e-postcard! That's what creating this special pocket of stuff does. There is a special joy that comes from being mocked by your own pink bunny rabbit. <3
How to write descriptively with Nalo Hopkinson... though narrated by someone else, so you may want to go for a wander on Youtube afterward, so that you can hang out with Nalo's voice voice.
The ends of her hair are poisoned needles.
How to write descriptively with Nalo Hopkinson. TedEd lesson
What fuels you?
Press the mystery button found somewhere in this e-mail and send me a link to  a short video (under 5 minutes) that helps you bring your awesome. I'll put one of them in the next postcard (which will be about every two weeks. I'm trying to limit myself, for otherwise, I would be creating nice things for your inbox ALL THE TIME)
Until next time, may kindness, courage, and voice be with you. 
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