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Thank you to everyone who took part in our feedback survey, we really appreciate your time. We got so many lovely reviews and a few great suggestions. We would like to take some time to go over our changes based on your suggestions below.

We’ve introduced radio buttons on the site that will enable you to filter and see what you are looking for easier. This will be active from MAY21 onwards with more filters than the example pictured below:
From now on, your account will show you all orders that we have invoiced you for in the top section and in the bottom, this will provide you with the order number of any additions you’ve made. Unfortunately, the system does not currently let us create a link to any additions you have made but it will give you your order number (#D1001) that you will find the details of in an email at the time of placing.
Unfortunately with the nature of distribution amongst the comic industry we are unable to give you total control of your account without contact. For additions we need to check if we can still get the stock after the final order cut-off date and for any cancellations, we need to address them at our order side to see if we can reduce our order so that the stock does not go to waste, I hope this makes sense but please contact for any further enquires.

Our new releases section is definitely still a work in progress, for the moment it just links you to that week’s newsletter with the release list. We are working on making this a bit more dynamic and pretty too so that more information about that week’s releases is easier to come by. Due to the amount of people that have been let down ordering from a new release page we have made the decision to have them requiring contact.
We’re looking for your suggestions for any new publisher that you’d like us to add! We are more than happy to stock anything from the Previews catalogue (and any other bits we can get!) but we do have to individually put each comic and cover on the site, so we just chose our best sellers to put on there for the time being!
You’ve no doubt seen our new newsletter entitled Solar Flare, we have been using this as our method of spotlighting any big #1s or jumping on points in upcoming releases.

We have a shipping Policy on the footer of our website explaining our delivery charges.
We only charge the amount it costs us to send out. Packing and courier prices etc.
Shipping updates and delays.
We only charge the amount it costs us to send out. Packing and courier prices etc.
Shipping updates and delays.
We include all shipping updates in our weekly newsletter whenever any news comes to our attention.

 We do offer supplies on the website but unfortunately due to the pandemic there has not been much of a delivery on these sorts of products. We can only apologise for this at the moment.
With ratio variants we do have a mailing list that comes out on the Friday before shipping, this is when we get the confirmed list of what and how many of each we will be getting, to join this list please email us. The list is operated on a first come first served basis so be sure to get your replies in quick!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at
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