Thinking about playing some jigs and reels to get in the St. Paddy's day mood? Well, you will definitely want to make sure you have the right harmonica to hit all those right notes.

With Lee Oskar Harmonicas' interchangeable system, you can easily hit the right notes by building out a Paddy Richter tuning.   It is simple to change your reeds on a Lee Oskar and you only need a #1 Phillips-head screwdriver (make sure it has a fat handle).  Using a Major Diatonic Harmonica in Key of C,  exchange the top reed plate with a Lee Oskar Melody Maker top reed plate in the Key of G and presto—you are ready for your favorite Irish Jig!  

Lee Oskar reed plate sets in four tunings and all keys are sold separately as accessories.  You can also use other keys of the Melody Maker reed plates to create additional Paddy Richter tunings in other keys. 
A message from Lee Oskar Harmonicas Team 
In challenging times like these, we need our loved ones and our music more than ever. While taking precautions, and taking care...take time to stop and enjoy some music with those you love or on your own. As more and more events are being canceled, we hope you continue to stay united through music either by live streamed events or past videos. 

We will keep everyone up-to-date as we know more about Lee Oskar events. But while we wait for those events to reschedule, take care to be healthy and safe. 

Harmonically Yours,
Lee and Sri Oskar and the LOH Team

Special thanks to Whitt Smith for the use of this photo. © All Rights Reserved

Cleaning Your Lee Oskar Harmonica


Harmonicas are not exchangeable, refundable, or serviceable by retail stores due to health regulations. Once a harmonica has been played by any person or removed from a store (purchased), it is considered to be used merchandise, and must be returned to the manufacturer by the purchaser for warranty service.

An obvious reason harmonicas are not returnable is the fact that they are mouth-blown instruments, and as such are susceptible to being carriers of germs. Many times a “defective” harmonica needs nothing more than a good cleaning. Why not learn to clean and maintain your own instrument, thereby extending its life, and keeping your cost down?

Since the harmonica is a mouth-blown instrument, the very act of playing it contributes to the deterioration of tone quality, reed pitch and instrument life. The human breath carries with it many contaminants that build up residue on the reeds, inside cover plates, and the comb. Each person’s body chemistry is different, and varying levels of sugar and other chemicals are present in the saliva. These contaminants, together with any others that may be present from eating or drinking, will collect within the harmonica and solidify on the various components. Any build-up on the reeds will obviously cause the pitch to vary. Since the build-up most often occurs on the free end of the reeds, the pitch will flatten.

Heavy residue on the reed plates themselves, as well as the inside surfaces of the cover plates, may cause a loss of tone brilliance. Particles of food, hair, and pocket lint often become lodged between a reed and the reed slot, interfering with the action of the reed. Careful cleaning at regular intervals will help prevent corrosion and preserve your harmonica, extending its life. Also, from an aesthetic point of view, frequent cleaning of the comb cavities and the outer surfaces of the cover plates, will keep your harp looking presentable.

Periodic rinsing of your Lee Oskar Harmonica, which has a plastic comb, in plain hot water (not boiling) will go far to keep it clean.

For a more thorough cleaning, the following suggested materials are readily available: Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, small spray bottle, lint-free cloth and small round brush (i.e. electric shaver cleaning brush).

Before disassembling your harmonica, spray a light mist of alcohol on both cover plates and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth.

Using your tools, carefully disassemble the cover plates and reed plates from the comb.

NOTE: Any time the cover plates are removed, it is of utmost importance that exposed reeds be handled very carefully, and not disturbed or snagged.

Cleaning the Reed Plates – spray both sides with alcohol and carefully wipe the plates clean. On the side of plates having reeds attached, wipe in parallel direction of reeds, starting at rivet end, being careful to not snag the free ends or disturb them in any way. DO not use a brush on the reed plate, as the brush may get caught or snagged between the reeds.

Cleaning the Comb – spray with alcohol and use small round brush to clean holes and chambers. Then wipe dry with cloth.

Cleaning the Cover Plates – spray with alcohol and carefully wipe inside and outside surfaces with cloth.

When all components are completely dry, reassemble harmonica according to instructions provided in the Lee Oskar Harmonicas Tool Kit Maintenance Manual. DO NOT play harmonica before all alcohol is dry. Inhalation of Isopropyl alcohol fumes may be harmful.

More Harmonica Maintenance Tips

A Night of Great Music for a Great Cause


Throughout Lee’s life, he has cared deeply about making and sharing music, as well as celebrating the arts, education, and commUNITY—with an emphasis on unity! Above all, it means the world to Lee to help others, and he has always gravitated toward activities to help unify people and make a difference. In this spirit, Lee recently presented a benefit concert to help support and preserve the Historic Everett Theatre, which is an iconic landmark in Lee’s and Sri’s hometown of Everett, Washington. This historically important theatre has been providing quality arts programming to the community since 1901, and is in dire need of community support to help keep it alive and thriving.


So earlier this month, Lee brought together outstanding local musician colleagues to perform in a special Lee Oskar & Friends concert to help raise funds for the Historic Everett Theatre. This wonderfully rich evening of music was enjoyed by hundreds of people from the region. As a very special local touch, young musicians from the School of Rock—Lynnwood were able to participate on stage as the opening act, which was greatly appreciated by the community attendees! A fantastic time was had by all…as these photos illustrate!

Much appreciation to our fabulous photographers (Denise Hathaway and Thomas McCleave)  who shot this event and provided us with such beautiful photos.  © All Rights Reserved

Born and raised in Japan, Tetsuya (“Tex”) Nakamura has been playing harmonica since his youth. He has been playing Lee Oskar Harmonicas exclusively since 1990. Tex’s musical yearnings began with his interest in learning rock guitar, and by the age of 15, he mastered playing electric bass. Up until 1982, Tex played electric bass with his own Rock & Roll band throughout Tokyo. He then became interested in Fifties American music. Around that time, he switched to upright bass because of its Fifties sound, and began gigging with a root’s music rock band. In 1983, he started listening to an American blues show on the Far East Network of the U. S. Armed Forces Radio on his shortwave radio. This was when he was first introduced to the sounds of the harmonica, and his life changed forever.

Read More
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We wish you all the best! 
Lee Oskar Harmonicas Featured Teacher, Steve Lockwood is a Virtual Music Teacher who is ready to help children and adults worldwide connect by offering harmonica lessons over the internet. Give him a try and see how easy & fun his approach is. 

You can pass the time away learning to play music. In the words of Lee Oskar - " Lee Oskar Harmonicas - are for the musically hopeless" - So let Steve help you to learn how to have fun exploring with the harmonica!
Learn More

Liam Alexander Ward interviews Lee Oskar - London 

While in London in October 2019, Lee Oskar was requested by National Harmonica League Player and harmonica teacher, Liam Alexander Ward, for a video interview. In their engaging conversation, Lee Oskar talks about musical genres, cultures and the history of the Lee Oskar Harmonicas System, as well as the core elements of the Lee Oskar harmonica. Liam was a great interviewer who asked some very interesting questions. This two-part interview is rich in classic Lee Oskar wisdom and insights.

We hope you will take a moment and listen in to this intriguing two-part interview.

Click to watch the interviews
Things have hit us ALL extremely hard... not just for Lee Oskar & Friends & LowRider Band  but for for EVERY artist out there - worldwide.  But, now is the time to come together as a musical family....there are many ways to support the artists you love: Buy their product, pay for a live streamed video - contribute to a GoFundMe page of your choice.  Lee and his colleagues are very eager to reschedule the multitude of events that have been canceled, but we want to do our part to help everyone to remain safe and healthy, so restrictions or not - being from the Northwest - we do not want to take any risks.  We appreciate your understanding about to this urgent matter. 

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to every fan, artist, our family members and friends.  Please take care and feel free to watch some Lee Oskar videos on our YouTube page - for FREE.  We will try to add more archived videos as we are able. 

Special thanks to Denise Hathaway for this photo. © All Rights Reserved
Lee Oskar Featured Artist Jim McLaughlin, visited The Bellingham Wind Works Music Store (Bellingham, WA) to play and talk about the history of the harmonica, how to play it; including his best known harmonica talent - bends & over blows as well as, what to look for when buying a harmonica.

Review more about basic chords and bending on the Lee Oskar Harmonicas website:

Many thanks to our friend Leo Schumaker, Radio Host at Leo Schumaker "Bluesland"  (KMRE 102.3 FM) who recorded the event.  
Watch the video


With every purchase you are entered in a quarterly raffle TO WIN A LEE OSKAR HARMONICA tuned to any Song Around The World tune of your choice.
Grandpa Elliott has been a New Orleans street icon for more than 60 years and we are happy to honor him and his legacy with this  Limited Edition Grandpa Elliott - Lee Oskar Harmonica.  

We are excited to announce that the first run of the Grandpa Elliott Limited Edition Harmonicas sold out so quickly.  Thank you to all who made a purchase. We just heard that more of these iconic harmonicas will be back in stock soon so Pre-order yours today! 
Feel the power of music and reserve yours now! 
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