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Winter 2017
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The Direct Voice
Brian Robertson & Simon James
Welcome message from tutors Brian and Simon
The Direct Voice Welcome Message from Brian and Simon

New Beginnings

Dear readers far and wide,

We are excited to begin a new year filled with new possibilities and experiences. It is always a time of reflection with hopes and dreams for the future. For those who serve the Spirit, may you serve well and serve true.

We hope you enjoy the new format of this newsletter. Along with information on upcoming events, you will find articles to educate and provoke your thought. We may occasionally send you exclusive early announcements about special opportunities.

We wish you and yours health, prosperity and the fulfilment of your soul.

Warm regards,

Brian Robertson & Simon James

NEW! The Soul's Calling

Nurture Your Soul, Be Inspired

A Weekend Exploration of the Intuitive Arts

Tutors Brian Robertson and Simon James take you on a journey of awakening to your soul’s potential.

Intuition, psychism, mediumship; awakening the soul’s natural potential in the wholeness of being; understanding the inner and the outer worlds of the sensitive.

There is a vital link between the development of the self and the faculty of spiritual communication. The essential key to developing full mediumistic potential requires an awakening of the spirit. This course will speak most clearly to those who understand that the healthy development of mediumship cannot be separated from the sensitive as a whole.

This event is open to students at all levels of experience. Held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Kübler-Ross quote

NEW! School of the Soul

This series of courses will encourage you to enhance your mediumship, filling in some of the gaps that may have been missed along the pathway of your development, while supporting the group in all aspects of the work within mediumship. It is open to those at the beginning of their intuitive journey as well as honed practitioners who wish to further their skills.

Inquiries should be directed to Michelle.

Intuition: The Soul Voice

To those on the spiritual path, intuition is the faculty which enables us to achieve knowledge of soul truths, of our true nature and of our life. True intuition is in exquisite sympathy with the heartbeat of the Divine, and resides within our deepest nature. It is our soul voice – the voice of silence.

The basic understanding of intuition, defined in various ways by different peoples, is shared across many cultures. It has a long tradition of use in the fields of philosophy, religion, psychology, mathematics, business, linguistics, music, literature and even the sciences. In our contemporary era, however, intuition is often relegated to mere social conditioning or subliminal calculation. Yet, it is the foundation of the faculty that we utilize, and, to the awakened individual, intuition begins and ends with the Divine.

Intuition has had many names throughout human history. Anthropologists tell us of ancient tribes who had awoken to ‘ecstasy’. It is referenced in the Eternal Tao, and in Sufi Islam sacred texts with the Arabic term ma’rifa (Arabic: معرفة, translit. ma‘rifah, lit. 'knowledge'). In Greece, it was referred to as gnosis (Ancient Greek: γνῶσις, translit. gnôsis, lit. 'knowledge'). Hinduism contains references in Sanskrit to jñāna (Sanskrit; Pali: ज्ञान, ñāṇa, lit. 'knowledge'). Many modern-day creeds also evolved out of intuitive experience. Swedenborg’s Church of the New Jerusalem, the Anglosphere’s Spiritualism, and Brazil’s Spiritism are among some movements whose teachings resulted from mental transcommunication (mediumship).

The differing depictions of intuition painted by the various schools of spiritual practice are but the result of cultural projection. It is irrelevant which of these variations we choose to describe the process and the faculty of intuition. Of more importance is that it is accurately comprehended and utilized.

Intuition plays a central and crucial role in genuine spiritual development. For those who are called to the pursuit of sacred truths, intuition is an essential tool for advancement upon the spiritual path. It calls them to wake up, to be aware and conscious, to be “in the now”. Intuition is truly the soul voice, the voice of silence, which may lead one to a direct knowing of the all-knowing wisdom.

Those who would seek to ascend to the pinnacle of spiritual realization will make substantial progress only where conscious and methodical efforts are made to undertake a sustained program of understanding and developing the intuition. In the beginning of this training regime, errors in perception will surely occur. However, with exercise, continual practice, and by relying upon it, intuition can become second nature. It requires commitment on the part of the serious student and a profound knowledge on the part of a skilled teacher. As the strength of the Intuition grows, so does its accuracy and dependability.

Study is unquestionably part of the spiritual path, and while the mind alone may not be able to grasp what the intuition can, intuition awakens the mind so it may have a greater comprehension of truth. It is a tandem relationship. So, too, does this holistic development move us towards balance and wholeness. Healthy mind, body and emotions are necessary to reach the advanced levels of the path, fitting us to receive psychic impressions from without and to transmit one’s own from within.

Over the years, we have met many mediums who, having walked the treadmill of mechanics, now come to us seeking a spiritual path. They have awakened to the soul’s need to expand their knowledge of those sacred principles, which underlie true intuitive work. A deep and abiding focus on understanding and developing the true knowledge of intuition is a prerequisite for effective and meaningful progress along the spiritual path.

Immutable sacred principles await all who journey toward the Knowledge. Such truths cannot be communicated with words. They can be perceived only by means of divine intuition. By this process, the soul grows in insight and wisdom as we approach the ultimate destination – divine union.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a doctor and psychiatrist, was perhaps the most instrumental individual of the 20th century who brought knowledge of the death process into modern understanding.

Brian had the privilege to discuss mediumship with her a number of years ago, at a time when she was vilified for her belief in an afterlife and a divine intelligence.

It is so important for all mediums and sensitives to understand the physical and psychological processes of death along with our own issues regarding death and dying.

Here we present a short video of Dr. Kübler-Ross discussing aspects of spirituality in her work as a thanatologist.
Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross on Death, Intuition and Spirituality
Guillaume Roy

Guillaume Roy

Guillaume would be happy to answer any inquiries you may have in English, French, Spanish or Mandarin. The best time to reach him is usually Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
Michelle Finnegan

Michelle Finnegan
School of the Soul Organizer

A working medium, Michelle serves humanity and those loved ones in the afterlife with integrity and compassion. Michelle has achieved a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Along with her education and development of her faculty of mediumship, Michelle is committed to raising awareness and consciousness to aid others' in developing their talents through soul expression.
Michelle is very excited to be hosting this two-year series in Park City, Utah.
Terri Woolgar

Terri Woolgar

Many of you have met Terri at courses in Canada or the UK, or spoken with her at the office. While Terri continues to be involved, Guillaume's assitance frees her to tackle other projects with the organization. She looks forward to continuing to greet friends old and new at retreats and courses in Victoria.

Upcoming Courses

Friday evenings
January 13 – March 13
Victoria BC, Canada

February 10 – 12
Victoria BC, Canada March 18 – 24
Stansted Mountfitchet, United Kingdom March 25 – April 1
Stansted Mountfitchet, United Kingdom

Healing Retreat
Assured French translation
April 9 – 14
Sornetan, Switzerland

Two-year series, four days in May and September each year
May 12 – 15
Park City UT, United States May 18 – 21
Pompton Lakes NJ, United States May 25 – 28
Pompton Lakes NJ, United States June 9 – 16
Lake Cowichan BC, Canada June 16 – 23
Lake Cowichan BC, Canada July 28 – 30
Victoria BC, Canada October 9 – 14
Lake Cowichan BC, Canada October 16 – 21
Lake Cowichan BC, Canada
For a full listing of courses please visit our website.
Open Door Sanctuary

The Open Door Welcomes You

Terri, Brian and Simon also lead a community which actively seeks a path of the Spirit. We invite you to subscribe to the Open Door Sanctuary newsletter for articles, news and events. The Spiritualist community of the Open Door welcomes you to visit whenever you are in Victoria.
Please check our website and Facebook page for more information.
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