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2017 Marketing Tip #6: : Writing and Optimizing Blogs: Part 1
Blogs.  The dreaded blogs  We all hear it.  "You need blogs" "Write more blogs", "Blogs get you noticed"!

However, they can also be time consuming to write and optimize.  A necessary evil?  Unfortunately so.  Blogs are great at helping create credibility as well as a great way to get your website moved up on organic Google searches.    There's a LOT to cover with blogs, so we're going to split it into two parts.  Part 1 will discuss how to develop and write a blog post.

 Types of Blogs

Informative Blogs

There are two kinds of blog posts: informative (educational) blogs and project profile.  An informative post would be something like "What Should I Feed my Koi Fish in the Spring?"   or "Philadelphia Koi Pond Myths."   Something that is a solid question with a definite answer. 

You can research the questions all over the internet. Aquascape Inc has many helpful informative blogs on their website.    Just remember, you CAN take ideas for other blogs, buy you CAN'T copy and paste things into your blogs and use it as your own-- each blog needs to be individually written and .personalized.
-Project Profile Blogs

These are blogs you write that are about a certain job or project you worked on.  This might be called something like "Horsham Pa Pond Installation"   or "A Water Feature Installation"  These should be  specific to a job your company handled, and should always include project photos.  We try to show a before and after photo if we can.
Which type of blog will you need?  Both!  
So the first thing to do is determine what type of blog you want to do.  If it's informative, pick a topic a lot of customers ask you and answer it!  It's good to get some facts and figures from trusted online resources as well. 

If it's a project profile, you will need to do some research or remembering, depending on if you handled the project or your employees; Try to write as a problem and solution.  It's good to have a mixture of both types of blogs.  Video blogs linked to YouTube work great as well

Next week we will talk about how to optimize and post your blogs.  If blogs seem too overwhelming or time consuming, we at Pondtent would be happy to write them for you.  We offer a few different options for your blog writing needs.  As always, the choice is yours!
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