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2017 Marketing Tip #4: Email Newsletters

This week we are going to cover how to write and send a monthly email newsletter.  I send our email newsletter to every potential customer who has given us their email as well as every customer we have worked with.  I find value in reaching out to all past, current and potential customers.   AquaReale's email newsletters usually bring us between $500--$10,000 worth of business per month during the season.

Email Newsletter Mailing Lists and Designs
I use MailChimp to design and send my newsletters.  I love that it syncs seamlessly with Less Annoying CRM  (LACRM) so I know my lists are always up to date.  I try to sync once a week to make sure I am catching everyone.  In LACRM there are groups you can create that sync to MailChimp lists.  I have an "everyone" group and list that I put each customer in.  That way I know everyone is getting our monthly newsletter.  

MailChimp has great templates and can guide you through the process nicely. 
There's no point  in sending something out if the information isn't interesting and useful. This is not a place for an ad-- it's an informative piece with perhaps one sales idea or suggestion among the tips.  
Here are my top five tips on email newsletter writing:

1) Consider your audience. Before deciding on what content you need for your newsletter, take a moment to define your audience and decide what topics will interest them.  I write to the general pond enthusiast.  

2) Choose your topics. Include a variety of topics and sections that will make your newsletter more interesting. I try to do a link to an AquaReale blog, a link to an Aquascape blog, a before and after of the month and a short seasonal tip.

3) Make it understandable. Use simple language and active verbs. Avoid using jargons or expressing personal opinions.

4) Keep it short and concise.  Be BRIEF - use bullets, lists and short sentences. Give readers the info they need in the fewest words. Link to your website or another source of information for the full article.

5) Use images/pictures
Choose pictures/images that will enhance your newsletter. In our field, people love to see pictures of any kind.  Just make sure they are decent quality! I love to include a beauty shot and before and after if I can!
Not a writer?  That's OK-- it's not for everyone.  Consider hiring Pondtent this season to have us write and send custom newsletters to all your customers each month. 
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