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Visual Representation

So far we have talked about sending out postcards, blogs, newsletters, pricing brochures and dream books.  But what do all of these items have in common?  Photographs!
People often over look one of the most important marketing tools at their disposal - their visual representation.  Beyond consistency in branding, the easiest way to have people recognize and fall in love with your product is to have something they can see in front of them of your product.  In this case, your ponds, waterfalls, and process.

We try to always take before and after pictures of the work we are doing to put together and have as comparisons for that “WOW” factor customers like to see.  Marketing 101 will tell you that in order to make the customers happy you have to give them the least amount of work to do as possible in the process of deciding what they want, having an image for them to point at and say “I want that” is the key to accomplishing just that.
There are a few ways you can go about obtaining (and maintaining) a solidly stocked photo catalog to use at your disposal. None of these are exclusive to the other, you can choose to utilize one or all of these options…

Smart Phones - Everyone seems to have a smart phone these day.   Have your employees take pictures and video of the work they’re doing on site in real time. We sometimes give the guys incentives to taking a certain amount of pictures and video of their process on the job sites.  These images are good for Facebook and other social media communications as well as emails and marketing that includes showing off your process and progression.
Point-and-Shoot cameras - simple digital cameras that can be purchased relatively inexpensively can be handed to your foreman when going out to a larger job if you want a little better quality images. We wouldn’t recommend buying a camera for everyone, but if you have one or two that you keep in the office to lend to a responsible party when they’re going to specific locations won’t hurt.
Professional photography - While this would be the most expensive option, you can’t really beat the marketing value in having professional images of your work.  The quality of what you can do for a customer will come through in the best way when you hire a photographer to take images of some of your best completed projects. 

These photos can be used for brochures, postcards, websites, etc. and gives an impressive, professional and upper-scale representation of your company.  Even if the cost of hiring a professional photographer seems daunting on a regular basis, once a year sending a photographer to select locations could yield enough images to last until your budget allows for more.

What do you do for photos?  Send us some of your best!

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