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Path To Publishing was founded for authors, and for writers ready to make their transition to being an author. What? You didn't know there was a difference between a writer and an author? Then let's have a little fun with one of our “Writers vs. Authors” quotes:

“Writers wait for inspiration to come before they can sit down to write. For authors, inspiration comes while writing."

Have you ever mumbled the words, “I just haven’t felt inspired to write?” After reading the writers vs. authors quote above, you are probably sinking down in your seat from shame. Well, don’t. Keep those shoulders straight and that head held high. Feeling uninspired, and not wanting to write as a result, doesn’t make you less than the committed author you desire to be. That makes you human . . . a human who writes.

Feeling uninspired at times and believing inspiration is the fuel it will take to push out that bestseller is normal. That’s all a natural part of the writing process. It’s a rut I’m sure every literary artist has been in. But you don’t have to stay there, and more importantly, you don’t ever have to go back.
For so long, writers and authors alike have been given the advice of, “Don’t write if you’re not feeling inspired, otherwise, it will end up being a mess.”

Maybe so. Actually, there is no maybe about it. Uninspired writing absolutely can end up being a mess. Perhaps you’ve done it before; dragged yourself to your computer one morning after having been up all night pounding away at the keyboard. Yet the feeling of obligation to “write every day” forced you to get right back at it. Maybe you even had a personal issue that had your mind a little frazzled, not allowing you to be your usual creative self.

If you must perform that other piece of advice—the one about going for a walk and then coming back and trying to write—and you return still uninspired, I suggest you try sitting down and writing anyway. Perhaps as you begin to write that creative gene (that can only be held at bay if you allow it to be) will show itself strong. Your words may start off a little messy and unfocused, but eventually, they can begin to transform into something amazing.

Oh, and about that messy part . . . You can do what you do with any other mess you make; go back and clean it up. But never talk yourself out of writing due to lack of inspiration. Your job is to inspire others through your written words. If you can’t even get inspired yourself, then how are you going to inspire your readers?
***Path To Publishing understands that there are some amazing paid and unpaid writers out there (columnist, reviewers, bloggers, copywriters, etc.). Our intentions are not to say authors of books are any better than those writers. Instead, our intention is to merely compare the writer who simply writes down words, puts them in a book, and ships it off into the universe, to the author who actually takes the time to learn the craft of writing and the book business. So, if you have what could be considered differences between writers and authors in this sense, and you would like to share and have posted in the Path To Publishing free newsletter, please email them to along with the name we should give credit to for sharing. In the subject line put Writers vs. Authors.***
In last month’s newsletter, one of the writers vs. authors quotes was: "Writers are only on social media. Authors have their own virtual home; a website." If you missed that newsletter, you can read it by clicking the following link:
PTP Newsletter Volume 1
When we elaborated on the above quote, we mentioned that once you get the followers over to your website, you should make sure you are capturing their email addresses. Whether you know it or not, that’s part of turning a follower into a customer.

One of the first things authors should know about social media is that every follower does not automatically equate to a client/customer. I see many authors get discouraged because they feel as if their followers, some of which consists of family, friends, coworkers, church family, etc., aren't supporting them. Well, guess what? They are just that; family, friends, coworkers, church family, etc. Although it would be nice if they all showed their support, that's not going to always happen. Author Nigeria Lockley once made a Facebook post that said something to the nature that our friends and family members are not our clients/consumers, and that we shouldn’t put that type of pressure on the relationship. And more importantly, don't waste time trying to get them to support you when there's a real audience/customer out there you need to spend your time reaching.

So please allow me to reiterate: a social media follower is not necessarily a customer. It is your job, though, to turn those who fall within your target audience into one. You do so by utilizing their email addresses that you should be capturing via an opt-in form on your website, or that you have made available on social media. With the opt-in form, you are asking individuals to willingly give you their email address so that they can receive information from you. Typically, you will offer them some type of newsletter, advertisement, or even a free eBook in exchange for their email address. With those email addresses, you share information about you and your products/services. In other words, you begin your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is just what it says: marketing to your customers via email. Because, keep in mind, now they aren’t just followers; they are potential customers. You turn them into customers by delivering great content that incites them to invest in you and what you have to offer. You provide this content by creating one email that can reach thousands at a time. Path To Publishing uses and loves MailChimp as its email service provider (ESP) to create its email marketing campaigns.
Don’t confuse email marketing with spam. Spam is marketing emails that the individual didn’t subscribe to (and sometimes can’t unsubscribe from). Remember, you had an opt-in form. Individuals willingly gave you their email address expecting to receive information from you. You didn’t buy your email list or simply take the email addresses from your email account provider (aol, gmail, yahoo) and dump it into your ESP account. You didn’t, did you? Because even though a person didn’t mind communicating with you before via email here and there, that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to receive your newsletter or any other updates. Always provide individuals with the ability to opt-in, or at least ask their permission before you add them manually.

Lastly, the same way you offer an opt-in option, be sure to allow the recipient the ability to opt-out as well. If individuals opt-out, don't take it personal. They may find that what you have to offer simply isn't for them. And the last thing you want to do is waste your marketing efforts on someone who is not interested and is hitting the 'delete' button every time something from you shows up in their in-box.
Here at Path To Publishing, we always want to recognize and honor writers, new authors, self-published authors, traditionally published authors, small presses, aspiring authors and vet authors alike. And if you want to go from an inspiring writer/author to an actual writer/author, then JUST WRITE! It doesn't matter where you are on your literary journey, there is always something more to learn. That learning can take place with Path To Publishing.
If you have any questions or subject matters you would like addressed in future newsletters, please email us.
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Path To Publishing is excited about one of its course instructor’s, Joylynn M. Ross writing as E. N. Joy, Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business YouTube series.
While Path To Publishing focuses more on the publishing process (and offering some writing tips), Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business’s mission is to help authors turn their book into a business. They tell authors what to do after the publishing process. Don’t miss a single priceless episode of Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business, so subscribe to the YouTube channel today.
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No matter where you are on the road to literary success, there is always something you can learn . . . and teach. The Path To Publishing paid website is just the right place to do so!
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