Double art exhibition at EuroSEAS 2022
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EuroSEAS 2022 - Paris 

Double art exhibition at EuroSEAS 2022

Conference dates: 28 June-1 July 2022
Venue: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Campus Condorcet, Paris-Aubervilliers, France

As another way to make our 2022 reunion more meaningful, two exhibitions created in collaboration by researchers and artists will be presented during the time of the conference, in rooms 50 and 100 of the "Centre de Colloques" building (ground floor).

Thinking Art & Action
Military forces have engaged in widespread human rights violations around the world. In today's post-coup Myanmar, the junta is committing systematic abuses, including murder, torture, and sexual violence. In Indonesia in 1965-66, the military dictatorship took over political power and organized large-scale killings and civil unrest against those accused of being communists. In light of the impacts of the spiral of military violence, several artists and engaged researchers from Myanmar, Indonesia, and France decided to come together and create visual materials in response to the imposed silence on the events.

Combining research, social activism, creativity, and a strong willingness to bring alternative narratives into light, most of their artworks are designed to make the audience feel like they are on site. This collaborative work between artists and researchers gives greater weight to narratives and features visual storytelling to amplify the voice of resistance to military violence. The project features an audiovisual exhibition, "Remembering 1965 and its Aftermath" (Room 50), highlighting the memory conflict surrounding the 1965-66 massacre in Indonesia, and an art installation,"Yadeya & the Coup: Taking Action in Myanmar's Revolution" (Room 100), revealing the ritual reading of modes of resistance to the February 1st 2021 military coup in Myanmar.

Find out more about the art exhibitions and related events here:

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Conference participant preferences form (food & concert)
Some of you have not answered to the Conference participant preferences form yet (deadline: 20 June). Please make sure you do so very soon. Many thanks to those who already took the time to answer!

We remind you that the form is the only way to make sure you have a seat reservation for the Khmu music and gamelan concert.

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Special events: two concerts at EuroSEAS 2022
After two years facing Covid-19 restrictions, the local organizing committee wanted to make the EuroSEAS 2022 conference a meaningful on-site event and reunion. As a way to contribute to this, several special events have been organised. Today, we are delighted to announce two concerts that will take place in Auditorium 250 during the conference.

Due to limited space, each conference participant is invited to indicate which concert they preferably wish to attend, by filling the "conference participant form". We will do our best to make sure everyone gets to enjoy at least one concert!
Khmu singing and mouth organs from Northern Laos
Wednesday 29 June, 18.00h, Auditorium 250

Speakers of an Austroasiatic language dwelling in Northern Laos provinces, the Khmu have a unique vocal technique called Teum. This vocal genre with an extraordinary colour is based on quick and chained transitions between two registers (head voice and chest voice), in a very rich alternating of timbres. Teum are improvised songs on themes of courting and romance, but also on the basis of local mythical motifs, or everyday anecdotes. They are sung along with one or several mouth organs (khene), signature instrument of the Lao musical landscape. This exceptional performance brings together Khmu singers, musicians and dancers from Laos, touring in France for the very first time this spring.
Polyphème - Wassim Halal and Gamelan Puspawarna
Thursday 30 June, 19.20h, Auditorium 250

Created in 2018 for the recording of a track on Wassim Halal's album "Le cri du Cyclope", Polyphème brings together seven members of the France based Puspawarna gamelan and percussionist Wassim Halal. An original repertoire was born from this fertile encounter, including creations arount rhythm and time, under the shape of a singular and audacious dialogue between darbuka and Balinese gamelan. This series of compositions and free improvisations scattered with obsessing leitmotivs invites the listener into a magnetising sound whirlwind.
More information
Please have a look at the program and read more about the overview, schedule, sessions, roundtables, laboratories, keynotes, film screenings, book prize, masterclass, special events and EuroSEAS affairs. More information.
Keynote speakers
For this year's conference, we are very happy to welcome two major scholars of Southeast Asia for two keynote addresses putting their rich research experience in perspective:  Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière (National Center of Scientific Research) and Duncan McCargo (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies / University of Copenhagen). Read more.
Practical information
On the local website you can find more information about the conference location, the meeting rooms, the facilities, the catering and more
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