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The Terrain is Everything. The Microbe is Nothing 
Louis Pasteur)

At large, we are all experiencing more anxiety and stress related health problems but why are some faring better than others? I have touched on the balance of the microbiome previously, and this is one factor, another is on a biochemical level. Minerals are vitally important to keep in proper balance or else and play a large role in biochemical balance. Biochemical balance is not only important for maintaining mental/emotional balance, but also in the control of inflammation, digestion and more. The BioTerrain is complex, with layers of influencing factors that play a role in health/disease. Obtaining biochemical homeostasis is the first step to a robust BioTerrain. 

Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, frazzled, frustrated or angry? Check out the associations between minerals and emotions (click the button below for the chart). Let’s look into where there are imbalances and correct them: 

What do you imagine the areas of influence biochemical balance/imbalance has on your personal health? Post your thoughts or ask a question in the blog (it can be anonymous) or respond to this email.

Hope is the belief that the future will be better, and you have the power to make it so. Hope is based on three main ideas:

1. The ability to set desirable goals
2. Ability to identify viable pathways to these goals
3. The capacity to dedicate mental energy or willpower to pursue these goals.
The science demonstrates that hope is a critical psychological strength. It is easily measured and can be increased and sustained. Attaining hope is one of the most important predictors of positive outcomes (in life and health).  

~ This is stated by The Hope Research Center - focused on developing, testing, and implementing a trauma informed and a hope-centered framework 
 Processing our emotions is a large part of healthy coping strategies. This can be done in meditation, therapies such as Craniosacral or Biofeedback and via Connection Circles. 

What form of meditation would be most beneficial for you can be assessed with a quick questionnaire. Reach out if you would be interested in this. Click the "Insights into the Heart" button above or the picture below to continue reading about the healing power or reminiscing (I also call processing). Experts explain why looking back on the happy moments of our lives can make us feel more connected, confident, and hopeful.

What are some ways you can reduce stress this week? If you are feeling stuck, please reach out! 


Join us to learn about the different therapies and offerings we have to serve your needs. Click the image below for more details: 

To register, click the image. Sandra is on fire with these events as well:

Menstruation wellness retreat, July 15-17, Eureka Institute, Sagle, Idaho

Menstruation wellness retreat, Ovulatory phase to Tides of the WombAugust 21, in a local downtown garden,
 Welcome our newest addition! Sandra is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Hormone Specialist and Autoimmunity Certified Coach.

"I support women in Cycle and Overall Wellness" 

I'm a Mother to 3 adult and 1 teen plus 4 more bonus kids.  My partner and I live in Sandpoint and thrive in the forests, lakes and mountains of the Inland Northwest. 

I am passionate about bringing cycles and rhythms into the experience of Whole Woman Wellness.

After decades of chronic stress that was significantly impacting my physical health, it became abundantly clear that supporting my mental wellness was not only a high priority that I needed to set for myself, but that helping other Women to do the same was a calling. I had always been "health minded," however, I didn't take care of the Mental aspects of wellness...which made my efforts at nutrition spin in circles and the "whole" in "holistic" left a gaping piece missing.

 Little did I know how my health affected my stress and vise versa: how my stress affected my health. And I certainly had no idea that there are bodily systems at play affecting my mental health...I always thought it was just a "mind" thing.

By putting the whole into holistic, we take a complicated life phase for women and make it easier-to-digest. From functional foods, self care and lifestyle we co-create realistic action items. We do this to overcome burdens and find practical ways to relate to our food and body from a whole-woman perspective. This converts into well intentioned Women reclaiming control over their mental breakdowns, blood sugar imbalance, hormonal dizziness and digestive upset, by understanding the profound impacts that stress and mental health have on our overall wellness and how our food and lifestyle choices can impact all of it.

Sandra Nicholson 


  • Credentials: NTP, FHS, AIPCC
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP); Certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association
  • Functional Hormone Specialist (FHS) Certificate of Completion through Functional Women's Academy
  • Autoimmunity Protocol Certified Coach (AIPCC); Certified through AIP Certified Coach program
  • Member of the Nutritional Therapy Association
We are still offering our BS Reboot with Coach Jodi. Give her a call to see if this is a good fit for you - it's free! (208)231-7149 ext 3 or text her directly: (208)610-5108
See more about this program HERE
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