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Socially, I get asked what I eat... so, I’ve put together a resource for you. I will also share with you a little about my household. I married a vegetarian. He was raised as such and doesn’t desire to change so, vegetarian meals remain in our home. However, we supplement with PMG’s. I believe this is the perfect balance. 


The way the DNA portion of the gland or organ is identified and processed is unique to Standard Process and thus called PMG Therapy. This is short for Protomorphology that means “change over time”. The body recognizes the specialized protein and it facilitates the repair of that organ or gland being supplemented with. 

“Organ meats are the most nutrient-dense part of the animal—from ten to one hundred times richer in vitamins and minerals than muscle meats—and traditional cultures always consumed them, usually in rich dishes that included cream and plenty of butter. Such fare is truly food for the body and soul!” (

The gland and organ meats go far beyond nutrition, however. PMG Therapy has the additional benefit of supplementing with the whole food professional grade supplement company Standard Process. Not only is PMG Therapy a smart form of medicine, as it is an affordable regenerative form of full of anti-aging factors, it also serves as an excellent source of nutrients. While there is always a nutritional factor to any problem, simply taking nutrition doesn't always equate to improvement. The benefit of supplementing with PMG's is that the set of nutrition specific to the gland or organ system needing strengthened along with the targeted proteins supplied with PMG supplementation to repair the gland/organ, guarantees a repair process begins. 

Say you would like to improve lymphatic function; the Spleen PMG, spleen as an organ that is part of the lymphatic system, taken as a supplement also has SOD! SOD is a common prized enzyme (Superoxide Dismutase). This metabolic enzyme (produced within our bodies) is a free-radical scavenger. This means it curbs inflammation caused by free radical damage called oxidation. 

Consider making Spleen PMG part of your annual cleanse. Lymphatic support is especially important for those of us that have had their tonsils removed. I think of herbs as health-preserving and PMG Therapy as health-restoring plus nutrition! PMG's are a double whammy and cost much less than herbal medicines. 

FOOD RESOURCE: Follow the link HERE

Are you an emotional eater (click HERE to continue reading). As a person that is continuously expanding my skills, I have taken certification courses in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Life Purpose Coaching. Above all, my favorite technique is called The Connection Practice. This combines the science of HeartMath with Non-Violent Communication. This can be done seamlessly in conversation such as when we are in a therapy session either during Biofeedback or Craniosacral Therapy. Resolve of inner issues involving a conflict within yourself or involving someone else, or even a situation can be found in practicing this empathy practice. 

I look forward to investigating your health concerns and serving you with a therapeutic plan that can work with every budget!


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What are cofactors? They are substances such as enzymes and synergistic compounds in foods, most of which can not be synthesized. Man cannot make many compounds that make food what it is. This is what sets apart whole-food supplements from synthetic ones. One of these groups of substances are called enzymes. 

People often confuse enzymes from probiotics, both having to do with digestion.  Probiotics (read about below) are microbes - living organisms. Enzymes break down food (and microbes in therapeutic dosages). Raw foods, if freshly harvested contain enzymes. The fresher your produce is when consumed, the better you will digest it. 

Remember that I am a Digestive Health Specialist so be sure to tell friends and family! Single-focus issues such as this are a consultation cost of only $65! 


Neurofeedback is coming to Sandpoint! I will be ready to take appointments for Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Therapy in May. 

Don't let scheduling conflicts get in the way. Scheduling a time with us and payment can be a breeze. You will also get a reminder email and text of our appointment time. 

Keep up on your wellness goals. 


We have an affordable options for ALL! We meet you where your at. All that is required is commitment. Lets talk about your options. Get started for free HERE


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