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Something For EveryBODY ~ Ready for the Holiday Season? 

Amplifying our digestive fire is one of the best ways to prevent disease. What is digestive fire? Ayurvedic Medicine defines this fire in the belly, so to speak, as Agni and having a good amount of it means that you have good digestive capacity. A lack of digestive fire can, as opposite as it may sound, manifest as conditions such as heart burn, colitis, IBS, gas, etc. but can also go un-noticed. There are many simple tips to be mindful of when it comes to digestive health. I am happy to share these to ensure you are not setting yourself up for immune or inflammatory problems down the road. Below, you will find my book which details the Digestive Promoting Guidelines in bullet points (click the image to purchase a digital or hard copy). These pointers within the book provide a good starting place. 

With the classic over-eating that happens during Thanksgiving and through the holidays, mitigating digestive trouble can be as simple as taking extra digestive enzymes with your meal. Ideally, we do not want to overeat, however, once or twice a year is something you can recover from. There certainly are things to do that can lessen the burden over-eating places on the body. Restorative methods to wellness should be supportive, educational and also fun! I want to offer more ways of having fun in 2023. my way of having fun is
learning and growing with cool people. 
If you would like to learn more about digestive health, habit evolution, and how to design the life you WANT to live, I have an offering that involves guiding a group around best practices to get the best results. There is deep wisdom rooted in ancient cultures about how we can customize our habits to optimize our health. Simple 1-degree changes over time make lasting change with profound health benefits. 


For me right now, literally all my devices are >98% full and this is a reflection of my life. It's time to organize, declutter and decompress! I know of the perfect practice to help me take my next action with clarity and productivity. I'd like to invite you into the practice I use to de-stress. There is a method to declutter our minds, like meditation just a bit faster. Join the Connection Circles that I so much look forward to and hope to see you there! I will also offer de-stress technique sessions via zoom to any of you wanting to connect that are not local. 


Connection Circles November 15th, Dec 2nd & 13th @ 5pm
I offer this donation-based guided process. RSVP please! 

As a reminder, Naturopathic healthcare is diverse and has roots in prevention with emphasis on maintaining one’s health. I work with the nervous system to uncover causative factors and bring back integration of the mind and body connection. This allows the body to self-correct along with the correct nutrition and lifestyle interventions. It also is beneficial to be in the presence of others along the same path. So, I invite you onto a conversation. First, I invite you to take a quick assessment of how satisfied you are HERE. This will start us out and I look forward to talking with you. This is my free gift to you this season. You can book your free session HERE

The Holidays can be overwhelming, and if you are a sensitive person, a bath with salts can help you stay centered and healthy. Clear your biofield so that you release other people’s energies and or injuries from settling in your system.

Healing Bath Recipe:
1 cup of Epson Salt
1 cup of Baking Soda
4-6 drops of Lavender essential oil (if you have an aversion to Lavendar, call for a recommendation of an essential oil to support your constitution). 

~Focus your attention on everything that you are grateful for while soaking.
~Mix the salt and baking soda together and then add the lavender essential oils.
~Draw a bath as warm as possible and add the ingredients. Soak for no longer than 20 minutes. The salt and baking soda can dry out on your skin. The lavender can help offset the drying ingredients and can be added to coconut oil or your oil of choice but please avoid lotions, as they contain toxic ingredients. My home-made Body Butter is a great addition following a bath. 

Whomever can tell me what product this is, wins a free session: 
This novel digestive aid goes to work quickly.  As a digestive support superhero, this formula provides gastric protection, cleansing and soothing support. Taking 1 or 2 capsules before a meal provides almost immediate relief. It helps overcome gas, bloating, indigestion, nausea, GERD, and even sluggish gut motility. If needed, taking 2 before bed can also aid in motility and support bowel regularity. You'll want to keep a bottle or two handy for the whole holiday gang. Licorice also combats viruses. 
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