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I am reaching out to see how you are doing. At some point you either received a therapy, consult product or had a question for me.  Some come to me in inquiry for a particular issue or question, other's know me as a Therapist of some kind but hardly anyone knows all that I do. Please allow me... 

First and foremost, as a Naturopath, I address the person as a whole, not as the label they have or even the symptoms that present. I do not practice "protocol healthcare". I always back my findings and my hunches with other clinical findings. Although, sometimes I do offer a protocol as information to help you understand how others have treated something you may come to me for. Next, I recommend corrective therapies such as enzyme therapy. 

You may have been referred by the Lung institute, Wei Labs Kidney Institute, a friend that had success reversing an autoimmune disorder, or maybe you had the Body Scan, Biofeedback or Craniosacral therapy. Perhaps you did a test such as the Heart Sound Recorder or testing of the metabolism with the in-house metabolic test  or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis... whatever your needs, questions, and concerns then and now, I want you to feel like your care can be affordable. I have created a plan just for people like you that want to keep up with their health but feel they can't afford out-of-pocket healthcare. GOOD NEWS:  To re-engage, it's just $65!  

Another SWEET DEAL you may want to take advantage of is the membership opportunity. This gives you 90 minutes a month to use for either of us and for targeted therapies you would like or have recommended for you.

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Now that I have shared with you much of what I do, if you followed the links you may have a better grasp of how I approach healthcare. All the links you can click on lead to one of two websites I maintain. The one you have been linked to throughout this email is what I refer to as my "resource" website. Please know that when I am googled my main clinic page appears. It is simple and I would love for you to check it out, and if you are looking to book, or send someone my information - this is the website to do so:

My doctorate is in Alternative Medicine. It's a strange name for what really means "original" or "natural" medicine. By the connotation that the word "alternative" infers, I would say our standard allopathic medicine is "alternative". Have you read the book Culture of Death: The Age of Do Harm Medicine by Wesley J. Smith. I haven't either yet, but I plan to. It was recommended to me. 

In addition to a therapy-based approach that supports the body-mind connection and restores nervous system function, I have access to experts in just about every field (through my Functional Medicine training). Working with me is like having a team on your case (if need be). There really isn't anything that I do not address. 


Only 12% of us Americans are “metabolically healthy” according to experts. Join me in a cleanse that targets stubborn belly fat. This is clinically based but also customized.

Questions? Respond to this email to get a Toxicity Evaluation and apply for the Detox from the comfort of your home. Let's get started!
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I look forward to investigating your health concerns and serving you with a therapeutic plan that can work with every budget!


Re: Cleansing & Detoxification 

What is the difference? Cleansing is thought of more as a gentle yet longer in duration cleanse while detoxification targets something specifically. Detoxing from heavy metals, for example, is not recommended before making sure the lymphatics, liver and kidneys can handle it. 


In-office assessments, neurofeedback therapy and remote sessions are now available with today's cutting-edge technology. 

I have always had the theory that metabolic balance is the key to good health and doing neurofeedback has definitely proved this to me. There are a few ways to view "metabolism". Probably the most common thought is the rate at which one burns calories. For those of you that have had the Heart Sound Recorder done, you know I refer to the metabolism as the balance in the nervous system. The part of the nervous system I am referring to here is called the Autonomic Nervous System. It runs automatically, functions like the heart beating and breathing. 

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