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Happy Thanksgiving, Be Well! 

Real quick, I want to provide you with some good options and free tips if you get to feeling a little under the weather. As a basic rule of thumb, I always recommend Paraplex to support the function of the parasympathetic system: thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, and pituitary glands plus: 
  • Digestive enzymes with meals and Megaspore as a probiotic. This is the only probiotic that improves alpha diversity of good gut flora rather than over populates with just a few strains.
  • Turmeric Forte for an anti-inflammatory (we all need this support as well as liver support and there is nothing better than supplementing with actual liver/PMG therapy). Liver and Cod liver oil are traditional superfoods, along with butter from grass feed animals. 
  • Liver support - Betacol for liver repair (PMG Therapy) and AF Betafood (beets and nutrition, also kidney and liver PMG)
  • Cod Liver Oil for brain health as a source of omega's, Vitamin D and A 
The above is what I find myself reiterating along with cleansing seasonally, parasite cleanse annually e.g. fasting and raw foods in the summer, Kitchari cleanse in the fall, soups and high fat diet in winter. There are organs that need supported a different times and different circumstances. Fortunately, it is easy to align our actions with the seasons and rotate through the different support we give our body. Supplements can be expensive when you are referring to herbs and cleansing packages on top of what you personally need to address. However, PMG therapy address both the nutritional needs and detoxification plus the additional repair factor and averages only $20/month. The benefits are unparalleled to foods and herbs, not to discount them but to remind you of the option to easily and affordably support the body systems. Without a lot of planning nor expence, we can develop an annual rotation plan for supplementation. 
If you are looking to safeguard yourself from the spike proteins and keep your vital organs in good working order, there’s no better way than to rotate through the PMG Therapy supplementation. PMG Therapy keeps the integrity of organs and glands by providing the DNA information for correct replication of cells.
If you are looking for an antiviral, RNA happens to be highly effective at destroying viruses. It can be taken alone (it is vegetarian) or in an immune support product – my favorite being Congaplex. IGG’s have also been shown to counter the effects of the spike proteins. I recommend this added layer of support if you have inflammatory conditions (asthma, pain, GI symptoms).

My protocol to get people over COVID in 2 days is this:
  • Homeopathic Echinacea formula that clears viruses from the lymph. Take every 2 hours.
  • Congaplex every 2 hours day 1 and 2 then 2 capsules, three times a day for 1 week. Maintain 2-4/d.
  • Viranon – dosage depends on weight and symptoms – this is an herbal antiviral
  • Emphaplex and/or Fenugreek if there is respiratory symptoms, especially mucus
This is something I came across within a document on my computer. I am not sure if it was something I once wrote or from someone else but it’s good stuff:

A disease is never a disorder of the individual part.
Diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar, osteoporosis is not about calcium deficiency and heart disease is NOT a disease regarding cholesterol. A disease is caused, not by the breakdown of the part itself, but corruption in the instructions to that part, a disruption in the unity of the whole.
This quote speaks to my point about supplementation of PMG Therapy to keep the integrity of the replication process of our vital organs and glands. So, why take zinc when you can get the nutrient from liver (Livaplex)? An isolated nutrient never does as good as the whole complex, the way nature designed it. So then, why not a One A Day®? Afterall, it has all the vitamins and minerals, right? Wrong. It is enzymes that are the workers. If you are building a house and have all the materials but no workers to build it, how well does that go? Only Whole foods can provide all the nutrients and cofactors, such as the enzymes.
There are so many other issues with synthetic supplements I won’t go on about here. My purpose today is to give you the gift of options. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and remember to take your digestive enzymes! What you don’t digest turns into poison.

The terrain is everything. The microbe is nothing.”
                                                              ~ Louis Pasteur

Other Tips

  • Tongue brush before consuming anything each morning (even water). This removes microbes accumulated on the tongue. 
  • Water was intended to be a source of ionic minerals and vital life force. Add fulvic/humic acid drops to your water and stir to create a vortex energizing your drinking water. Contact me for a good source. 



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