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 Allopathic Doctors playing the wait and see game will prescribe medications and surgery to treat the progression of the disease. This doesn’t stop the disease. Is there something else you should know about?

As you may know, Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. It is also very hard to assimilate through foods and most forms of supplementation. In acute stages of stress, potassium is also particularly depleted. I see this in doing the Heart Sound Recorders.  Chronically stressed states displace calcium causing pH imbalances and symptoms such as insomnia. This is seen in the Metabolic Analysis. 


Stress is a known to deplete nutrient reserves, but how do you know what to supplements with or if maybe there is a way to assimilate your nutrients better? A valuable test called a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides more information than you’d ever expect your hair to tell you! Do you need to de-stress, build up nutrient reserves or detox? This test helps us prioritize your healthcare plan. 


Are you one of the 30% of American’s that suffer from insomnia? If you can't get a good 6-8 hours of quality deep REM sleep, your quality of life suffers. It also puts a damper on your overall purpose, as you stroll along in survival mode, not to mention how lack of quality sleep negatively impacts health. 


Not being able to get back to sleep is often rebound from what you ate or drank hours before. High sugar, alcohol, highly spiced foods and of course, caffeinated drinks are often the culprits. If these are not the possible cause(s), you may be deficient in certain nutrients such as chromium, vanadium, manganese and B vitamins that causes you to experience a hypoglycemic rebound a few hours after sleep where you abruptly wake-up and are unable to drift back into dream land. I mention this as summer activities ramp up and we can fall into poor social habits if were are not setting the intention for a healthy lifestyle. 


Dozens of studies show that low levels of tryptophan, an amino acid, leads to insomnia, awakening feeling unrested, inability to stay asleep, and just lying there all night hour after hour. Tryptophan produces a great sleep, and with no side effects or grogginess. In fact, it is reported that people have better mental clarity during the day. Furthermore, it improves daytime depression, PMS, fibromyalgia, and anxiety as well as carbohydrate cravings, binge-eating and even alcohol recovery. However, I never recommend taking a single isolated chemical nutrient (as in this example), as it causes imbalances. Only on rare occasions will I recommend something in an isolated form. These act like drugs and have side effects over time. Amino acids therapy can be helpful in some cases such as getting of medications for anxiety or depression. Contact me for what I do recommend and you can always go onto my online store for whole food supplements:

Store (


The last few newsletters I have mentioned a thread of connectivity to the earth, something called grounding. I highly recommend the Earthing Movie - for the whole family. This photo above is from a training I took in Anthroposophical Medicine. It is a good reminder to be thinking and speaking in terms of health rather than disease and the older forms of medicine really embrace this concept. 

 I mentioned back in December to keep a look out for my up-coming programs. I spend a lot of time compiling valuable information for you to up-level your attitude and health status with just enough information but without being overwhelming. You can follow the links to review the listed programs below: 

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This is about weight management. If you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 - this will provide the information, resources, accountability and support needed to make your journey as successful as you are ready for. 
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  • Managing stress is key to health!

  • Testing your hair can reveal so much about your health - it will surprise you! 

  • If you or anyone you know suffers from insomnia - please have them reach out! There are healthy alternatives to treatment and causes to investigate!

  • Be mindfully creating the life you want and habits you desire for. Go for the kombucha instead of beer or wine and wind down before you get that second wind!

  • Join one of the programs to keep you on track. 

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