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Hello spring! The sun is shining more here in North Idaho where I reside and I am feeling grateful for that. I am also loving the field of neurofeedback. This takes me back to years ago when I was fascinated with neurotransmitter testing. As much as I love all that brain waves can tell us, I am not big on using technology for therapy. I plan to do more craniosacral as the therapy and use the neurofeedback brain mapping to track progress. There is just nothing that replaces human touch. This reminds me of grounding, some call earthing. There’s nothing like it!

The Japanese conducted studies on what they called “forest bathing”. This activity of being in the forest showed remarkable improvements in hemodynamic (blood testing) and electrophysiological indexes, cardiovascular function, immunity, antioxidant, inflammatory and metabolic indexes as well as neuroendocrine function. This means being out in nature (away from electronic devices), significantly enhances health. When I am explaining the metabolic testing that I offer, I often emphasize the reason why it is helpful to monitor this is because when the nervous system and endocrine systems are functioning well, everything else falls into place.

As you would expect, the below listed benefits were also found as a result of forest bathing:

  • Alleviation of anxiety and depression
  • Enhancement of emotional state and attitude
  • Physical and psychological recovery and adaptive behaviors
As many of you know, my drive for learning in my field never seizes, but it could be perceived as overkill. If I have an addiction, health is it… that doesn’t sound like a bad thing… However, I have the potential to help so many more if I were better at letting you know about some of what’s in my head. For instance, how many of you knew that I offer grounding mats to help shield you from your devices? For those of you that come see me in office, you may not know this but you sit on one

It's not gut health, it's not elimination, malnutrition nor parasites that are the cause of your extra pounds. It may be all of those above things but it's really your IMMUNE SYSTEM! Functionally, immunity is having good neuroendocrine communication. This is your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and neuronal networks, your endocrine system (glands that produce hormones) and your organs all working in unison. In Chinese medicine the 28 pulse's tell a clinician about the organs. The pulses speed, depth, length and quality determines the diagnosis. This is an important part of choosing the correct herbal formula. I hope you join me in a cleanse to strengthen your system, feel better and live better! 
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I hesitate to mention the immune system in these times we've all heard way to much about it due to "the VID" but honestly, to have good immunity, your stress levels must be managed. "To say "manage" doesn't provide much of an answer as to how to do that. We all know having decent diet and sleep helps. We know that a deep breath or two is also helpful. Yet metabolically, if the body is not in a healing physiological state, there are things that have to be done to shift that. There are a few different way to assess the state of metabolism/nervous system. Correcting this is the answer to weight loss, absorbing nutrients and EVERYTHING else! 
I look forward to investigating your health concerns and serving you with a therapeutic plan that can work with every budget!


Re: Cleansing & Detoxification 

What is the difference? Cleansing is thought of more as a gentle yet longer in duration cleanse while detoxification targets something specifically. Detoxing from heavy metals, for example, is not recommended before making sure the lymphatics, liver and kidneys can handle it. 


In-office assessments, neurofeedback therapy and remote sessions are now available with today's cutting-edge technology. 

I have always had the theory that metabolic balance is the key to good health and doing neurofeedback has definitely proved this to me. There are a few ways to view "metabolism". Probably the most common thought is the rate at which one burns calories. For those of you that have had the Heart Sound Recorder done, you know I refer to the metabolism as the balance in the nervous system. The part of the nervous system I am referring to here is called the Autonomic Nervous System. It runs automatically, functions like the heart beating and breathing. 

Figs are full of fiber. I use them as a treat, as they certainly are sweet.
During a cleanse when you want to splurge, this fulfills the urge! 
Do you have cravings? Let's talk about why and what you can do about it. 
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