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MegaGuard™️, as a digestive support superhero has concentrated licorice polyphenols that provide gastric protection, provides cleansing support from artichoke leaf extract, and soothing support from gingerol! This novel digestive aid goes to work quickly! Taking 1 or 2 capsules before a meal provides almost immediate relief. It helps overcome gas, bloating, indigestion, nausea, GERD, and even sluggish gut motility. If needed, taking 2 before bed can also aid in motility and support bowel regularity. You'll want to keep a bottle or two handy for the whole holiday gang. Licorice also combats viruses. 


You might be experiencing neuronal damage due to the release of cytotoxic molecules such as pro-inflammatory cytokines through chronic microglial activation. Activation and dysfunction of the microglia have been identified as the key etiological theme affecting mental function and neurodegenerative conditions. 

Save this Holiday season with special savings to investigate your health with a 15% off most labs (hormones testing, stool analysis, etc.).

The Holidays can be overwhelming, and if you are a sensitive person, a bath with salts can help you stay centered and healthy. Clear your biofield so that you release other people’s energies and or injuries from settling in your system.

Healer’s Bath Recipe:
1 cup of Epson Salt
1 cup of Baking Soda
4-6 drops of Lavender essential oils (if you have an aversion to Lavendar, call for a recommendation to support your constitution). 

Focus your attention on everything that you are grateful for while soaking.

Mix the salt and baking soda together and then add the lavender essential oils.
Draw a bath as warm as possible and add the ingredients. Soak for no longer that 20 minutes. The salt and baking soda can be dry out on your skin. The lavender can help offset the drying ingredients. My home-made Body Butter is a great addition following a bath, or some coconut oil works also. 


January 9th 10am
I speak at the Gardina Center on the Connection Practice. Join me Monday evenings at 5:30 for Connection Circles! This is donation-based support. Share anything on your mind (positive or negative) with the small group. 

January 22nd 9-5 
New Year, New You Health Fair. This will be held at the Sandpoint fair grounds

Naturopathic healthcare is diverse and has roots in prevention with emphasis on maintaining one’s health. Restorative methods to wellness are my specialty. I work with the nervous system to uncover causative factors and bring back integration of the mind and body connection. This allows the body to self-correct along with the correct nutrition and lifestyle interventions. I will be offering a new package and special pricing along with Heart Sound Recorder readings for just $20 during the fair. I hope to see you there! 

News and summing it up 

I always like to offer an end of the year sale but also - I HAVE MOVED! So, I am offing a super sale inventory sale. Stop by in the next couple of days and dig through my boxes :)

I am now located in Yafay Wellness Collective on the corner of Church and Second (202 N. Second Avenue). The entrance has large gold numbers on the door and faces US Bank. 
Home visits are booked Thursday and Fridays after 1pm

Would you like your taste and smell back - See blog (button below) 

EXTRA: Enzyme Therapy: 
This is from my school in Function Medicine, and I thought I would pass it on. It's a short read: Nattokinase Cardiovascular Benefits (

In Germany, physicians prescribe high dose proteolytic enzyme therapy during acute inflammations. This includes injuries and infections. There are different enzymes for different conditions. This is a highly effective therapy. 
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