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A good friend of mine sent me a text asking for a high potency vitamin D supplement. This was just recently, in the dead of sunny summer and she’s an outdoor gal. Here is what I advised:
  • Vitamin D is FREE (and synthesized though the eyes (if not blocked by sunglasses).
  • Just a few minutes in the sun gives you vitamin D. Of course, latitude, skin pigmentation and season all affect vitamin D synthesis in skin. With smoke in the air, it might require up to twice as long in the outdoors. Otherwise, only 5 to 30 minutes twice a week may be all that is needed to acquire adequate Vitamin D levels. This, however, depends on your liver and kidney function.
I share the above with you because we are hearing a lot about how important vitamin D is. Let me continue. One of my favorite words is balance. Standard Process represents this for me. In the case of vitamin D, there is a particular omega supplement that has naturally occurring vitamin A and D, reduces inflammation and also has a specialized fatty acid that helps with calcium absorption. It also prevents sunburn. You may have been told to take Vitamin D in the winter. However, the liver stores vitamin D so, it does not need to be supplemented with daily. Also, the kidneys manufacture a free form if they are working correctly. Gut health is also a factor.
I am getting requests for CoQ10, vitamin K, vitamin C, zinc and the like lately. I love the questions – keep them coming! Media has us enthralled with immune supporting nutrients and it's not like I disagree with the information. However, it's only information. Taking a chemical is never wise. Taking a look at your health status is; do a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to find out if you need zinc before you're convinced to take it. If you are not in a balanced ratio, according to what the needs of your body are, supplementing with zinc pushes out copper (a mineral also needed for the immune system). Furthermore, never take zinc long-term. Liver, however is a great balanced source of zinc and many other synergistic nutrients. It also helps the body detox. Back in the day, liver was food. Which brings me back to to vitamin D - you can easily test yourself for this. I offer a testing kit for $55 you can do from home. I also recommend testing for fatty acid deficiency. If you are worried about inflammation, this is one good test that will tell you what type(s) omega fats to increase. 

The brilliance of Dr. Lee’s formula’s, from over 100 years ago and based upon research from primitive cultures all around the world, is the clinical effectiveness and unparalleled nutrition. I am constantly striving to educate about the clinical difference between isolated chemicals people refer to as “nutrients” and what is in fact true nutrition. Chemicals do not heal. An additional unique factor is the PMG Therapy. 

So folks, my fury (not really, it’s only a frustration – the title just had a ring to it: “Passion and Fury”) is that people spend a butt load on supplements that are not serving them well and sometimes causing harm! I cannot stress enough how much money I can save people if they'd be willing to come to me with their supplement needs! 
The kidney PMG (the actual kidney gland) is in many of the SP formulas for good reason - my resent research on the cardiovascular system led me to read about Lipoic acid in a very good newsletter from one of my respected colleagues (view here). Because my general rule is to avoid any isolated chemical, if at all possible, I looked up food sources:

Source: Top 10 List of Foods High In Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – Superfoodly

Second to the top is kidney. I find it very interesting that the first and only supplement ever made contained adrenal, liver, spleen and kidney. I know that primitive diets also revered the heart muscle and saved these prized organ meats and glands for the elderly, pregnant and growing children. This is the population that need the most nutrition and they instinctively know that these organ meats carried the most condensed source of nutrients. There is another aspect to Standard Process' line that is unique; PMG Therapy. It is the DNA portion of the gland that instructs the body to rebuild that gland (or organ). Only SP has this technology and also processes these glandulars in a way without chemical extraction. There are some other companies coming on line that add glands/ organ meats to their supplements. Don't sacrifice quality - stick with the best. Remember, SP has the genius of Dr. Royal Lee's food processing equipment. Lee was an inventor that no other has superseded yet. SP is also very affordable.
Recall earlier when I mentioned liver and kidney function when it comes to Vitamin D levels? Smart medicine is twofold – PMG’s provide the nutrition that particular body system requires plus the DNA repair factor… here is my favorite word of the day… PMG’s restore balance. Whether hypo or hyper, supplementing with PMG Therapy restores it’s function.

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