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Celebrating 10 Years of ESEM!

On August 28, 2012, a group of dedicated Emergency Physicians, unified with a vision to promote Emergency Medicine in the region, came together and founded the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM). Despite its humble origin, the establishment of ESEM was met with an incredible response from the Emergency Medicine community and, over the years, the organization quickly evolved into the leading platform representing Emergency Medicine in the UAE. 2013 saw the commencement of ESEM's newsletter series which was met with an overwhelming reception, allowing ESEM to delve into specific areas of interest as requested by the Emergency Medicine community, such as Point of Care Ultrasonography.

In 2014, ESEM’s first scientific conference was organized as a means to encourage improved Emergency Medicine practice and research, while providing an assembly to raise awareness for the specialty, with networking and skill-building opportunities for doctors, nurses, residents and paramedics. The conference has shown exponential growth over the years, attracting various international delegations and organizations to the UAE. The increase in the size and breadth of ESEM’s followers eventually inspired the launch of the ‘ESEM Monthly’ e-newsletter in 2018, now approaching 4 years since initiation.

10 years after its inception, the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM) now stands as the leading voice for Emergency Medicine in the Middle East, with its annual conference representing the largest Emergency Medical Conference in the region. All of ESEM's success thus far is a clear reflection of the incredible passion and enthusiasm that exists in the Emergency Medicine community. As we look forward to even greater things in the coming year, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, cooperation and commitment to improving Emergency Medicine practice and awareness in the Middle East.

ESEM Awards - Celebrating the 10 years journey of ESEM!

Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine gladly announces the launch of ESEM Awards – Celebrating the 10 years journey of ESEM! The Awards will recognize and appreciate the experts and deserving health care professionals  in the field of Emergency Medicine.

ESEM Awards will be presented to successful candidates in seven categories:
  • ESEM Best EM Physician Award
  • ESEM Best EM Nurse Award
  • ESEM Best Paramedic Award
  • ESEM Best EM Educator Award
  • ESEM Best EM Researcher
  • ESEM Best EM Resident Award
  • Special Category Award - ESEM22 Ambassador Award

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ESEM22 Pre-Conference Workshop: Ultrasound Guided Resuscitation

Bringing together two of the most common themes in emergency medicine, the ultrasound guided resuscitation workshop is meant to emphasize the need to implement basic and advanced ultrasound techniques in resuscitation settings. This includes patients in shock, cardiac arrest, as well as more unique settings such as the use of transesophageal echocardiography. The workshops also have five practical stations allowing attendees ample opportunities to practice their skills. View the course agenda and register here.

ESEM22 Pre-Conference Workshop: Transport Medicine   

The Transport Medicine Workshop is a unique module bringing together both local and international speakers to discuss & demonstrate specific topics regrading pre-hospital care. The first half of the day will include talks on ambulance equipment and preparation; call taking & dispatch; monitoring and interventions during transport; and structured patient handover. The afternoon will consist of hands-on workshops given by highly trained staff. View the course agenda and register here.

Interested in research and publications? Wishing to start your own project but not sure how to approach it? Find your step-by-step guidance and register now to the " Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Grand Rounds"! 

An initiative by Emirates Collaboration of Resident in Emergency Medicine (ECREM) in collaboration with Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM). The course consists of modular series of lectures that aims to create a roadmap to conducting scientific research, with content tailored towards EM residents in the UAE, but generalizable to all national and international physicians interested in navigating research from concept to reality. 

Checkout Module 7 of 8!  Hosted by ECREM Moderators Dr Nada Alsaeed and Dr Maitha Almazrouei, this webinar-style module highlights the following course topics:

1. Writing a Manuscript: Dr Mansoor Husain – Consultant Emergency Medicine Physician at Tawam Hospital, Al Ain and prior Royal College of Emergency Medicine site Tutor and Lead for Medical Education at St George’s Hospital, UK – talks about the Dos and Don’ts of academic writing, with 20 easy-to-follow tips on how to improve your writing process. 

2. Targeting Journals for Publication: Dr Suneel Upadhye - Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and HEI (Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact) at McMaster University, founding member of the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM) and Staff Physician at Niagara Health Emergency Departments – highlights how to select, approach and communicate with Journals when it’s time to get your work published. From cover letters to peer review and handling rejection, Dr Suneel proposes several techniques to ensure a smooth publication process for your research.

3. Question & Answers from the Audience

EBM Grand Rounds - The Research Workplan Module 7

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“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.”
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The variable nature of patient encounters In the Emergency Department makes it a rich learning environment for young trainees. With each encounter there is a chance of identifying gaps in knowledge or skills. While it might be perceived negatively, especially by  young practitioners, it is, actually, a healthy sign of active learning. In fact, it is the first step towards developing and building knowledge. Learning is a life-long process and the more you see the more you learn!
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