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Let's Talk About the Wage Gap
News flash: being a working woman is hard - finding childcare for your family, navigating sexual politics at work with coworkers that overstep boundaries, being a bitch if you're aggressive or being a pushover if you're too nice. But on top of all that - you aren't getting paid as much as Ross who has less experience and education than you. That's a real kick in the ovaries.
But if we paid women equally to men, poverty would be cut "among working women and their families by more than half and... $513 billion (would be added) to the national economy." Seems like fixing the wage gap just makes damn cents.
So what can we do about it? Gwen Mesco has some hot tips based on her experiences in the work place. Steph tells us how to achieve that work life balance. And check out our latest podcast where Dom Burgess talks about needing money so badly, he pulled quarters from a fountain to pay a bus fare.

Look all of us just want that one thing - we wanna get P.A.I.D.

They say it's impossible to find an acceptable work/life balance but I'm here to let you know it can be done! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Find an oversized balance scale, like the one Lady Justice usually carries, but way bigger
2. Mark one side "Work" and the other "Family"
3. Sit your kid or kids on one side (ignore partners because that's gonna happen organically)
4. Pile shit onto the other side until it balances with the weight of your children


By: Steph Garcia

The Hot Goss Podcast with Dom Burgess

In this week's episode, Dominic Burgess (Feud, The Magicians) gives us all the hot goss.  We get down to the nitty gritty - what happens when you have the wrong Visa and you've already shot the tv show you're on? What was it like to do take after take of eating a donut on Feud? What is Royal Frenzy and why is it the most secretive British Holiday in the whole world? 
By: Gwen Mesco

If women just negotiated their salaries like men do, there would be no wage gap. Ladies, it’s up to you! Lean in!
Sound familiar? For the past twenty years or so we’ve been hearing over and over that women don’t negotiate their salaries as much as men do – and the compound effect of that failure means that women earn hundreds of thousands of dollars less over a lifetime than men in the same jobs.
But hold up. Recent research shows that women who negotiate their pay actually face greater risks than men. There are social consequences for women who negotiate – they can be perceived as too assertive or not a team player. And women who negotiate their pay are also less successful than men at getting more money. So basically, it turns out that women’s hesitation to negotiate is often smart – we’re using that superior social intelligence that makes us such desirable employees in the first place and intuiting that negotiating could actually screw us.
So what’s a gal have to do to get that paper? Know and ask for your worth. Women are most successful in salary negotiations when they reject lowball offers and ask for a market rate for their position and experience. If you’re not sure what the market salary for your job is, find out – ask your colleagues and research salaries on and similar sites. Most importantly, once you do understand the market, don’t sell yourself short. You’re just as entitled to that salary as any man. Go get paid!

Uh Oh America… You’re Bein' Gaslight'd

Right now, America elected the King of Gaslighters – Donald Trump. Now I could pull out my credentials on this one, I’m not just an armchair psychiatrist. I do have a degree in counseling… guidance counseling… uh nevermind. Let’s look at my other qualifications. I’d prefer to give America some advice on how to handle a Gaslighter and how to get out of this situation, because I used to work for a champion Gaslighter. And if you’re wondering if you’re the gaslighter? Well you’re so gaslighty, you’re trying to tell yourself and everyone who will listen that I’m crazy. Yes, this is my version of a Carly Simon retribution...

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When you walk into your boss's office
to negotiate your salary - confident AF

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