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Judgement Day
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We see you. And we're straight judging.
This week, the man who is single-handedly responsible for Hobby Lobby's transformation from giant corporation to a real boy with religious rights, Judge Gorshuch, goes through his confirmation hearings to become a Supreme Court Justice. Meanwhile, Merrick Garland can probably be found eat-pray-loving his way through the same woods that Hillary Clinton and Beyonce are in, blocked from his appointment by the "we're-not-the-crybabies-here-YOU-are-shut-up" republicans in 2016.
So you could say, we've got judges on the brain. And in this week's newsletter you can find a new sketch featuring some of our favorite Supreme Court Justices, an interview with a real life judge, artwork honoring the death of 11 supreme court justices in Colombia in 1985, and some updates about a big new judge on America's Next Top Model. Some say the last one is a stretch. We say, we're the judges here. Not you.

The Hot Goss.


My So-Called Judges

A New Sketch
My So-Called Judges
RBG, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan host a Google hang with Kamala Harris.

Directed by: Rebecca Edwards Written by: Steph Garcia Produced by: Lauren Bancroft DP: Nicole Villela Sound and Editor: Eric Reichert PA: Sara Ghaleb
Starring: Lindsey Barrow, Rebecca Edwards, Steph Garcia, Joanna Jones


The Hot Goss has a new podcast! And our first two episodes are already up on iTunes!

In episode 1 we talk to Celia Finkelstein about emotional husbands, Gators Vs. Seminoles, and the magical world of crystals.

And in this week’s episode we talk with Jessica Elaina Eason about heartthrob Dave Pasquesi, BFF’s forever, and the New England Patriots.

You can subscribe on iTunes here!

We interviewed the Honorable Gail Standish, a US Magistrate who loves patent law and Taylor Swift (you might remember how she used Swift's lyrics to dismiss a suit brought against her). She's a regular bad ass and is here to give you advice about career changes and becoming a judge. You know, in case you were thinking about going back to school. 


Five Questions for Judge Standish

You started off as an engineer who earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees from MIT (I did my research). What made you decide to change gears and get a law degree?
A couple of things. While I was a really good student, I was a really terrible engineer. I appreciate things that are well designed and well made, but danged if I can actually do that myself. Put it this way: I wouldn't want to fly in an airplane I designed. I'd also taken a few law and policy classes in graduate school for fun, easy credits. I enjoyed them. A lot. So I took the LSAT on a lark and did pretty well.
As a woman, what are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in the courtroom? Any advice for women thinking about getting a law degree?
To be a really effective advocate, you have to have presence in the courtroom. Kind of take over the room, but still be respectful and not arrogant. That's often harder for women to do, because we still have to deal with certain stereotypes. A woman who's too aggressive is seen as - pardon the saying - bitchy or shrill. One who is not aggressive enough is seen as too girly - a pushover. Demonstrating confidence and competence is the way to go.  
Who’s your favorite Chief Justice?
I haven't got one. Heck, I couldn't even name many of them.  
What do you think Hollywood gets the most wrong about being a judge?
We don't use gavels anymore. At least around here.  

And finally, you know we had to ask it, what do ya’ll wear underneath those robes?

Whatever we want. :)

Thanks for the advice Judge Standish! Good to know that the only people using gavels are state senators.

Lindsey Barrow
Doris Salcedo
Noviembre 6 y 7, 2002
Nov 7, 11:30 am
280 wooden chairs and rope
Dimensions variable
Site-specific work, Palace of Justice, Bogotá, 2002

In her work Noviembre 6 y 7, Colombian artist Doris Salcedo memorialized the 1985 attack against the Supreme Court of Colombia. During a two day stand-off between the Colombian army and guerrilla rebels--who were demanding that then-president Belisario Betancur stand trial--more than 100 people died, including 11 Supreme Court justices. Starting at the same date and time, Salcedo slowly lowered a wooden chair from the roof of the Palace of Justice to mark the absence of each person. Her work serves as an "act of memory" so the event, or the people affected, aren't forgotten.

Curated by Rachel Gagnon

Those Twitter Allegations 

Steph Garcia

There’s been a lot of controversy about tweets released over the past few days with outlandish and unverified claims. And it can be difficult to keep track of. So I wanted to take a moment and address some of the statements tweeted out recently.

On March 16th, Tyra Banks tweeted:

Tyra Banks @tyrabanks

I missed my ANTM baby so Mama's back!  


Now, some people may say this is FAKE NEWS spread by current host and supposed British ally Rita Ora in order to increase Britain-American tensions following a ban on the American President speaking to Parliament...

Read More

Gif of the Week


My Supreme Court Nominee 

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