Call for applications

3 full-time post-doctoral fellows and 1 project manager for an EU-funded research project

AspirE – “Decision making of aspiring (re)migrants to/within the EU: The case of labour market-leading migrations from Asia

(Funding: Horizon Europe RIA n° 101095289)

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BelMix contributions:

Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot (2022). Multiform transmission and belonging: Buddhist social spaces of Thai migrant women in Belgium. Advances in Southeast Asian Studies, 15(2), 231-251. [Open Access]

Mimy Keomanichanh (2022). Book review: Lapanun, P. (2019). Love, money and obligation: Transnational marriage in a northeastern Thai village. Advances in Southeast Asian Studies, 15(2), 317-320. [Open Access]

Cai Chen (2022). Book review: Fresnoza-Flot, A., & Liu-Farrer, G. (Eds.). (2022). Tangled mobilities: Places, affects, and personhood across social spheres in Asian migration. Advances in Southeast Asian Studies, 15(2), 325-328. [Open Access]

BelMix Highlights

  • [Donation] Call for donations for the project Migration Beyond Prejudice (Donate here).

  • [Public Lecture] December 09 - “The role of cultural factors in processes of adaptation of immigrants in Poland” by Prof. Marcelina Zuber (University of Wrocław, Poland; Master MITRA visiting professor)

  • [BelMix Seminar] 12 décembre - "Qui est une “famille légitime” ? Le regard de l’administration sur la famille immigrée" par Dr. Carla Mascia, GERME/ULB.

  • [Communication] Cai Chen presented on December 13 a communication entitled "Sexualité et mobilités : trajectoires des étudiants homosexuels d’origine chinoise en France” (discussed par Regis Schlagdenhauffen) at the seminar "La Chine contemporaine et ses diasporas : l'apport des sciences sociales” of EHESS, Paris, France.

  • [Online lecture] "Tracing conjugal trajectories: marriage, migration and divorce of Filipino migrant women in Belgium and the Netherlands" by Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot on December 12 at "Nasa AFAM ba ang True Love?: An Educational Discussion on Transnational Marriages and Relationships" organized by Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines. [from 48:00]

Nasa AFAM ba ang True Love?: An Educational Discussion on Transnational Marriages and Relationships

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