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Good morning!

Big news! I got word late last week that our ORS lawsuit is being heard by the court of appeals on July 13! I will be attending the hearing via Zoom. Our legal team believes we could have an opinion within a month of the hearing – I will be sure to keep you updated!

For those of you who have concluded this very long school year, congratulations and I hope you find some time to decompress! And, for any of you who are hanging on, I wish you a successful and speedy end to this loooong year, so that you can rejuvenate as well! 

Before you run out of your office, please don't forget to renew your MASA membership for 2021-22. We sent renewal information by email a few weeks ago. Can't find the email or need help? Please contact Danielle Bach and she will be able to take care of you!

As always, take care and let us know how MASA can help!

Dr. Tina Kerr
Executive Director, MASA

ICYMI: GSRP Announcement

Last week, Governor Whitmer announced a proposal to expand GSRP access to up to 22,000 more children. This news comes with several other initiatives announced by the governor, as the executive office unveils funding priorities in a series of public events while also negotiating the budget.  

With additional federal funding available through the American Rescue Plan, the governor has proposed expanding preschool opportunities to all income-eligible 4-year-olds, approximately 22,000 more than are currently served. This proposal invests $405 million ($255 million federal dollars and $150 million state School Aid Fund (SAF) dollars) over the next three years to fully implement the expansion, at an estimated ongoing annual cost of $152 million (SAF). Funding will be distributed through ISDs using the existing distribution formula. When fully implemented, 100% of the state’s eligible 4-year-olds will be have access to a program and an estimated 17,400 additional children will utilize the program, at a cost per full-day child of $8,692. 

In addition, the governor proposed using $50 million federal dollars to expand preschool options in underserved areas, improve the quality of curriculum and instruction, support preschool teachers, and better connect parents and children with available programs. 

MASA is supportive of the concepts in this proposal and will be working toward making them reality.  

MDE's "Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators" Campaign Provides Opportunity for District Staffing

Does someone you know have an expired teaching certificate? The Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators campaign helps educators with expired credentials return to teaching by reducing or eliminating professional learning recertification requirements. The campaign recognizes these educators' experience and preparation while providing an opportunity for immediate employment. Districts interested in receiving contact information for educators that express interest in employment through the Welcome Back PME campaign should complete this contact information request form.

Districts are also encouraged to post the campaign logo on their employment webpage as a participation indicator to applicants. Please visit the Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educators website for FAQ and more program information.

State Board Urges Parents and Superintendents to Consider RBG3 Exemptions; Legislature to Set Aside A-F System This Year

In case you missed it, the State Board of Education last week unanimously adopted two resolutions:

  1. resolution to urge parents/guardians to fully engage in their right, written in state law, to seek from their local school superintendents, when applicable, good cause exemptions to the required retention of their children, and that school superintendents inform parents/guardians of all possible good cause exemptions available to parents/guardians and carefully consider all ramifications associated with retention before rendering a decision to retain a student.
  2. A resolution to urge the state legislature to set aside the A-F school accountability system during the pandemic and affirm that the Michigan Department of Education does not have to calculate and publish the A-F grades for Michigan schools for the 2020-21 school year.

20% ThoughtExchange Discount for MASA Members Ends June 30

You've probably noticed that MASA has integrated the use of ThoughtExchange into much of our work as it allows for critical community conversations to take place often in a very short amount of time, both synchronously and asynchronously. It helps tackle big issues and thoughts in a way that helps find common ground and shared consensus, all the while making sure every voice is heard, not just the loudest in the room.

We continually hear from members about how to access the tool for their district work. We've taken that feedback to our partners at ThoughtExchange and the good news is they're offering a discounted opportunity for MASA members! Available through June 30, MASA member districts or ISDs who sign-on for a one-year contract with ThoughtExchange will receive a 20% discount off of the annual subscription fee. Learn more about this discount opportunity.

MDE Memos and Information

MEMO #054-21

Public Comment on the Michigan Out-of-School Time Standards of Quality    

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE)’s Office of Great Start – Preschool and Out-of-School-Time Learning is requesting public comment on the proposed Michigan Out-of-School Time (MOST) standards of quality. This proposed set of standards will replace the current set of MOST standards of quality adopted by the State Board of Education in 2013. Updates to the standards are based on the most current research and best practices and will inform continuous improvement efforts of Michigan's out-of-school time programs and providers.

MEMO #055-21

Fiscal Year 2021 Section 31a Annual Program and Fiscal Report – Transition to NexSys

Beginning this year, the section 31a annual program and fiscal report (APFR) will transition from the Michigan Electronic Grant System Plus (MEGS+) to the new grant application and cash management system, NexSys. The report is due July 15, 2021.

MEMO #056-21

Certification of the SE-4107 School Bus Inventory

The Michigan Administrative Code (R 388.379 (Rule 9)), requires all intermediate school districts (ISD) and local educational agencies (LEAs), both traditional public school districts and public school academies (PSAs), that are buying or leasing black and yellow school buses to transport students to and from school to record those buses on the school bus inventory system (SE-4107).

MEMO #058-21

Future Proud Michigan Educator Explore Curriculum Available

The Future Proud Michigan Educator (PME) Explore curriculum is now available to intermediate school districts (ISDs) and local education agencies (LEAs), both traditional public school districts and public school academies (PSAs).


MEMO #060-21

Reminder of Requirements for Academic Year 2021-22 Virtual/Online Teachers

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) recognizes there are many ways in which local education agencies (LEAs), both traditional public school districts and public school academies (PSAs), provide virtual/online coursework and instruction to students. The purpose of this memorandum is to summarize the laws, rules, and policies for certification, staffing, and reporting virtual/online courses to ensure every student has access to a prepared Michigan teacher who will support content-specific learning needs.

Reminder: Educational Entity Master Deferred Transactions

If your district plans on opening/closing a school or changing grade configurations next school year, these changes can be updated in EEM now as deferred transactions. A deferred transaction means the EEM will be updated with an effective date of July 1, which can help ensure accuracy for pre-identification of assessment materials and school selection for Title I grants.

Please refer to the Updating EEM for Current and Upcoming School Year memo for further information, including detailed instructions on submitting deferred transactions.

"You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others will decide for you."

— Tony Morgan
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  • School ADvance New Administrator Training and Refresher – Aug. 13 (virtual)
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  • New Supts Leadership Academy: Governance and Board Relations Sept. 21 (Traverse City)
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