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Winter 2017


Were you one of the 400 people that attended C-15? Then you've already been counting down the days to C-18! Did you miss out on C-15? Then you definitely don't want to miss the next one! Mark your calendar for the 2018 triennial consultation. We will be at the Westin Playa Bonita in Panama City, Panama. We'll start with dinner together on Monday night 29 October and and finish at 3 PM on Friday 2 November, 2018. Registration opening soon! (Registration will include your hotel reservation at a special group rate, so no need to book on your own). 

If you'd like a refresher from the amazing sessions at C-15 (or want to see what you missed), check out the videos and notes on

News from our Regional Members

ICETE serves 9 regional members. For more information about these members, or details about upcoming events they are hosting, check out their websites (right). 


Free books to affiliates
In 2016, AETAL distributed 80,000 free books (The Definition of Christianity and Key Concepts of the Bible - David Gooding and John Lennox) to students of the affiliate schools in Brazil, through the Myrtlefield Theology Support Program, UK. 

AETAL, in partnership with ICETE, held two academic training sessions on "Excellence for Faculty Staff Development" in Bolivia, in 2016. 46 participants were trained, representing the leadership of several affiliated and non-affiliated theological schools in the region. The speakers were Dr. Steve Hardy, Dr. Fritz Deininger and Dr. Pablo Sywulka

In recognition of the relevant services provided by evangelical leaders in the area of Brazilian and Hispanic theological education, AETAL offered its first THEOLOGICAL PERSONALITY PRIZE in 2016.  The winners were Dr. Russel Shedd, from Brazil, and Dr. Alberto Roldán, from Argentina.


  1. On 26-28 October 2017 we will have our next General Assembly in Athens.  The topic we will engage with is Character Education and Theological Education. A team of experienced individuals from the EEAA network and council will facilitate our meetings and discussions.  A number of seminars on other topics of relevance will also be held.   
  2. We are pleased to inform you that our Vice-Chairman, Dr Hubert Jurgensen, will be taking the place of Dr Bernhard Ott as Accreditation Director.  Dr Jurgensen is our most veteran EEAA Council member, a highly experience visitation leader and our main liaison with the ENQA and European accreditation issues. 
  3. In the last 4 years the Council has worked on an audacious strategic plan, including a name change and a broadening of our strategic focus to include a) quality assurance of both higher education and non-higher education programmes in theology, b) resourcing, through publication, events and training provision and c) networking within the global world of theological education, the broader church community and the European higher education context.
  4. At C-15 we were encouraged to pursue the idea of a consultation among ICETE accreditation agencies to work on a set of common accreditation standards for global evangelical accreditation. This project is now going ahead and in September 2017 we are pleased to facilitate the meeting of the leadership of the ICETE agencies in Rome for a consultation. The desired outcome of this meeting is a set of global quality benchmarks that will strengthen the identity of evangelical theological education and increase mobility and reciprocal recognition.

The ATA Board and the various departments held their annual meeting on January 10-13, 2017 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A significant part of the board meeting was the strategic planning process led by the new General Secretary, Dr. Theresa Lua. Prior to the meeting, a Stakeholder Survey was done to get feedback from the ATA community. Their responses were helpful in doing the environmental analysis, SWOT analysis, and envisioning the future direction of the ATA which is nearing its 50th year.

The Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association (CETA) will hold its thirteenth biennial consultation on March 13-15 2017 in Savanna la Mar, Jamaica. The consultation will meet under the theme  "Rooted and Responsive: sustaining Theological Education in Challenging Times". The burden of the two day conference is to explore ways to address the current challenges that face the task of theological education while remaining anchored in the truth of Scripture and faithful to core evangelical commitments. The various aspects of the themes will be addressed by leaders of the schools that are part of the CETA network.


SPAEC appreciates prayer as they are in the process of vision casting and seeking ways to reorient themselves to better meet the needs of both member colleges and their geographic region. Join us in praying for wisdom, leadership, and excitement to meet the challenges ahead. 

News from Associates and Affiliates

In addition to our 9 regional members, ICETE also relates to nearly 30 like-minded organizations and institutions. For a complete list, visit the ICETE website. 

Columbia International University

In 2016, Columbia International University launched a flexible, non-residential PhD in Intercultural Studies with the hope to equip global scholars in global theological education, mission leadership, and mission practice. In our first year, 21 students enrolled in the program, including 2 international students and 4 other U.S. Americans pursuing the degree from international locations. Some of our PhD students participated in the annual Evangelical Missiological Society meeting in Dallas, October 14-16, with one student presenting a paper.

4 The World Resource Distributors

Needing help in your library? 4WRD exists to enhance theological education by strengthening theological libraries. One of the ways we do this is by visits onsite. Contact us and see if we can serve to benefit your library.


Crosslinks is a UK and Ireland-based mission society. One of our programmes is the BEST programme which sponsors students in theological training close to their homes around the world. In April 2017 BEST is committed to support 50 Study Partners from 18 countries, who are actively engaged in theological and ministry courses in 23 different colleges in 14 countries. The Study Partners (as we refer to them are from the following countries: Burundi 1; Chile 1; Egypt 3; Ethiopia 2; Gambia 1; Ghana 2; Greece 1; Kenya 7; Malawi 2; Namibia 3; Nigeria 5; Pakistan 1; Rwanda 2; Serbia 3; Tanzania 6; Uganda 5, Zimbabwe 1. Some are supported individually and others through institutional applications. There are 6 studying for a Masters/PhD; 22 are studying for Bachelor degrees; 12 are studying for Diplomas or Certificates, and 10 on a ministry training course. 43 of them are men, and 7 are women.

Regional Members

North America
Latin America
Middle East
South Pactific


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