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(Issue #1: October 9, 2016)
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FYI, this is my very first attempt to send a newsletter using a new site. I have no idea wtf I'm doing. It may get super messed up in your email, I'm sorry. Let me know if you notice anything that isn't working or seems screwed up, if you can :) Think of yourself as being a super special beta tester! Thank you! <3 

Do you ever wonder...

What the official term is for Adam's apple?
How many cubic feet is 850 square feet?
What the floriographic meaning is of orange lilies?
What a synonym is for attention whore?

Apparently I wondered all these things, because my Google history tells me so. Just thought I'd share. You're welcome.

What even is this?

This is a mailing list to let you know about big (or small) things going on in my creative world. Since I tend to be sporadic with what I do, where, and who I tell, this can be a collection point of information for any of you dear souls who have some sort of interest in anything Ais.

Oh and if you're like, "Yeah but who are you?" then the answer is: this is who I am :D 

I have a follow-up question: who are you? How did you get pulled into this newsletter? I'm so sorry. I hope you find your way out if it was unintentional.

Brightest blessings, my friend.

What is Incarnations?
Incarnations is a fantasy book I've been working on for close to 20 years, on and off. It's sort of a modern take on a fantasy, and starts with a murder mystery.

It's the first book in a series that will definitely have 3 books, probably more. I haven't yet named the series. All of the books will have plenty of LGBTQIA+ and diverse characters. There will be canon f/f and m/m relationships for sure, and opportunities to ship if you want.

Why is Incarnations important to me? Here's why.

The drawing below is from 2003.
I plan to do some Ais' Terrible Art for each newsletter, and decided to start off the first newsletter with an Incarnations theme, since it's the fantasy novel I'm working on now. Meet Cypress. I drew this version of him back in 2003, so some things have changed. His attitude has not.

Fun fact for ICoS fans

Cypress (and his brother Hunter) come from the same RPG where Hsin comes from. In fact, when we were deciding characters in ICoS's creation, I was THIIIIIIS close to having Cypress or Hunter be Hsin's partner instead of importing Boyd Beaulieu from a different RPG.

If you end up reading Incarnations when it's out, first of all: thank you! <3333 Secondly: amuse yourself wondering how fricking quickly Cypress would have gotten himself killed by Hsin or tried to kill Hsin, or how few fucks Hunter would have given about Hsin as a partner or making their partnership work.
Below is an excerpt from Incarnations. I've removed world-specific terms so I don't give everything away before it's published, and replaced them with Earth equivalents. This is a scene between Cypress and his twin brother Hunter.

+ + +
Meet Cypress
(he's kind of a jerk)
+ + + 

    "It's certainly possible. Are you ready, Cy?"
    "Almost." Cypress pulled out a few jars, holding one up to the light streaming through the window.          
    "Running outta black," he said with a scowl.
    "Maybe that would change if you didn't show such favoritism," Hunter said mildly with a pointed look at Cypress' spiky hair, currently jet black.
    “Look who’s talking, Red.”
    “I told you not to call me that.”
    “You prefer Strawberry?”
    Hunter glowered. “My hair isn’t like strawberries, asshole, and you know it.”
    Cypress hummed. “Do I, now? I’m not so sure I do.”
    Hunter looked ready to throw something violently at Cypress.
    Cypress grinned evilly. “You get so pissed off at the stupidest of things.”
    “Now look who’s talking. Maybe I learned that bad habit from you.”
    "Maybe I'll kick your ass," Cypress mocked, straightening his back and affecting what he felt was a suitably Hunter-like expression of not-quite-neutral distaste.
    "Brilliant retort," Hunter murmured in boredom to which Cypress gave him a rude gesture. "And that was even better. Very mature."
    "I try." Cypress jerked open one jar, peering inside with a slight crinkling of his nose. "Damn. Running low on blond, too, and these seals're failing. Everything's gonna dry out."
    "Then reinforce them." Hunter turned back to watching the building. "You have the capability."
    "Yeah, good idea," Cypress said with a sneer. "I'll just make some hardcore spells over here, right by the Dog Pound. No one'll notice."
    Hunter sighed. "Do me a favor. When you’re out on the street, call the [cops] by their proper name. They aren’t ‘Dogs,' or ‘Watchdogs,' or any other derogatory slang you love to use. Nor is their Headquarters the ‘Dog Pound,' or any variation on that. Last thing we need is you drawing attention to yourself just because you piss them off. Alright?"
    "Shame." Cypress dipped his hand into the jar and pulled out a strip of seaweed covered in dark, glimmering slime. "Thought I'd walk right in there, say, ‘Hey, ya asshole Dogs, I'm a [maligned type of magic-user] and there's a renegade [other type of magic-user] up there, ‘cross the street fourth floor, and we're watching you. So, don't do anything stupid or you'll be sorry!'" 
    He scrunched the seaweed up in one fist, some of the slime oozing between his fingers before he plopped it on his head and started working the seaweed around in his hair. "But you showed me the error of my ways, Mr. Hunter. Definitely won't endanger the mission now. Good thing you reminded me that we're not supposed to be here and shouldn't draw attention to ourselves or anything."
    Hunter rolled his eyes. "I prefer your rude gestures to your sarcasm. It's more attractive, somehow."
    "Everything about me's attractive," Cypress scoffed. 
Incarnations writing progress:
On the last arc, just a few chapters left to write and then it's editing time! I don't know how much longer it will be so I'm guessing 300,000 words. My plan after that is to publish it.

Feedback so far from the betas is promising! More info in the future!

Deadline I've set myself:
Ideal: finish writing by end of October
Backup: finish in NaNo (November)
What is Incarnations?
RELEASE DATE: Releasing new chapters every third Saturday of the month until I run out! Next release Oct 15, 2016! Read here.

Julian Files writing progress:

A lot of chapters are written but they skip around in the timeline. I have the majority of the series plotted out.

Deadline I've set myself:
No specific date at the moment; finishing Incarnations is my highest priority by the end of the year.
What is Julian Files?
A piece of Ais' Terrible Art for this newsletter, drawn in damuro. Terribly done, I know :( I wanted a quick way to show the similarities and differences of the twins. A variation of that quote will be in Incarnations.
How I use Scrivener
Did you now I made a video explaining how I use Scrivener? I did! How fancy, right? Right?? (ok, not really, I've just never made a video like this before so I was really proud of myself lol) Watch here or on youtube :)

Ok, Ais. I read all that crap but I really don't care about Incarnations. Where's more ICoS stuff? T_T

Ok, ok, sorry, I just got excited! See below for previews of this month's Julian Files!
This is my artistic rendition of something that will come up in Julian Files. What could this be? What could this mean?? Well, you'll only find out if you read Julian Files.

Preview of the Julian Files October 15 2016 release, wherein Cedrick and Boyd have a serious difference of opinion on what sounds good for breakfast:

     Boyd frowned but it was more thoughtful than anything. “Then what are we doing today?”
     “You’ll see!” Cedrick sat up and pulled Boyd along with him, absently smoothing down his hair. “Okay, get ready, buddy. I can help you with your hair. Do you want help with your clothes?”
     “No.” Boyd scrunched up his face. He had liked choosing his own clothes for a while now, preferring not to be treated like a little kid. Cedrick thought it was adorable, but didn’t tell Boyd because he would not be pleased.
     “Alright, meet me in the kitchen when you’re ready. I’ll get breakfast going. You have any preferences today?”
     Cedrick rolled off the bed and stood up, grinning wickedly down at his son. “Okayyyy, Belgian waffles covered in candy and whipped cream and powdered sugar, it is!”
     Boyd scrambled to get off the bed. “No, daddy!” he called out, aghast, as if Cedrick had said he was off to kill a puppy. “I don’t want that!”
     Cedrick laughed evilly as he left the room. When he heard the pad of little feet behind him he called over his shoulder, “Nope, you can’t come out until you get dressed! I’ll go make our super sweet, extra special waffles! Extra chocolate and ice cream on top!”
     The feet slowed to a stop, then Boyd huffed so loudly Cedrick could hear it down the hall. “No, I want oatmeal!” Boyd yelled, his voice getting more muffled as he ran back into his room. “I want plain oatmeal!”
     Cedrick laughed under his breath and headed to the cupboards.
     “Daddy, I want—!” There was a crash, and Cedrick froze, looking over his shoulder, listening intently for sounds of wailing or pain. 
     “You okay?” he called, already turning and starting to walk back.
     “I want oatmeal!” Boyd yelled indignantly, sounding no worse for the wear.
     “What happened?”
     “I tripped on my pants.”
     “Wow,” Cedrick said to himself with a laugh. “The kid must really want some oatmeal today.”
These are a few of my favorite things

Do you ever find yourself looking for recommendations for new things to become obsessed with forever and become a really weird idiot about it like I do all the time ever like omg someone plz stop me I can't even?



Well, I have some recommendations for you, anyway!

Lately, I find extra love and/or inspiration in:

❣  All For the Game series (aka The Foxhole Court) by Nora Sakavic

MANGA/ANIME ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ 
❣ One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
❣ Natsume Yuujinchou by Midorikawa Yuki
❣ Haikyuu!! by Furudate Haruichi
❣ Noragami by Adachitoka

❣ Dan and Phil (danisnotonfire and amazingphil on YouTube)
Even though I don't love the portent of winter, I do love Autumn. The changing color of the leaves and the crisp, cool air feels refreshing to me. I love apple cider, the crunching leaves beneath my shoes, even the obsessive proliferation of pumpkin spice everything, everywhere. I know Fall isn't the same for everyone in the world, and I know right now half the world is going into Spring. But even though I wish this didn't mean snow is right around the corner, I do love this transitional time of year. Plus, Halloween is my favorite holiday. The fact that I can go into just about any store and get all sorts of awesome skull and crossbones stuff makes me super excited every year. I hope no matter your season, you can find beauty in your surroundings like I did when I saw this single leaf lying on the ground.
Lately in posts...

So you don't get stuck scouring all my everything everywhere, I've handpicked a few posts I thought you may find of use or interest. See below and have fun!

✏️ Julian Files Master List (find all the chapters as I release here)
✏️ ICoS master list (needs to be updated)
✏️ That moment in the rubble (Lou/Boyd backstory from ICoS; it kiiiiilllllllllsssss me to share this because I'm embarrassed by it but whatever)
✏️ If Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom were in ICoS... (and if you don't know who Kaz is, here's more info)

Did you know I have my own Society6 page where I (slowly) make merch? I do!

Some examples of the shenanigans you can find there are below :D
Want to see something added to future newsletters? Let me know!
Thank you for taking the time to come along with me on my first attempt at making a solo mailing list. Hopefully you found something of interest (or at least that could let you relieve a bit of boredom) in this. I'm wishing you all the very best.
Copyright © 2016 Ais, All rights reserved.

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