Are you ready to become a healer?
15 ways to use your natural gifts

Maybe you’ve been told you’re meant to be a healer and you think, what does that even mean? 

Do I need to train? How do I find the right teacher? Which modality should I choose (out of hundreds that exist)?

Where does this gift come from — inside me or does it flow through me? How would I find clients or are they supposed to find me? Should I be charging?


I define healing as the process of bringing that which has been out of alignment, back into congruence.

Being a healer calls you and yet, feels kind of weighty too. It may bring up fears about being responsible for another person’s well-being. How do you know if you can even do it, or what if you make a mistake and accidentally hurt someone?

When I first started out as an entrepreneur (and emotional, energetic, intuitive, collective healer), I made the naïve assumption that I needed to be fully healed before I could help others. Now I understand that healing is a life-long journey. They say we are always peeling our onions. Sometimes the next layer makes us cry, but the goal is to appreciate the beauty of the unfolding.

I’ve learned it’s important to only be a few steps ahead of someone you’re working with, because the greater the distance you’ve traveled, the harder it can be to relate to clients’ struggles.

Let’s explore possible areas in which you may feel called to apply your healing gifts. Which of these, or what combination, lights you up the most?

  1. Physical healing — use your gifts to not only help others heal after illness or injury but developing proactive and positive habits to maintain health for vitality and longevity.
  2. Mental healing — use your gifts to help others find ways to look at situations from a different perspective and shift their limiting ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and habits.
  3. Emotional healing — use your gifts to help others recognize emotional energy when it arises, let go of walls put up for self-protection, learn to be vulnerable, regulate strong feelings and respond, rather than react, to emotional triggers.
  4. Energetic healing — use your gifts to help others not take on other people’s energy, sense how energy flows on different planes, become a powerful creator of their reality through manifestation and tune their frequency to a higher vibration.
  5. Racial healing — use your gifts to facilitate healing for those who’ve been marginalized, persecuted, attacked and subjugated. Opening dialogue and awareness to where we all still hold prejudices, create momentum for equality and equity.
  6. Gender healing — use your gifts to facilitate healing for those who’ve been discriminated, subjugated, attacked and pressured to conform to limiting gender roles. Opening dialogue and awareness to where we all still hold prejudices, create momentum for equality and equity.
  7. Sexual healing — use your gifts to facilitate healing for those who’ve experienced assault, objectification or have been pressured to conform to limiting sexual expression. Opening dialogue and awareness to where we still hold shame and create momentum for a culture of sexual safety and wholeness.
  8. Spiritual healing — use your gifts to guide those who are experiencing a spiritual deficit, crisis or ‘dark night of the soul’, to reclaim their Divinity. Reconnect with Source, higher consciousness, find a loving and connected spiritual community and to define their own path to Oneness.
  9. Creative/artistic/expressive healing — use your gifts to help others release creative blockages in order to step into the freedom of personal expression. Reflect the diverse voices of humanity, explore new frontiers and push past limiting boundaries.
  10. Intuitive healing — use your gifts to help others listen to their inner knowing, identify synchronicities as they arise, trust what they know, forgive themselves for not listening to their intuition in the past and communicate what they know in a way they can be heard and understood.
  11. Relational healing — using your gifts to help others heal from past relationship wounds, identify repetitive, dysfunctional patterns and shift them into positive relationships. How to maintain a sense of self, set empowered boundaries, practice assertive and non-violent communication, discern what qualities and characteristics of relationships are reciprocal and loving.
  12. Collective healing — using your gifts to help others recognize broader cultural, societal and global patterns that have caused pain, conflict and wounding. Collectively shift those patterns into more conscious and empathetic ways of relating. Use history to teach about the past, apply it to our present and learn forward for the future.
  13. Environmental healing — using your gifts to help others recognize how our daily actions and choices affect the interconnected ecosystem that is Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama. Be a strong advocate and activist for plants, animals, and the balance of our natural ecosystem. Demonstrating how we can make better choices on individual and collective levels to honor all life.
  14. Karmic healing — using your gifts to help others understand we chose to incarnate to learn specific life lessons and to uncover what in their life, maybe the effects of karmic balancing. Could include past life regression therapy, astrology, numerology, accessing Akashic records, communicating with spirit guides or ancestors, future sensing, soulmate, and twin flamework, kundalini awakening and chakra alignment.
  15. Intergenerational healing — using your gifts to help others to recognize how patterns have been passed down from one generation to the next. Looking within the family system to see what’s working and what’s not, researching the family tree to find similar challenges of your ancestors that you may have unconsciously inherited and carried forward.
I consider healing a profession, whether you formally do it for a living or not. Because being a ‘professional’ takes continuous study and developing a level of expertise, which requires an investment of your time, attention and money.

It’s both ethical and practical to ask others to pay you in exchange for all the hours you studied, time spent honing your gifts and the money you invested for training and certification, as anyone else does when they bring a certain skill-set to a corporation or small business.

If you’re charging fairly for your level of expertise and making honest claims about the results you help clients achieve, you should never feel guilty about being a paid healer.

I’m encouraging you to let go of the old emotional shame and baggage so many of us (including me) internalized about poverty being holy or that money is the root of all evil. Or, if you make a sustainable living in service, you’ll suddenly turn into a selfish, greedy elitist.

It’s time for healers to value the incredible contribution we make and invite our communities and clients to value us as well.

I recently sent out a quiz for intuitive empaths and was startled to discover 54% of the over 4,500 sensitive people who took the quiz report struggling with at least one, if not multiple chronic illnesses. Wow!

I've personally struggled with chronic fatigue and daily pain for over a decade. I've been to countless doctors and holistic practitioners, taken every supplement under the sun and have a binder full of blood tests. Thankfully, I'm finally getting some answers and beginning to feel much better, but it's still an ongoing journey.

I could not find any official studies about sensitive people and chronic illness and disease, so I decided to create an anonymous survey to learn more and share the composite results. *None of the answers you write-in are visible to other survey takers, only the multiple choice questions. I can't even see who answered, just the group results.

If you feel called to share your experiences and to see what other sensitive people with chronic illnesses are experiencing, I invite you to take this 8-10 minute survey. Thank you for lending your voice to those who are on a path towards healing and vitality...

Share your experiences on the survey...
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