JANUARY 2019: New look, new plans!
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Announcing: Teja's New Look!

I never planned on having a logo for Teja on the Horizon. I had too many expectations - I wanted it to have a hidden sun, for insight, and a horizon, for exploration. I wanted it to feel nautical somehow, and I wanted it to suggest sight, like an eye. What would that even look like?

But I stumbled upon something while playing around with some pre-set designs at the end of last year. And it's everything I wanted to have in a Teja on the Horizon logo.

The sun of the ego, sinking beneath the horizon. And the light it casts into the sky, becomes guidance. 

The journey of Teja on the Horizon.

Announcing: Teja's Pacific Odyssey

Dear Subscribers, 

I hinted of a plan this year in my closing newsletter for 2018. And as promised, my subscribers are the first to know. That it's actually a two-year plan. 

I fulfilled a long dormant bucket list wish to land on Easter Island, which I did on my 38th birthday. And when I turned 39 last year, it was in French Polynesia. In reality, my Plan had already begun. My Pacific Odyssey. 


Why the Pacific?

I knew the Plan when I chose the location for my 40th birthday this year: the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Before it is completely bleached from climate change.

I looked at the map and saw the expanse of the Pacific between Easter Island and Australia, and saw all the island nations there - all the nations at the frontline of climate change. What if I plotted a course westwards?

The Pacific Islands are far and distant, and so only the uncommonly privileged could reach them. Even if they are visited, the stories that come back are invariably of paradise holidays, about the islands and the sea life and the anthropology. Tourist stories. 

But not stories about the individual, everyday people. The people that the scientists mean, when they say, 'frontline of climate change'. 

As a Melanesian, I would go for a long overdue visit to my cousins the Polynesians. I would go, and listen, and bring back their stories. I will tell them, in 2020. 

That was why I chose French Polynesia. And why I am going to Tonga soon. And at the end of 2019, completing the crossing - the Great Barrier Reef. 


Carbon Offset series

It's not just stories of people of the frontline nations that I plan to tell in 2020. I plan to release a series of short primers, about carbon offsetting.

I intend to reach out to colleagues who are experts in the field, and turn their knowledge into simple articles to help travellers build enough knowledge to understand and easily choose between carbon offsetting schemes available to them. 

This year you will begin to notice something new on the blog.

Aside from publishing my annual carbon offset on my Facebook feed for the third year, all of the articles on the blog about non-Malaysia destinations, will end with a note stating the carbon emissions for a return flight there, and the price for offsetting those emissions. 

And in 2020, after I turn 40, the age of the average human middle age, I pledge to begin offsetting double my annual emissions. 

Please, come and join me. 


Guides for travellers to Kuala Lumpur!

Yes, I have already begun writing this year! 
It's been a long time since I wrote about my own country again, and what better way to circle back than to write really close to home - my current home, that is! 

Kuala Lumpur is a popular stop, at least for a layover, for travellers in Southeast Asia. But there are not many blog articles for its attractions that are written by a Malaysian, for non-Malaysians. 

So, before I start with my Around the World in 44 Days series, I dug up some photos and notes, and wrote a few about Kuala Lumpur first! 
Hikes of KL: FRIM and the Canopy Walkway

Well worth a visit nature lovers, is the Forestry Research Institute. While its iconic canopy walkway has been retired, there are many other draws, and the forest is still a National Heritage. 
Hikes Near KL: Explore the Urban Forest of Gasing Hill

An alternative hiking spot for KL visitors, is just over the border in Petaling Jaya. The community urban forest of Bukit Gasing is where the locals are at. 
Batu Caves for the Thaipusam Festival - Worth It?

You know you've got to visit Batu Caves while in KL - but what about timing it to visit the Thaipusam festival at Batu Caves? Read what that's like, and find out how. 
KL Forest Eco Park: The Surprisingly Real Rainforest

Despite being the only original rainforest compared to other hiking options, the Eco Park feels the least like it! That said, its convenience cannot be matched. 
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