MARCH 2019: Art with a Twist
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Pacific Odyssey Updates

I have returned from Tonga, the second Polynesian nation I've visited (if you don't count Easter Island). Specifically, the island of Vava'u, where I spent most of my time. 

If French Polynesia is a kaleidoscope, a rainbow of iridescent colour, Tonga is solid ground, green and earthy and growing. I marvelled over how two nations with basically the same culture, could be so different.
And then I remembered that here in Southeast Asia, we are even closer to each other in geography, and yet a lot more different to each other. And I marvel no more. 

Nonetheless, I'm sure the contrast would make for good comparisons once I start writing my Polynesia stories next year. 


Around the World in 44 Days

Between travel and everything else in life, I managed to type in the first few stories from the first stop on my round the world journey. 
I don't think I really planned it that way, but looking back, it seems that my mind was on art when I was in The Hague.
But not only art, for I failed to see any of the Dutch masters. It had to be art by a new form, or from minds ahead of their times. 
Mondrian in The Hague: Celebrating Dutch Stret Art

I was lucky to visit the Netherlands that year. There was a special form of Dutch street art on display all over the city. 2017 was the 100th anniversary of De Stijl.
The Curious Cylindrical Painting of Panorama Mesdag

What is a Panorama? Think of it as the 'VR headset' of the 19th century. European audiences went nuts over it. Properly important cities had to have at least one, to keep up with the fad.
M.C. Escher Museum: The Mathematical Artist

I had two weekends in the Hague, and I did not see Vermeer. I went to see Escher instead. Why did I absolutely have to go to the museum dedicated to M.C. Escher?
Musical Clocks in Utrecht That Will Blow Your Mind!

I didn't expect to have my mind blown, by self-playing musical clocks. You see, the Dutch had somehow combined classical music with robotics. Before the age of electronics. 
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