The Parable of the Sower
ANIMATED Short Film in Production!

June 9, 2021
Hello partners and friends, Greetings and peace be upon you all,

السلام عليكم

As many of you know we have been developing some Animation over the past many years and we are continuing to do so.  The "Patience of Job" صبر أيوب short film continues with a completed script and a lot of concept artwork being produced.  

But, as we continue to learn the complexities of the animation process we felt like we needed to PAUSE and work on a smaller/shorter film first to help refine our pipeline.  So we decided to work on a more simple storyline and felt like Jesus' parable of the Sower and the Seed would be a great place to build some team momentum.  So, enjoy some of the artwork that our new team members in North Africa are producing, they have been working hard and we will share more about them in a future newsletter.

A farmer came out to plant seeds in the field. 

خرج مُزارع ليزرع بذور القمح في الحقل.

Some of the seeds fell between the thorns, and when it grew, the thorns grew with it, and the thorns choked it, and so it died.

وبعض البذور سقطت بين الشوك، وحين نمت سنابلها، نما الشوك معها فخنقها الشوك فماتت.

As for the seeds that fell on fertile ground, it germinated and produced a hundredfold.

أما البذور التي سقطت على أرض خصبة، فنبتت سنابلها وأثمرت مائة ضعف. 

GIVE today to help us complete this short film.
Our goal is $2,000!

As for the fertile land on which the seeds fell, they are those who, when they hear the word of God, 

أما الأرض الخصبة التي سقطت عليها البذور،

 فهم الذين حين يسمعون كلمة الله،

Cling to it with sincere hearts, and are patient so they produce good fruit.

 يتمسكون بها بقلوب مخلصة،

 ويصبرون فيثمروا ثمرًا طيبًا.

Let's sow some good seed and pray for good soil to produce a harvest of good fruit!

Stephen M. Coats - Director
P.O. Box 393
Dearborn, MI 48121


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