Nurturing Relationships with an Artistic Family in Libya
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April 29, 2022
Greetings and peace be upon you all, partners and friends, 

السلام عليكم

As you probably know by now, Sabeel Media has a unique way of working, our “brand” if you will.  We put people and relationships as first priority in our process of media production.  This approach has led us into some very exciting places and here is our latest blessing and we wanted to share it with you!

Over a 2 year period we developed a very close relationship with Brother Khalil in Egypt (we’ve written about him before), he is leading the translation, scripting, poetry recitation, recording, promotion and distribution of our Scripture-based media across North Africa with ever improving results.  As part of his interaction with our Muslim audiences on social media he put out some feelers to artists interested in working with Sabeel on a small animated film, the “Parable of the Sower” from Luke Chapter 8.

A young upcoming talented Muslim artist from Libya named Owes, responded and began a long dialogue with Khalil. Owes had good credentials, winning art awards from various organizations in Libya.  

An artistic project is very personal and intimate, a vulnerable place to work and expose one-self.  This is not an easy thing to navigate in any context, much less Islamic North Africa. After all, we were proposing that he work on BIBLE material, with an American based organization, and a story from Jesus to top it off!

Khalil met with Owes and his father to explain the project and establish some trust and to explain that this would be a legitimate job where Sabeel would pay Owes for his artwork to be used in the animated film.  We wanted it to look and feel North African, reflecting our intended audience, not something fake and imported from outside the area.  Owes’ father is an honorable man, an employee of the government, and was immediately supportive of his son.  Then, come to find out through this goodwill, he also offered the services of Owes’ mother who is also an accomplished artist, it runs in the family!  She is a well-educated poet, also garnering some prestigious awards for her expressions.  With the approval of his parents, Owes then started creating artwork for our film.

Was it slow? Yes

Was it difficult? Yes

Was it worth it? Absolutely

Would we do it again? Yes

It took about a year to complete the drawings, find the right animator and raise the funds needed to complete this 2 minute film.  But the Lord did it!  When the short film was released earlier in 2022 Khalil reached out to Owes and his parents, thanked them for their work, celebrated with a little on-line premiere and they were elated!  They were so proud to have their son’s work being promoted online on social media by an American media organization.  So proud that they shared it all over their community and family networks in person and online.  Sabeel Media is famous in this small corner of the globe :)

We want you to JOIN US in embracing this valuable relationship (more than a partnership) that is developing with Brother Khalil and Owes working together in the Media Arts, innovating some new ideas.  The Media Arts has its own vernacular language and can be a great door opener into communities like Owes’ family and tribe.  But we can’t do it alone, we need your prayers…

  • Pray for Owes as he is now preparing to study to become an engineer.
  • Pray for his mother as she is now reviewing other poetic Bible translation media scripts with brother Khalil.  We know this immersion in God’s Word will not return void!!
  • Pray for Brother Khalil, his wife and 2 teenagers, that the Lord would provide for their needs and expand their Kingdom of Jesus impact across North Africa and the Arabic speaking world.

We also need your ongoing financial support!  With our VISION of “A world with ACCESS to the beauty of the Bible for everyone!” We feel strongly that relationship networks like these are the most powerful way for new people to see the Beauty of the Bible and gain ACCESS to its life-transforming stories.

Would you consider becoming a MONTHLY supporter of Sabeel Media continuing to sow seeds of truth across North Africa? You can watch the final animated short film and set up a recurring donation via PAYPAL at this link…

Luke 8 - From the Parable of the Sower

"The seed is the Word of God, and the land/soil is the hearts of people.  As for the fertile land on which the seeds fell, they are those who, when they hear the word of God, cling to it with sincere hearts, and are patient so they produce good fruit.”

All the money you contribute will go to Sabeel Media - Brother Khalil for his ministry, and to initiate new artistic projects with Owes to continue building a long term trust relationship with him and his family.  Sabeel is run by volunteers that donate their time and talent so that 90% of all our resources can go to locally owned projects like this one.

Thank you so much!  Peace be upon you!  We are so grateful for your generosity!

Stephen M. Coats - Director

P.O. Box 393
Dearborn, MI 48121


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