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22 August 2019
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10 Tips for Managing Successful International Assignments
International assignments can be one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences in an individual’s career. Yet international assignments are expensive for the employer – and a surprisingly high number of them fail. There are various reasons for this, but culture shock, failure of the employee to perform in their new post and dissatisfaction with the assignment itself are cited as common causes. How can you best prepare employees for international assignments – and help them make the assignment a success? Here are some tips.
How Do Different Cultures View the LGBTQ Community
We’re pleased to announce we’ve launched exclusive new learning content in Country Navigator on diversity and LGBTQ. You can now learn how over 100 cultures view LGBTQ and get advice on how to navigate cross cultural interactions with confidence. If you’re not already signed up, try a free trial to explore what’s on offer.

Travelling on business or working with clients and colleagues from foreign cultures is a part of business in today’s climate. It can offer excitement and enrichment to our working life, but for members of the LGBTQ community it can add a level of stress and reservation as to whether they will be as accepted as they are in their own culture.

Here’s an overview of how the biggest global cultures view and approach LGBTQ.

What We're Reading This Week
This week we recommend reading...

Erasing Institutional Bias: How to Create Systemic Change for Organizational Inclusion

By Ashley Diaz Mejias and Tiffany Jana

All humans have bias, and as a result, so do the institutions we build. Internationally sought-after diversity consultant Tiffany Jana empowers readers to work against institutional bias no matter what their position is in an organization.

Building upon the revelatory power of her book Overcoming Bias, which addressed managing individual and interpersonal bias, Erasing Institutional Bias scales up the framework to impact systemic change in organizations. Jana and coauthor Ashley Diaz Mejias bring together in-depth research on how biases become embedded into workplace cultures with practical and engaging tools that will mobilize readers toward action. They confront specific topics such as racism, sexism, hiring and advancement bias and retribution bias, meaning when organizations develop a culture of aggression, and offer solutions for identifying and controlling them. 

This book urges readers to ask questions such as, “Are we attempting to create systems in which all people can thrive? What kind of world and what kind of workplaces are we cultivating?” These questions, the authors say, must first be answered by ourselves, recognizing our own role in perpetuating harmful biases that come to define institutions. 

In a world divided, Erasing Institutional Bias is designed to raise awareness about imbalances and help us hold ourselves accountable for creating a world that works for everyone. Each of us can evaluate our own current role in perpetuating systemic bias and define our new role in breaking it down. Jana and Mejias inspire and equip us so that we can all affect organizational change, together. 

Ebook series
By Terence Brake

As part of our ongoing commitment to the development of borderless working strategies, Terence Brake, our Head of Learning and Innovation, has written a series of insightful books.

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