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9 May 2019
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9 Tips for Creating More Collaborative Conversations
collborative conversations
A collaborative conversation is a purposeful, outcome-driven conversation aimed at building on each other’s ideas. They generate new thinking and/or a more in-depth understanding of a desired outcome, e.g. a solution to a problem, a definition of a shared process.  It also increases productivity and ownership of the outcome, results in fewer conflict and power struggles, promotes better decision making, and heightens creativity.   According to the educator, Doug Fisher, a collaborative conversation is one in which participants “argue without being argumentative and disagree without being disagreeable.”

So, how should you lead a collaborative conversation?

Ebook series
By Terence Brake

As part of our ongoing commitment to the development of borderless working strategies, Terence Brake, our Head of Learning and Innovation, has written a series of insightful books.

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