Let’s Make a Difference!

News from the Islamorada Community Alliance

May 15, 2023

Sue Miller, Editor


There’s a Very Special Place in Islamorada:

Probably the most beautiful location in the entire Village.  Where we see glimpses of azure blue ocean, magnificent sunrises each morning, the historic island of Indian Key.  And from the same spot, look the other direction.  See the beauty of the waters of Florida Bay, dotted with islands, fishing flats and wading birds. Nowhere are the sunsets more spectacular.

It is the Fills!

Let’s never forget: Total chaos, trash and safety concerns of the past!  

On June 26, 2019: Then Vice Mayor Mike Forster negotiated a deal with FDOT. They agreed to give control of the Fills to Islamorada, after a very chaotic 2019 Memorial Day weekend.  And leases were signed with both FDOT and FDEP.  Now it has been nearly 4 years!  We need to finally make a decision to assure we protect and enhance this scenic Islamorada location. Click here to read more.

“The Fills” Community Workshop - Please Attend!

Tuesday May 16, at 6 pm

Founders Park, Community Center

Be a Voice in the Decision Making


The Monroe County Planning website provides 10 planning application categories followed by links to the active application files, listed by applicant name and date.

Click here to see what Monroe County does.  We should do the same!

Do you have a suggestion for the Council?  Send us an email:

Click here to see our previous suggestions.

Let’s work on solutions: workforce housing, traffic, our environment, our infrastructure.  We can join together to help assure a sustainable future.  

Surveys are coming! Workshops are planned. Regulations are being amended.

It’s our future! Your voice is critical. Speak up, show up, get involved.

Click here to select a committee and apply.  Each resident brings diverse skills and talents, new perspectives.  Get involved.  It is a rewarding experience.

No contract with Freebee signed yet for year starting July 1, 2023. And we must apply for an FDOT grant this month for July 2024 or the entire future cost would be paid by Village taxpayers.  A second Tesla was to replace a van to reduce time offline for charging.

The question: Is “free” transportation by Freebee a good buy for taxpayers and the best service for the money?  

Do you remember the Islamorada of 2000?  

In 1936 the great travel writer Eugene Fodor wrote the first modern travel guidebook. He wrote all 1200 pages himself. Since that first travel book, Fodor’s has been a trusted name in travel guides.  Newsweek description: “The King of Guidebooks”

South Florida Fodor’s 2000 was published shortly after Islamorada incorporated.  

This is what Fodor’s said about the Keys nearly 25 years ago:

“The Florida Keys are a wilderness of flowering jungles and shimmering seas, a jade necklace of mangrove-fringed islands dangling toward the tropics. The Florida Keys are also a 110-mile traffic jam lined with garish billboards, hamburger stands, shopping centers, motels, and trailer courts. A river of tourist traffic gushes along U.S. 1, the main artery between Key Largo and Key West. Residents of Monroe County live by diverting the river’s flow of green dollars to their own pockets.

In the process, the fragile beauty of the Keys - or at least the 45 that are inhabited and linked to the mainland by 43 bridges - has paid an environmental price.

When we incorporated in 1998, residents knew how extraordinary Islamorada was. The goal of incorporation was to make decisions that would protect and enhance what we loved about Islamorada.  Click here: Read Islamorada’s Mission Statement.

Have we done all we can in the 25 years since we incorporated?