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News from the Islamorada Community Alliance

May 8, 2023

Sue Miller, Editor


Orange Cones, Orange Barrels, Construction Sites through the Village

FDOT: near Sea Oats Beach, alternating lanes during the day, next several months

FKEC: Continuing work to eliminate beach side power poles at Sea Oats Beach

FKAA: Trenching under highway for pipeline replacement, Upper Matecumbe, 9 months

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Turtle Nesting Season is Here: May 1 - October 1

Save-A-Turtle is an organization of volunteers throughout the Keys who monitor beaches during nesting season. Every day they walk the beaches before sunrise to search for sea turtle nests. They stake the nests and monitor them until the young turtles hatch about 60 days later. Click here to read about turtles and Save-A-Turtle.

Did you know: Climate change is having a big impact on sea turtles. The sex of sea turtles is determined by the temperature in the nest. Cooler incubation temperatures produce male hatchlings. Warmer incubation temperatures produce female hatchlings.

An alarming trend, as global temperatures rise, fewer male turtles are hatching from the nesting beaches. Almost all sea turtle hatchlings are emerging from their eggs as females on many Florida beaches because of heat waves.

Rewarding experience for the volunteers.

Community Involvement = Better Community

And more good news!  Other surveys are in progress, to give residents and property owners a voice in the future decisions of the council we elected.

What’s the Status?

Bus stop shelters; Freebee; Island Silver and Spice property; Woods Avenue Affordable Housing project; Land Use Code workshop; Impact of Legislation passed in 2023 session, Strategic Plan, Vacation Rental enforcement.

Interesting: There are three former Village Planning Directors and several retired Monroe County Planners who currently own homes on Plantation Key!

Papa’s Coming Back… It looks like it will happen soon!