November 11, 2022

Boat by Morgan Harper

A Minute with Morgan

GOOD Friday morning!

My dog enjoys walks more – though he’s taking only bathroom breaks, since he had two surgeries recently, until the vet gives him the OK for walks. He doesn’t listen to the doctor (that’s my job) but, boy, does he love to walk in cooler weather!

So have a great weekend. Maybe take a walk – for me and Woody!

Morgan Harper, Editor

New News

Here’s what we’re working on for next week’s

Below the Fold

Photo by Lindsay Addison

Oh, my GOOD nest

Battery Island off the coast of Southport serves as an oasis for nesting waterbirds, including a colony of White Ibis that numbers as many as 10,000 pairs each year.

Because of its location near the mouth of the Cape Fear River, the island also serves as a natural barrier to help slow approaching storms and flood water that could also affect Southport’s waterfront and its ecosystem.

Thanks to the GOOD folks at Audubon North Carolina, work continues to help protect and improve the bird habitat on Battery Island. The island is affected not only by storms like Hurricane Ian and Tropical Storm Nicole but by the wake of huge ships accessing the Port of Wilmington and by sea level rise and erosion.

Audubon North Carolina recently received a $135,000 grant from the North Carolina Land and Water Fund that will be used to help assess the best strategies to protect Battery Island and build it back. Options could include oyster restoration, applying sediment to raise the elevation in some areas or placing wave attenuators offshore.

“Battery Island is one of the most important places for nesting waterbirds on the Cape Fear River and the entire state, but we’re losing more of it each year,” said Audubon Director of Conservation Curtis Smalling. “This grant will help us figure out the right combination of tools to stem the losses and even build back the island, in ways that benefit birds and people.”

Conservationists at Audubon North Carolina and with the North Carolina Land and Water Fund are flying in sync – and are investing in – what they hope will be a GOOD outcome for the many birds and bird lovers in our unique coastal community.

Read more at at
• Grant to help protect nesting birds at Battery Island
• Audubon monitors, protects nesting water birds
• Good year for Cape Fear region’s water birds

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Good to Know

  • November 11 - National Origami Day: Originally called ‘orikata,’ origami originated in Japan as early as 105 A.D. Before Japan’s industrial revolution in the late 19th century, only elites had access to the materials necessary for creating such geometric folds. Today, anyone with access to paper and a flat surface is welcome to give it a go. Join us in learning more about this artful pastime!

  • November 12 - National Happy Hour Day: If you’re sitting at your favorite watering hole with a group of friends chowing down on free or reduced price buffalo wings, chips and salsa, fries with cocktails or beer between 5-7pm on November 12, then you’re right on time for National Happy Hour Day! Life would be dull without it, so, enjoy!

  • November 13 - International Tongue Twister Day: We’re not talking about rolling or curling your taste-tester. In fact, we’re looking at Peter Piper, the woodchuck, and all their friends. Tongue twisters are a silly way to pass the time or practice pronunciation. Shoot, you can even use them to practice a foreign language! It’s time to celebrate all the twisty things you can say with your tongue.

  • November 14 - LULU Day: Loosen Up Lighten Up (LULU) Day presents an opportunity for you to take a break from your usual busy schedule and all the stressful thoughts and instead focus on just being happy and relaxed, and having fun. LULU Day is our cure for burnouts and breakdowns.

  • November 15 - National Clean Our Your Fridge Day: This is the perfect opportunity to tackle that science experiment that’s been growing way in the back, there.

  • November 16 - National Button Day: Once simply ornamental in nature, the button as a means to fasten clothes has been around since 13th century Germany. Since then, a wide variety of materials like wood, clay, shells, and plastic have been used to make buttons in every size, shape, and color.

  • November 17 - Great American Smokeout: From the late 1980s to the 1990s, many state and local governments have raised taxes on cigarettes, limited promotions, discouraged teen cigarette use, and taken further action to counter smoking. States with strong tobacco control laws saw up to a 42% decrease of smoking in adults.

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Community Focus

Reader Photo Showcase: Boats

Ahoy GOOD readers! Last week’s photo challenge resulted in submissions from Aruba to the American Fish Company. Thanks to all who submitted.

“Taken at AFC. We were watching The Sandra Gail return on a
cool but sunny day.” Submitted by Pat de Barros.

More photos (clockwise from top left)
by Todd Coring, Tony DeFilippis, Stew Hibbins and Donna Gross.

View these and past photo challenge galleries

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All submitted photos will be posted in the gallery on our website! Be sure to send in your photo no later than Wednesday at noon to be included in the weekly showcase.

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Pet of the Week!
We don’t see many mythical animals in our inbox but this adorable photo of Pet of the Week, Kaia, in her unicorn outfit was worth the wait!
Thanks to
Lani Swanson for sharing!

This week's Pet of the Week, Jasper by Cherylee Hagge

See ALL of the cute pets in our Photo & Video Gallery!

Good Times

It’s Friday! Presented by Up Your Arts, here’s the weekend line-up, full of music and activities for everyone.

Up Your Arts Creative and Performing Arts Logo

Friday, November 11

  • Arts by the Shore Annual Arts Show @ Ocean Event Center (OKI)

  • Veterans’ Day Event @ Southport Fire Department Headquarters

  • Christine Martinez Band @ American Fish Company

  • Chicky’s Boy @ Millikin Seafood (Shallotte)

  • Colemand Daley @ The Mullet Bar

  • The Doorsmen @ Oak Island Moose Lodge

  • All My Rowdy Friends @ Lazy Turtle Bar & Grill

  • Mike McManus @ 49th Street Bar & Grill (OKI)

  • Fossil Rockers @ Second Wind

Saturday, November 12

  • J&B Bluzz @ The Grape and Ale

  • Adam Carswell @ The Mullet Bar

  • Open Mic w/Wyatt Fields @ Port City Java

  • Dave Nelms Jazz @ Millikin Seafood (Shallotte)

  • Mike McManus @ Chanc’s Steak and Sea (Shallotte)

  • The 52nd Street Band @ The Oak Island Elks Lodge

  • Carolline Lemey @ The Mullet Bar

  • Jason Grimm & the Bull Moose Party Band @ Odell Williamson Event Center (Bolivia)

  • Coastal Blues Band @ Lazy Turtle Bar & Grill

  • Live Music (TBD) @ The Tiki Tavern

  • The Lorna Ford Project @ Second Wind

Sunday, November 13

  • Tie Dye Sunday with Mike Sobieski @ The Tiki Tavern

  • Open Beach Jam with Dennis Walton @ The Lazy Turtle (OKI)

  • Radio Rehab @ American Fish Company

  • Johnny White @ Ocean Crest Pier

On a GOOD Note

“The man who rows the boat seldom
has time to rock it.”

Bill Copeland

Have a really GOOD weekend!