December 16, 2022

Winter in Southport 2018 by Joey Robinson

A Minute with Morgan

GOOD Friday morning!

It starts at 4 p.m. Friday and is at 507 North Lord Street. Also, Saint Peter Lutheran Church (4843 Southport-Supply Road SE) is hosting its “Journey to the Manger” live nativity at the church’s labyrinth (right behind the church) from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and they’d love to see you. It’s a beautiful walk-through event — and there are real live animals at the end! On Monday, Harper Library in Southport has kids events at 10 a.m. (story time) and a gingerbread activity (2 p.m.) and Santa is stopping by Barbee Library on Tuesday at 10 a.m.

If you’re not ready for the holidays — like me — it’s OK. We still have time. I have had my live Christmas tree up since the Sunday after Thanksgiving and still haven’t had time to dress it with lights and decorations — which is my favorite part. Some of them I have had for decades, and my mom has given me new, special and meaningful decorations for years. I just love to unwrap them and hang them up — it really is like seeing old friends.

Have a good few days, and I’ll see you again right before Christmas.

Morgan Harper, Editor

New News

Here’s what we’re working on for next week’s

ST. JAMES TENNIS We’ll have the winners from the singles tennis club championships played Dec. 10–11 at The Clubs at St. James.

WATERFRONT AID The federal Water Resources Act passed by Congress last week includes funds for Southport’s ongoing waterfront stabilization project.

Below the Fold

Santa at the cookie contest

A GOOD year for Southport Fire

The holiday season is a really GOOD time to honor our local emergency responders who are always on call to save lives and protect property in our community throughout the year.

To achieve that goal, Southport Fire Department held its annual banquet on Dec. 4 and honored numerous firefighters and EMS members with some well-deserved awards and recognition.

When you look at the list of achievements, a lot has happened in 2022 for the department’s four stations, 85 volunteers and 14 full-time staff members who cover a district that includes over 5,000 residential and 600 commercial structures.

Chief Charles Drew listed their accomplishments this year: SFD’s water rescue equipment/supplies were upgraded with a $100,000 donation; $17,000 was raised for a self-loading stretcher system; new response plans were completed and implemented; Fit 4 duty program was started and 100% in annual physicals were achieved; the department increased its fire prevention and community relations within the district; maintenance has been completed at all facilities; SFD car seat technician program has been enhanced with 14 newly certified technicians; added 12 new fire and life safety educators and the department increased its water rescue training program; and it now has specialized training on radiological and fentanyl emergencies.

Also, lifesaving medal awards were presented to responders on nine calls during the year where lives were saved, medals of commendation were presented, retirements were honored and some special EMS and firefighter awards were presented.

It was a really GOOD year for the men and women who are always there when we need them the most.

Read more about the Southport Fired Department at
Southport's Model T fire truck turns 100
Emotional ceremony honors victims of 9/11 attack
Responders add water rescue equipment at Caswell

Do you have a “happy story” about good people doing good things in the community that you'd like to share with your fellow readers? Submit your uplifting idea or anecdote for Below the Fold to

Good to Know

  • December 16 - National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day: The English language doesn’t have a special word for something that’s both ugly and cherished, but other languages do. In Japanese it’s known as busakawa. In French, it’s jolie laide. And the idea is that there are some things in life that are so ugly, they’re beautiful. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is all about honoring those things that are so ugly everyone loves them!

  • December 17 - Wright Brothers Day: On September 24, 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared the anniversary of the Wright Flyer’s maiden flight in 1903 to be a codified holiday (it is a commemorative day on government calendars, but is not technically a government holiday). It has been observed annually ever since that time, both in honor of the pioneering experiments of the Wrights as well as to focus on the history and future of aviation technologies.

  • December 18 - Bake Cookies Day: Not a surprise that this day is celebrated a week before Christmas. Bake Cookies Day is your excuse to indulge in the art (and eating) of cookies of every stripe and measure, especially those that remind you of the season.

  • December 19 - National Hard Candy Day: Also sometimes known as “boiled sweets,” hard candy dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, who would make their own version of candy from honey mixed various nuts as well as fruit. Of course, today’s hard candies are made almost exclusively from sugar.

  • December 20 - Go Caroling Day: Caroling is specifically used to reference those songs and traditions of Christmas, and for many years was a heavily practiced tradition that many people eagerly took part in, whether by joining the carolers or by avidly awaiting their arrival at their doorstep as avatars of Christmas cheer.

  • December 21 - Look on the Bright Side Day: Possibly the easiest existing day of celebration, all we have to do is go out into the world, take a walk through the streets with a smile on our faces and call friends to spend time together.

  • December 22 - Mathematics Day: Mathematics plays a crucial role in understanding all sorts of subjects such as science, music, social studies and even art. The study of mathematics helps people to learn better problem solving skills and serves as a way to help humans organize and think logically.

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Community Focus

Reader Photo Showcase
This week’s theme: Cars

We knew this week’s theme would be a fun one. Thank you to all the GOOD readers who submitted. We were all impressed by the creativity and general coolness of the photos – you can check them all out in the GOOD NEWSLETTER photo gallery.

Taken in Southport at the 8th Annual Classic Cars Rock n’ Roll Car and Truck Show. Submitted by Julie Livingston.

Taken In Southport at the 8th Annual Classic Cars Rock n’ Roll Car and Truck Show. Submitted by Julie Livingston.

More photos from (top left, clockwise) James Coffer, Ron Jones, Sarah Whitmer, and Barbara Dearry.

View these photos and past reader photo showcases

Recipe of the week

Pet of the Week!

Meet Isabel, our pet of the week!
Isabel is a beautiful cat patiently waiting for Santa Claus to come. We'd like to thank
Phillip Fravel for sharing this lovely holiday photo with us, and we invite all our readers to submit their pet photos to the GOOD Newsletter. We can't wait to see your furry, feathered, and scaled friends!

Isabel waiting for Santa. Submitted by Phillip Fravel.

See the complete collection in our Pet of the Week Showcase Gallery!

Good Times

It’s Friday! Presented by Up Your Arts, here’s the weekend line-up, full of music and activities for everyone.

Up Your Arts Creative and Performing Arts Logo

Friday, December 16

  • DDH Choir Christmas Concert @ Mt. Carmel AME Church

  • Scott Riley @ The Joyce (Leland)

  • The Reflections @ Oak Island Moose Lodge

  • John Rodgers Trio (Annual Christmas Party) @ Second Wind

  • Double Cherry Pie @ the Pub of Southport

Saturday, December 17

  • Double Cherry Pie @ the Pub of Southport

  • Live Music (TBD) @ The Grape and Ale (OKI)

  • Jamie Dooley & Friends Music Jam @ Second Wind

  • Community Caroling @ Downtown Southport (starts at Fishy Fishy)

  • Zeke Walker @ The Joyce (Leland)

  • JT and the Strats @ Mavericks Pointe (Sunset Beach)

  • Live Music (TBD) @ The Lazy Turtle

  • Krispee Biscuits @ the Pub of Southport

  • Live Music (TBD) @ The Tiki Tavern

Sunday, December 18

  • Tie Dye Sunday with Mike Sobieski @ The Tiki Tavern

  • Champion Saint-Amand @ Ports of Call (Southport)

  • Open Beach Jam with Dennis Walton @ The Lazy Turtle (OKI)

On a GOOD Note

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

— J.R.R. Tolkien

Have a really GOOD weekend!