Node.js Interactive is Next Week!

​Next week, the Node.js community will meet in Vancouver, British Columbia for Node.js Interactive, our annual conference that features the most extensive lineup of talks and workshops on Node.js around serverless, containers, security, the future of the code, and more.

Want to attend all of the exciting keynotes and talks in person? Don’t worry - there’s still time to register!

Introducing Fastify, a Speedy Node.js Web Framework

Fastify is a new Node.js web framework based off Hapi, Restify, and Express. After realizing that the APIs for most web frameworks could not be easily optimized without breaking backward compatibility, co-creators Tomas Della Vedova and Matteo Collina built Fastify with speed, stability, and scalability of Node.js applications in mind. Fastify helps you build extremely fast HTTP APIs that use JSON as the data format, while also serving as a general purpose web framework.

Check out Matteo Collina’s session at Node.js Interactive: Take your HTTP server to Ludicrous Speed

Announcing Node.js on Acquia Cloud

Acquia recently announced that it expanded the Acquia Cloud to to support Node.js, marking the first time Acquia has extended its cloud beyond Drupal. In this article, Dries Buytaert, explains the evolution of Acquia’s open-source stack and why they chose to add Node.js.

Hiproxy: A Lightweight Web Proxy Tool Based on Node.js

hiproxy allows developers to easily solve the problem of host management and reverse proxy needs. If you are working as a team where each developer needs a different proxy setting, you will no longer need to modify your hosts file or use a web server like Nginx as a reverse proxy.

Built by zdying, zhouhailong, and Alfred Sang, hiproxy extends the syntax of hosts file to support port numbers and supports configuration through a syntax similar to the Nginx configuration file.

async_hooks in Node.js, Illustrated

async_hooks, an API that make it easier for you to track resources, was released with Node.js 8. In this article, Irina Shestak, explores what async_hooks can do and how it can help monitor your applications. Complete with illustrations, Irina dives into how to use resources, callbacks, and the Embedder API within async_hooks.

Technical Content from Node Developers

Controlling the Node.js security risk of npm dependencies
We need your help to fix some ReDoS vulnerabilities
Using ES modules natively in Node.js
How To Combine a Node.js Back End with a ReactJS Front End App
Understanding & Measuring HTTP Timings with Node.js
A quick Node script to allow multi-environment deploys with now
Building a crude Node.js from scratch
Build an interactive Game of Thrones Map with Node.js, Postgis & Redis
Discovery of Node.js by a Java Developer
Node.js Performance Monitoring - Part 3: Debugging the Event Loop

The Latest on Node 8.6.0 and Recent Releases

Version 8.6.0 (Current)
This release includes support for multiple ECDH curves, addition of the setMulticastInterface() API, support for custom lookup functions, and more.

Version 8.5.0
This release includes re-enabled snapshots in V8, implementation of minimal, an upgrade to libuv to 1.14.1, an update to nghttp2 to v1.25.0, and more.

Check the official Node.js GitHub repository for the latest on new releases, or the Node.js news on our site.


Agent Conf
Dornbirn, Austria - Closes Oct 20, 2017
dotJS 2017
Paris, France - Closes Dec 1, 2017


Node.js Interactive
Vancouver, British Columbia - Oct 4-6, 2017
JavaScript Days 2017
Berlin, Germany - Oct 9-11, 2017
Empire Conf
New York, NY - Oct 12-13, 2017
International JavaScript Conference
Munich, Germany - Oct 23-27, 2017
NodeConf Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Oct 26-28, 2017
APIStrat - Use the code LFPRJ17 for an additional 20% off
Portland, OR - Oct 31-Nov 2, 2017
ThunderPlains 2017
Oklahoma City, OK - Nov 3, 2017
NodeConf EU
Kilkenny, Ireland - Nov 5-8, 2017
Brighton, UK - Nov 9-10, 2017
JS Kongress
Munich, Germany - Nov 13-14, 2017
Nodefest Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan - Nov 25-26, 2017
Washington, D.C. - Dec 1, 2017
Linz, Austria - Jan 19, 2018
Thessaloniki, Greece - May 19-20, 2018

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