Call to Action: Accelerating Node.js Growth

Come join the new package maintenance team either to help out or to share your experience. Learn more about the initial work that this team will focus on, and the challenge they're working to solve.


Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Intent to Merge Update

As many of you know, after two years of having two separate Foundations, the Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation boards recently met to discuss the benefits of merging into a single, combined organization. Currently, the boards are in what we call a “bootstrap” phase, where we are exploring all of the potential details that must be considered as part of a merger.


2018 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey

JavaScript continues to grow, maintaining its place as the most popular development language in the world. We need input from the JavaScript community to continually improve our tools and services and help you build amazing things. 

Please take the time to share your feedback and ideas in this brief survey.


Using Node.js to Deliver NPR via the Internet of Things

Tasked with building products for the fast-growing voice assistant platform Amazon Alexa, developers at NPR turned to Node.js. Drawn by a robust Node.js SDK for Alexa, as well as the technology’s compatibility with serverless infrastructure, the team developed its first Alexa app in two and a half months, notching both cost and time savings. Another win: Node.js will enable NPR to reuse code as it expands to other voice assistant platforms.


A Chat with datree about Node.js, the GitOps Movement and the Future of Software Development

We sat down with the team at datree to talk about why they joined the Node.js Foundation and how Node.js and the community fit within the GitOps movement.


ApostropheCMS 3.0: the work begins!

Active development of Apostrophe 3.0 is under way! The 100% open-source Node.js CMS is on its way to its next long-term support release.


Deploying a Stateful Application on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine

In this article, the team at RisingStack guides you through the process of deploying a stateful, Dockerized Node.js app on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine! 


event-stream vulnerability explained

If you work with JavaScript at all, you probably saw the recent noise about a vulnerability in the event-stream npm package. Check out Zach Schneider's summary of the vulnerability and what can be learned from it. 


Episode 8: Node.js in Production with Tierney Cyren

Listen to this week's edition of Real Talk JavaScript with John PapaWard BellDan Wahlin, and Tierney Cyren to learn about Node.js in production. 


Technical Content from Node Developers

  1. Web scraping with Node.JS and Cheerio
  2. Node.js memory limits
  3. How to build a telegram bot using Node.js and Now
  4. NPM tips and tricks
  5. Build a Login/Auth App with the MERN Stack — Part 3
  6. 10 Node Frameworks to Use in 2019
  7. Writing memory efficient software applications in Node.js
  8. Create and Verify JWTs with Node
  9. The Absolute Easiest Way to Debug Node.js — with VS Code
  10. Building Amazon Alexa Skills With Node.js, Revisited

The Latest on Node 11.3.0 and Recent Releases

Node v11.3.0 (current)

This is a security release. All Node.js users should consult the security release summary at: for details on patched vulnerabilities.

Check the official Node.js GitHub repository for the latest on new releases, or the Node.js news on our site.


CityJSConf 2019
London, United Kingdom - Closes January 31, 2019

Online - Closes February 1, 2019

ForwardJS Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada - Closes April 9, 2019


Atlanta, GA - January 9-12, 2019

San Francisco, CA - January 16, 2019

San Francisco, CA - January 24, 2019

JS Kongress
Munich, Germany - March 11-12, 2019  

Smashing Conference
San Francisco, CA - April 16-17, 2019

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