New Year, New Swag: Node.js Store Grows

We know devs like to represent their favorites projects, so we've been working on something you'll love. We are happy to offer brand new swag in the Node.js Store! Mugs, decals, bottles and more are available for purchase. Plus, all proceeds from the store go to the community! Check out the new offerings here:


Node.js Security WG — January 2019

In an effort to better promote and increase engagement in the Node.js Security WG, the group will be sharing highlights each quarter on the agenda. Learn about the security bounty program, machine readable format for vulnerabilities, and the Node.js security.txt file.


Introducing Node Meetups

We’ve kicked off a new crowdsourced list of all Node.js meetups. Check out the directory to attend a local meetup, submit a talk, or add yours to the list.


Node.js Foundation Team Updates

With so much going on in the Node.js community and with the Node.js Foundation, we wanted to take a moment to remind the community who from the Linux Foundation does what in support of Node.js. 


Using worker_threads in Node.js

Rich Trott shares this beginner’s guide to using worker_threads in Node.js, which became available in became available in Node.js 10.5.0.


Node.JS + IoT = Node-RED, flow-based programming tool for IoT

Have you checked out Node-RED yet? Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou introduces you to this flow-based programming tool for the Internet of Things that consists of a Node.js-based runtime.


What is Node.js?

Dina Hafez explains Node.js and why you should use it for building scalable network applications.


Node.js — Some concepts before you start coding

Pankaj Panigrahi is sharing a series of articles to help you grasp different concepts behind Node.js that will empower you to create production-ready applications.


Technical Content from Node Developers

  1. How to Start a Node.js Project
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Server-Side Web Development with Node.js
  3. Creating a Node gRPC Service Using Mali
  4. Super Simple GraphQL with Node
  5. Adding tracing with Jaeger to an express application
  6. Part 1: API using GraphQL and Node.js
  7. Scraping with Node.js
  8. A Better Way to Develop Node.js with Docker
  9. Going Serverless with Node.js & GraphQL — Setting up Serverless
  10. Node.js Logging Tutorial

The Latest on Node 9.11.0 and Recent Releases

Node v11.7.0 (Current)

Notable changes in the release include the addition of brotli support, inspectOptions option, crypto APIs always accept private keys as public keys, and more.

Check the official Node.js GitHub repository for the latest on new releases, or the Node.js news on our site.


CityJSConf 2019
London, United Kingdom - Closes January 31, 2019

Online - Closes February 1, 2019

2019 JavaScript Conference (co-located with DeveloperWeek)
San Francisco, CA - Rolling deadline up until the event February 20-21, 2019

Carlsbad, CA - Closes March 1, 2019

DeveloperWeek New York
Brooklyn, NY - Closes March 5, 2019

Grace Hopper Celebration
Orlando, FL - Closes March 6, 2019

ForwardJS Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada - Closes April 9, 2019


JS Kongress
Munich, Germany - March 11-12, 2019  

Smashing Conference
San Francisco, CA - April 16-17, 2019

FullStack NYC
New York, NY - May 16-17, 2019

Berlin, Germany - June 1-2, 2019

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