Node.js Interactive is Right Around the Corner!

​Join us in Vancouver, British Columbia for Node.js Interactive, the annual conference that brings together the Node.js community and power users for collaboration, education, and networking. This year we’re featuring the most extensive lineup of talks and workshops. Whether you’re a Node.js developer looking to learn something new, or want to see how enterprises are using Node.js in production, this is the event to be at. You can view the full schedule here.

Register by September 25th to save $200 on your conference pass. We hope to see you there in October!

Become a Beta Tester for the Node.js Certified Developer Exam

We’re creating the inaugural version of the Node.js Certified Developer Exam and are looking for beta testers to participate in this initial phase of development. The certification program aims to establish a baseline of competency in Node.js. Node.js Certified Developers can work proficiently in JavaScript with the Node.js platform to build, debug, test and maintain secure framework-independent applications and CLI tools. In this phase, participants who receive a passing score will receive their official certification.

znode: A Remote Method Execution Library for Node.js and the Browser

znode is a remote method execution library for Node.js and the browser, built by Mikeal Rogers. It gives you bi-directional RPC through any stream such as WebRTC, WebSockets, TCP, etc. znode supports binary types natively without serializing to strings and provides a simple API using async await.

Building a Simple AI Chatbot with Web Speech API and Node.js

Voice commands are becoming a universal way to interact with our devices from our phones (Siri and Cortana) to our living rooms (Amazon Echo and Google Home). In this article, Tomomi Imura, demos how to use speech recognition software to create an AI voice chat application that listens to a user’s voice and replies with a synthetic voice. She walks you through setting up the application with Express and Node.js, and integrates the Web Speech API.

NodeVMS: Trustless Execution of Services on Node.js

NodeVMS is a cryptographically auditable VM service using Node.js and Dat. Built by Paul Frazee, NodeVMS is a server which provides external auditability of its state and behaviors using secure ledgers. This is a great tool to audit high-value data sets or for execution on untrusted hardware.

Technical Content from Node Developers

Getting Started in Node.js
The Basics of Building Node Servers
Node.js Performance Monitoring - Part 1: The Metrics to Monitor
Uploading Images to a Node.js Backend Using Multer and Express
5 Ways to Make HTTP Requests in Node.js
Build a “Serverless” Stripe Store in 5 Minutes with Node.js and StdLib
Going Further with TypeScript, Express, Mongo and Google Cloud
Learn Regex the Easy Way
API Authentication with Node - JSON Web Tokens
Async/Await Will Make Your Code Simpler

The Latest on Node 8.4.0 and Recent Releases

Version 8.4.0 (Current)
This release includes experimental support for the built-in ‘http2’, availability of ‘require()’ in the inspector console, support for multiple contexts as created by the ‘vm’ module, new APIs for creating number values, ability to set the high water mark option independently for the readable and the writable side for ‘Duplex’ streams, and support for the %o and %O specifiers for printing objects in ‘util.format’.

Version 8.3.0
The release includes an upgrade to version 6.0 of the V8 engine, support for independent DNS resolver instances, and changing multiple N-API functions for error handling to support assigning error codes.

Check the official Node.js GitHub repository for the latest on new releases, or the Node.js news on our site.


Nodevember 2017
Nashville, TN - Closes Aug 31, 2017
Agent Conf
Dornbirn, Austria - Closes Oct 20, 2017
dotJS 2017
Paris, France - Closes Dec 1, 2017


Stockholm, Sweden - Sept 7-8, 2017
Node.js Interactive
Vancouver, British Columbia - Oct 4-6, 2017
JavaScript Days 2017
Berlin, Germany - Oct 9-11, 2017
Empire Conf
New York, NY - Oct 12-13, 2017
International JavaScript Conference
Munich, Germany - Oct 23-27, 2017
NodeConf Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Oct 26-28, 2017
ThunderPlains 2017
Oklahoma City, OK - Nov 3, 2017
NodeConf EU
Kilkenny, Ireland - Nov 5-8, 2017
Nodefest Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan - Nov 25-26, 2017
Washington, D.C. - Dec 1, 2017
Linz, Austria - Jan 19, 2018

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