Node.js Foundation Application Showcase

Are you building an application with Node.js? We’d love to learn more and feature it in our application showcase. The application showcase highlights projects the community is working on and the technologies they’re using to build it.
Since we started the Application Showcase less than a month ago, we've already received 90 submissions, 40 of which have been published. Do you have a great app built with Node.js? Tell us about it!

Submit Your Node.js User Story to our Case Study Program

Are you interested in sharing your Node.js user story? We’re looking for end users who are willing to share a deep dive into how they’re using Node.js in production. If you’re interested in sharing why you chose Node.js, how you implemented it, and the results, then we’d love to hear from you!

Join us at IBM Index for Node.js Community Day

The Node.js community is being invited to take advantage of space at Index 2018 to come together to discuss topics of interest. Initial suggestions being discussed include:
  • Introduction to Node.js Initiatives, working groups and teams (including Community Committee and TSC initiatives) and how to get involved
  • End user feedback session
  • Community values working session
Interested in joining us?
Register for free using the code CD1NODEJS

Interested in joining us and attending IBM Index for 50% off?
Register using the code IND18HALF2

2017 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey

The Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation are teaming up with npm for the 2017 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey. JavaScript remains one of the largest and fastest-growing communities and ecosystems in the software development world, and we strive daily to improve its tools and platforms. We need your voice in our efforts. Please share your thoughts, views, pain points, and praises in this ten-minute survey. January 31st is the last day to submit your response


In case you haven’t heard, the Node.js community website is undergoing a major design upgrade. The goal is to make it much more usable to the Node.js community, by making it easier to find the information you need, with a design that matches to quality of its code. Check out how Adam Miller approached the website brainstorm by researching some of the top developer websites out there.

Node University Podcast

Azat Marden, technology fellow at Capital One, recently kicked off a new podcast series called Node University. Node University is a collection of short lectures on software development with Node.js, JavaScript, and React. Whether you’re just getting started with Node, or looking to dive deeper into a specific feature, check out this podcast to learn more.

The Joy Compiler

The Joy Compiler is a new tool built by Matthew Mueller that allows you to translate idiomatic Go into concise Javascript that works in every browser. Joy is a fast 1:1 Go to JavaScript compiler that uses Go’s static analysis tools to eliminate dead code. Take a look at some code examples to see how Joy brings Go’s simple design and excellent tooling to the frontend.

Node by the Numbers

As we head into 2018, NodeSource put together a yearly review of 2017. In the Node x Numbers report, you can see how the Node.js project has evolved over the past year. From daily downloads and new contributors, to major updates and releases, this report shows Node.js’ continued growth for the 3rd year in a row since this report started.

Behind the Curve: "New" vs "Compatible" in Node.js Package Development

Dian Fay, maintainer behind Massive.js, shares best practices for Node.js package development. Massive.js is a data access library for Node.js and the PostgreSQL relational database available on npm. She walks you through what she’s learned from developing Massive.js from maximum compatibility to tags, and how to reach the most users.

Technical Content from Node Developers

How I ported bcrypt to the new N-API
Building Your First Node App Using Docker
Kubernetes: Orchestrate your Node.js (micro)services
Cover Your Apps While Still Using npm
Google Home App with Node.js — A Song of API-ce and Firebase
Building a Serverless REST API with Node.js and MongoDB
How does process.binding() in Node work?
Node.js + face-recognition.js : Simple and Robust Face Recognition
8 Valuable Tips to Master Best Code Practices in Node.js
Building your first command line app with Node.js

The Latest on Node 9.4.0 and Recent Releases

Version 9.4.0 (Current)
This release includes updated dependencies, initial support for originSet, ArrayBuffer support, and more.

Check the official Node.js GitHub repository for the latest on new releases, or the Node.js news on our site.


We RISE Women in Tech Conference
Atlanta, GA - Closes February 7, 2018
LinuxCon China + ContainerCon + CloudOpen
Beijing, China - Closes March 4, 2018
Open Source Summit Japan
Tokyo, Japan - Closes March 18, 2018
Open Source Summit North America
Vancouver, BC - Closes April 29, 2018
Serverless Computing
London, UK - Closes May 3, 2018
Open Source Summit Europe
Edinburgh, UK - Closes July 1, 2018


Serverless Conf
Paris, France - February 14-15, 2018
IBM Index
San Francisco, CA - February 20-22, 2018
San Francisco, CA - February 27, 2018
JSConf Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland - Mar 1-2, 2018
Salzburg, Austria - March 3, 2018
SCaLE 16x
Pasadena, CA - March 8-11, 2018
IBM Think
Las Vegas, NV - March 19-22, 2018
Melbourne, Australia - March 21-22, 2018
Oxford, United Kingdom - March 23, 2018
Appium Conf 2018
London, United Kingdom - April 6, 2018
New Orleans, LA - April 30 - May 3, 2018
Berlin, Germany - June 2-3, 2018
JS Interactive
Vancouver, BC - October 10-12, 2018

Have Something to Share?

We're always looking for new projects, events, case study testimonials and ideas that should be shared in these issues. Please reach out if there's something you'd like us to include!
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