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Hi Fellow Democrat,

After all the disappointments, frustrations and outrages we have endured over these past few years, after all the despair and hopelessness that has often felt like a wet overcoat we cannot shed, we were given a joyous and heartening reminder on Tuesday night that we still have the power to make a difference.

Thanks to an unprecedented local-election organizational effort, Appleton and Outagamie County enjoyed an overwhelmingly successful spring election on last Tuesday night. Of the 15 progressive candidates for city council, county board and school board who accepted our help, 12 won, many by significant margins. The gathering at Appleton Beer Factory and the rousing celebrations as one positive result after another rolled in did indeed feel like validation for all the hard and ultimately satisfying work. 

To all of you who walked the streets doing literature drops on chilly days, to our volunteers who knocked on doors to urge their fellow citizens to vote for our progressive candidates (often in the rain and even snow), to our data people who spent days on end entering data, to our phone bankers who reliably showed up weekend after weekend for months to call voters, to our most amazing office staff who welcomed those who entered their doors and made volunteer recruitment calls, to our OAT team leaders, to our supportive Executive Board, to our social media and communications teams, to our trainers and debriefers, to our candidate recruitment leaders, to our Weekend of Action leadership team, to those of you who reminded people on REACH to vote, to our DPW field organizer, Vanessa, and regional organizer, Tristan, who helped guide the Political Outreach Committee’s efforts through it all – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. These efforts will pay off long into the future and will shape the community we live in. 


Not to be forgotten are the extraordinary efforts of the candidates themselves.  They are the ones who chose to serve their community, to raise their voices and hold strongly to their principles all the while letting people genuinely get to know them. They put in many, many hours –  and in some instances, their personal funds – to make this happen. We understand and appreciate the emotional and physical toll such an undertaking requires. They put it all on the line to selflessly serve their community. What self-sacrificing individuals they are. We applaud all who ran, no matter the results. We look forward to working with all of you in the future, because we must remember that there is so much work to be done.


Congrats to: Israel Del Toro, Vaya Jones, Nate Wolff, Denise Fenton and Joss Thyssen for winning their city council races; to Pheng Thao, James Bacon and Jim Bowman for winning school board seats; to Joy Hagen, John Cuff and Ryan Ferguson for successful county board races; and to Nick Ross, Jason Kolpack and Mike Woodzicka for their noble efforts that came up just short.


Trisha K. and Kelly F., Political Outreach Committee
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