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July 2022 Newsletter
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Overturning Roe v. Wade: A Note from DPOC Leadership 

The Supreme Court officially overruled Roe v. Wade last week, making abortion illegal in many parts of the United States. The absence of a federal abortion law means that abortion now becomes illegal in Wisconsin in *all* circumstances except to save a woman’s life. People in Wisconsin and all over the country no longer have the right to make decisions about their body, life, and future.

Their ruling does not end abortion entirely, but it does cut millions of people off from accessing a safe abortion. People will die unnecessarily because of today’s decision. And as Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul explained, “A government that forces women into labor is not a government that’s protecting freedom.” If a Court abandons precedent and allows the government to take away a freedom it has protected for nearly 50 years, we're frightened to think about what comes next.

So, where do we go from here?

Electing representatives who will protect our rights is a critical component of the fight ahead. And Wisconsin Republicans are not up to the task. Just this past Wednesday, Wisconsin Republicans wasted no time gaveling in and out of Governor Evers' special session to repeal Wisconsin's antiquated 19th century criminal abortion ban.

It is more important than ever that we elect a Governor who will veto anti-abortion bills that WILL be put forth by Republicans; elect an Attorney General who will not pursue legal action on abortion cases; and prevent a veto-proof Republican supermajority in the Wisconsin legislature. None of these are easy tasks in a heavily gerrymandered state, to be sure. But the Democratic Party of Outagamie County is fully committed to the fight ahead.

Will you join us?

While Republicans are helping ensure that our kids and grandkids grow up with fewer rights than we did, we will not back down.

Yours in the fight,

Emily Tseffos and Jacklyn Fischer
Chair and Vice-Chair, DPOC

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What Are You Waiting For?

Trisha Kostelny, Political Outreach Committee Chair

I, like most of you, have been grieving. I’ve been grieving a loss of my rights. Every morning I wake up and feel “less than” because the government is in control of my body and my choices about reproducing another human being. Add in the criminal behaviors of our ex-President and his Congressmen and you have the perfect recipe for anxiety and anger. So how do I find the words to help you and myself feel hopeful? Well, I don’t have the eloquent style and flair for writing of my vice chair, Kelly Fenton, but I am bold and assertive, so here goes.

What are you waiting for?

I see two options before us. We can either stand or wither in the midst of grief. Grieving is a process, I know, but there are days when we feel the strength to accomplish amazing things. It is this strength through work or action in the Democratic party that helps me to grow and mature. When I take action with like-minded individuals I feel HOPE. This last weekend, Vanessa, our talented field organizer,  encouraged me to talk to voters at the Appleton Farmers Market. I’ll be honest. I was not “feeling it" when I walked down there. I ended up talking with a feminist anarchist, a Republican (very briefly because I politely moved on) and three Democrats all sitting in Houdini Plaza. I quickly realized that all 3 Democrats needed to talk about their feelings as much as I did. We needed each other. Even though I focus on listening and giving information when necessary, the conversations helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. There was value in all of the conversations. I gave out information on why we need to retain Governor Evers, his veto power and his compassionate, likable, capable leadership. I likewise spoke positively about Attorney General Kaul and all our down ballot candidates. I spoke about our strategy to have everyone request absentee ballots so that we can reach out to more voters in the middle at “Get out the Vote” time. I listened to their worries and their concerns and reflected back. The conversations were simple and I hated leaving. An experienced canvasser, I was stunned by how easy it was to listen. Voters need to be heard. Developing this relationship with voters is essential to winning their votes. Voters need US and we need them! 

One voter asked why the Democrats aren’t always on the ballot. Here’s the deal on that. We have really, really good candidates running for Assembly and Senate in our State races and for Congress. I’m not blowing smoke here. They really are whip-smart, ethical, kind, hard-working people running. We have candidates in almost every race in NE Wisconsin. We actually have the ability to flip seats with your help, but it’s not going to happen without your help.

I’m not sure what will get you off the couch and into the game, but if taking away your rights doesn’t frighten you enough then what will? It’s now become extremely personal for at least half of you reading this. It’s time for you to work past your fears and leave the internet behind. Nothing is solved there. It’s time to search for HOPE and build teams for action. It’s time for you to allow us to train you to do this work.  

How bad does our Democracy have to get before you talk to your neighbors? What is the line you draw? If not your own bodily autonomy? 

If you’re ready to DEMAND CHANGE and FIND HOPE then sign up for one of the following opportunities below. If none of these meet your needs, then please reach out to Vanessa Sabee, our Democratic Party of Wisconsin Field Organizer at or call (720) 841-0492. We have a place for you! Just click on each item for an explanation and sign up.

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Don't Forget to VOTE in the August Primary Election!

Want to have a say in who gets on the ballot this November in our local elections as well as statewide positions? Do some research on candidates and remember to VOTE on August 9th! Find out more here.

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July Membership Meeting
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July Weekend of Action
Saturday and Sunday, July 16-17 | Outagamie County
Join us on the doors or on the phones for our July weekend of action! There's no time like the present to defend democracy, and we can't do it without you! Find the signup links here.

Forever Blue Music Fest
Sunday, July 31 (12PM-6PM) | Pulaski, WI
Music, food & drink on a relaxing Sunday afternoon supporting progressive politics and candidates. Find more details on the event's Facebook page.

Partisan Primary Election Day
Tuesday, August 9

Save the Date: DPOC Corn Roast Fundraiser
Monday, August 15 | Derks Park, Appleton
Join us your fellow Outagamie Dems for an evening of good food and and good fun. More details to come.
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